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Teardrop Banner Stands


For business owners, event organizers, advertisers and others concerned with promotions of products, events and services, deciding which form of advertising to use among the myriad of options available in today's market can be a major challenge. The right kind of advertising, signage and displays can make the difference between a successful event or a poorly-attended one, or between a steady flow of customers or a slow day at the store. One form of visual advertising that has become more and more popular is the classic teardrop banner or sign. Teardrop signs offer both a distinctive visual appeal and indoor-outdoor versatility for businesses, events and anywhere else an eye-catching display is needed.

The most apparent advantage of the teardrop banner is its immediately eye-catching shape. A double-sided, colorful, teardrop-shaped sign hangs from a single curved post, providing a unique visual cue that says tells anyone passing by to stop and take notice. Beyond its exciting, noticeable shape, a teardrop sign's customizable flag allows presentation of words and graphics on one or both sides. Teardrop-style banners are always lightweight, and are therefore portable and can be re-positioned as needed. For outdoor applications, teardrop signs are made of durable, weatherproof materials that will permit months and years of use. Sun and water-resistant inks, fabric and plastics permit use in any season and under any conditions. 

Because of their universal visual appeal and all-weather versatility for use indoors and out, applications for teardrop banners are only limited by your imagination. For indoor purposes, business owners can consider using them to draw attention to product displays in a storefront window or in an in-store counter of a kiosk, for example, to advertise a current sale or promotion. The banners can then be easily moved when the display changes or the sale has ended. Organizers of conventions or other gatherings can consider a row of banners to line a hallway, perhaps to guide attendees from one section of a venue to another. Similar applications can easily be found for outdoor events. Teardrop banners are especially suited for outdoor festivals as markers or guides and will stay useful even in windy conditions. They can be used to line sidewalks or mark specific booths or tables, either with helpful information or advertising to attract potential customers. Sporting events or athletics can also deploy teardrop banners: They have even found their way onto ski slopes and other harsh environments because of their durability and wind-resistance.

Examples of Custom Printed Teardrop banners


Teardrop flags and banners are one of today's best all-purpose marketing and information solutions. Whether for businesses or events, indoors or out, their versatility, durability and ease-of-use make them an obvious choice for effective visual advertising.





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