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Open House Feather Banners: A Realtor's Best Kept Secret

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Feather Banners & Flags


For a Realtor, spreading the word about a new or exisisting listing is pivtol to making that great sale. Advertising, while important can be quite expensive for any business. Not to mention, that marketing is not a guarantee that a potential customer will find your paticular location. Here are the top benefits to choosing a feather banner:

  • A feather banner can help potential customers find a business.
  • They provide the opportunity to gain more customers.
  • A banner can be used for any outdoor or indoor use.
  • Banners have full-color print on both sides.
  • The look to each banner is clear and crisp and printed in the highest quality. 


Open House feather banners are designed with different artwork created for the specific need of the business. Realtors could benefit from this type of advertising, by attracting the attention of any one person passing by the location. For example, drivers that have been looking into leasing or buying property, yet have not made contact with a specific realtor, may stop in. Now lease feather flags!


The open house feather banners are durable and UV proof. Thus, preventing wear and tear, regardless of the weather. As previously mentioned, the banner will get the attention of potential customers driving by, possibly making a sale. Also, Feather banners can be placed in front of buildings or the premise of the business. Some businesses will place a custom feather flag in front of an event to advertise their business. Flea Markets, festivals, and/or wine tastings have had banners and flags advertising specific businesses. Not to mention, a specialized item like Funnel Cakes, Cotton Candy, etc. throughout a fair pointing the way to the spot selling those yummy foods.


Custom feather flags are great to advertise products or a special event. These banner flags are popular to advertise birthday parties, family reunions, or a discount on the items at a store. Let your need have an eye-catching feather flag!


Banner stands are another great option for advertising. Each side will have beautiful, clear, crisp graphics with the design chosen. It has to snap open sides to provide the ease of exchanging graphics at any time. No worries about the weather, for the banner stands are water resistant. 


Now lease feather flags provide an eye-catching advertisement for your need. As previously mentioned, the Open House feather banners, custom feather flags, and banner stands are a visual advertising method. Let people see a clear, graphic image of what you have to offer. Reminder, you can use custom feather flags to show a product at a fair, festival, and/or in front of your store.



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