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Feather Banners & Flags

Feather flags, often called feather banners, are an effective way for businesses to promote their services. Feather flag banners work best outside of a business location, placed near the road is ideally the best location for these signs. 

Real estate agents use them quite often for open house events and to bring attention to their office location for potential home buyers. Custom feather flags play an integral role in getting the customer's attention. Dance schools can use custom feather flags to their benefit as well. Those who want to kick up the marketing for dance schools should consider dance class feather banners. Make sure that the banner stands are placed in an area that doesn't obstruct the view of traffic. 

Dance class feather banners can be customized with a variety of different graphics to fit the dance school's image. Full-color feather flags with eye-catching graphics are the most effective in marketing for dance schools. The wording should be placed on both sides of the flag so that it's easy to read from either traffic lane. Visit local sign making shops in your area or even search online to find the best graphics for your dance school. Feather flags for Zumba dance classes may include the official Zumba logo. Since it is a trademarked logo, only certified Zumba dance instructors would be able to use this graphic. Dance schools for toddler aged children can use custom feather flags with the word "dance" or the dance school's name to grab the attention of a specific passerby.


If there is an event going on at the dance school, then full-color feather flags can be used to highlight the event. Dance class feather banners are most effective when placed in front of the dance school location. However, if another business will allow you to place banner stands in front of their location you can make the most of this opportunity by having flyers or business cards with the school's information inside of the business. Make sure that the banner stands are placed in an area that does not block any signs that highlight their business. This could ruin a potentially worthwhile marketing opportunity, especially if their business location is in a high traffic area. 

Full-color feather flag banners blowing in the wind, is definitely attention grabbing, and if placed in the right location and worded properly, dance schools, real estate agents, and almost any business owner can meet their marketing goals with them.



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