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Teardrop Banners as Low Cost Marketing Investments

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Teardrop Banner Stands


Teardrop banners are an easy and cost effective way to advertise any business, church charity or another event. The mobile stand allows it to be placed in the ideal location where it is most visible to the public. At 7 to 11 feet in height, these banners are sure to be seen by everyone.

Custom teardrop banners are custom printed according to the information you most need to convey, offering a large space for your custom message where it can be easily seen and read. This large area of space allows you the room to be as creative with your message as possible. Printing can also be done on the reverse side so that your message can be seen from any angle.

Teardrop flags are displayed on heavy duty stands with weighted bases and lifetime hardware warranties. Hardware is provided by Lush Banners and runs around $150 to $200 depending on the size of the banner it needs to support. The stands are easily moved from indoors to outdoors which means they never need to be left outdoors overnight.

Teardrop banners are printed on premium outdoor fabric, which is water and sun resistant and features UV protection. This will keep your banner looking new far into the future. The printing is done in full-color graphics, with a bright modern appearance that is appealing and eye catching. Just the ticket for any advertisement!

Teardrop flags can be printed utilizing a wide variety of print fonts, sizes, and color. This assures that you have the most attractive banners possible and that your custom teardrop banners reflect the style, design, and personality of your particular business or event.

Teardrop Flags can be used over and over. For example Your family has yearly reunions, or your church a regular social event. As long as specific dates and years are not printed on teardrop banners, they can be used yearly and will last for many years to come. The quality materials in their construction assure that the message will remain brilliant and colorful for a very long time.

If you compare the cost of traditional signage, and the expenses involved in changing messages, custom teardrop banners provide the most advantages per dollar spent than any other form of advertising. This is absolutely the best low-cost marketing investment available.

Teardrop signs are the latest and most popular form of temporary mobile advertising today. With teardrop banners the advertising possibilities are limitless. This low-cost option can make it possible to use several banners, making effective and efficient use of your advertising dollars.



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