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Teardrop Banners, single side or double side print

Full color printing, Teardrop Banners
Teardrop Banner Stands


Teardrop banners are a great way to draw attention to your business or church. These bright, colorful ads are sure to draw attention to the passing observer and will prompt them to read what is on the banner. They are used to announce church services or events, the opening of a new business, or any other type of special event. Teardrop banners are a type of weatherproof event flag that is shaped similar to a teardrop or feather. It is usually staked into the ground or placed on a stand away from the building so that both sides are visible. There are different types of teardrop flags or banners. The question is, should you go with single side teardrop banners or double side teardrop banners?

Types of Teardrop Banners

How do you decide whether single side teardrop banners or double side teardrop banners will make the best choice? That would depend on whether it is presentation or price that is a more important factor. If cost is an issue, the cost of a single side printed banner with mirror images on the back is the less expensive option. The double side printed banner will create better images and cost a bit more, but the cost is still acceptable.

Single side printed teardrop banners
Mirror images on the other side


Teardrop flags, whether you decide on double sided or single sided, will do what you need them to do. Both single side teardrop banners and double side teardrop banners are effective in getting the attention of a passing observer. Your concern may be whether or not they hold their attention enough to cause them to want to come to the event or church service you are advertising.

There are many types of advertising banners. Many people have seen large banners or flags on the front or side of a building which advertises their services, opening day, or special events. Teardrop flags may be smaller than many of those, but there is something about the way these flags flow in the breeze that may make it even more attractive to passersby. The fact that they are close to the ground as opposed to high up on a building also ensure that those who walk by would take quick notice of them.

Whether you choose single side or double side teardrop banners to advertise, a bright or boldly colored flag flowing softly in the breeze will be sure to be noticed by all who are passing by.



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