1. The Price of Backlit Displays

In general it is more expensive than a regular pop up display; however it is more affordable than a custom-built traditional trade show display. When going on the online market to buy backlit trade show displays, you usually exit out vexed at how high these displays can be. Some prices even range all the way up to $13,000 just for the display solution alone! It is amazing how pricey this exquisite item can get. However, when you purchase from Lush Banners, you will be getting the best bang for your buck! Our prices are lower than our competitors with the same, and even better quality. This is from our ability to buy large quantities from the factory’s giving us a big discount. Which in turn allows us to give you the best deal for your backlit trade show exhibits, with an included shipping case. Backlit displays from lush banners always come at a lower price compared to other companies’ backlit displays.

Bright LED Backlit Displays

2. The Graphics are Stunning and Seamless

2. The Silicone edge graphic (SEG) graphics go on with a seamless finish giving it a contemporary look. LED Backlit trade show displays are usually made with high quality fabric. With this fabric, our factories use a high technology printing method called dye sublimation to make the fabric graphics. This printing method vaporizes the ink to make sure your design sticks for however long you need it for. '

Bright LED Backlit Displays

3. They are effortless to expand and retract

Our backlit displays are easy to expand with the efficient connector design. This connecting design uses durable snap and click connectors which allows for a sturdy connecting design that does not wobble or move out of place. Not only does it stay in place, it also connects displays even up to 60 ft! This allows for a flexible setup that can be reused multiple times at different lengths.

Bright LED Backlit Displays

4. So Many Accessories to Add!

Multiple accessories can be added such as TV stands, shelves, racks, and even more display walls. This is done by the aluminum frames having a cross bar design which allows for multiple connections wherever you need them. We recommend adding multiple racks to give your trade show booth a comfortable shop feel that will allow your passing visitors to get the experience of your company without being at the actual store. However, for a modern aesthetic look, we recommend using TV stands that will allow you to showcase your brands videos and pictures to any passersby. Or for a more informal display, we recommend adding book racks so your potential clients can read all about your company.

5. Variety of shapes and sizes

The backlit fabric display can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most other trade show dispensers have a limited set of sizes that you have to pick from. However, at lush banners we can customize your display to absolutely any size to fit any of your needs. Need a curved backlit display for your upcoming trade show? How about a wave shaped display? We can customize your product to many different sizes! Visit our website and contact one of our representatives to get your custom order today.

6. Double Sided option

At lush banners we carry the option of having your modular display to be double sided. Other LED backlit trade show displays only come in a single sided version. However we carry a double sided exclusive led backlighting display that can be lit from both sides. Not only is there an option of having your display be double sided there’s also the option of having your display made in a curve shape. This will allow your trade show booth to stand out from the crowd with this unique design. Nevertheless, customized shapes will require more production times due to having more specifications on the design. The estimated time for production Is usually 3-4 weeks. And can also do a lot of custom sized and curved shape and the only difference is more production time. (3-4 weeks in general)

Bright LED Backlit Displays

7. Interchangeable Graphics

You can easily change the graphic panels and keep the backlit frame for later. This led backlit display was made to be versatile and flexible so you can get the most out of your investment. Easily store the graphics and frames separately and replace them as seen fit. However be sure you order graphics that will fit your specific frame size, as the graphics are made to the frame size. The fabric can be easily interchanged with new ones as your company sees fit.

8. SEG’s Use Durable Aluminum Frames

The pop up and retractable design for the aluminum frames makes them very portable compared to traditional trade show displays. Some companies use metal, plastic and other heavy materials that weigh down your ability to travel lightly to your show. Aluminum frames are the best fit as they are very lightweight while maintaining their durability. To finish the aluminum they are topped with a clear coating that gives them a shine that will make them look brand new. Also, your silicone edge graphics will come with a silicone beads lining that can be pressed into your frame for a seamless look. This combination makes for a hassle less display that your company can use for the years to come.

Bright LED Backlit Displays

9. They Can Only Be Used in Indoor Spaces

Backlit displays are for indoor use only. Usually good for exhibits and trade shows, as they are usually carpeted areas that will not do any damage to your backlit display. These can’t be used outdoors for various reasons such as rain, wind, dirt, and more. These elements will wear down your display and even destroy the white LED lighting installed inside. We know you want to keep your backlit displays as long as you can, so use them with care in indoor settings only.

Bright LED Backlit Displays

10. You Can Use Them With or Without LED lights

The aluminum backlit frames can be used without the LED lights as needed. As a regular pop up display with seamless SEG graphics, it will make your display even lighter in weight. Making for light boxes that can lower your hassle of carrying heavy packages to your event. This is ideal for companies that have both extravagant and simple events that need versatility with their graphic displays. So whether your anticipating a bright showcase or a calm backdrop, the choice is yours!