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Lush Banners has been fortunate enough to work with many large companies and organizations on promotional display management for over a decade. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to help you reach your promotional display and trade show goals. Please find our specialties below:


Free Design and Artwork File Management

Our senior designers work with your in-house team to create eye-popping appealing designs, also we make sure all the designs and colors are consistent with your branding. We store the vector format artwork files for you, so whenever you need a new design, we can delivery quickly and consistently. Our enterprise clients have always had peace of mind despite in-house team personal changes.



Annual Promotion Plan and Fulfillment

When it comes to deep quantity discounts, a once a year big order beats any random order. By planning ahead, our clients can take advantage of our quantity discounts. We store all the inventories in our warehouse and ship the packages the same day to any location on demand.



Multiple Locations | Complicated Order Fulfillment


We offer the best quantity discount in this industry: No matter how many designs you have for one order, or how many locations this order will be shipped to, you??l have the quantity discount for the total quantity. For multiple locations and complicated order fulfillments, please contact our friendly representatives for a custom quote.



International Fulfillment

Lush Banners can ship internationally for you very cost-effectively, no matter if you need ship to Asia, Europe, Canada, or Africa and nearly any other place across the world. Because of the international shipping volumes we have had over the years, we can provide you advantages like the lowest shipping costs, normally much lower than flight luggage fees. Also, we always cover Custom & Duties at the agency for you, so you??l have no delays on the Custom side. Please contact us today for a custom shipping quote today.


Trade Show Plan and Fulfillment

We know there's often too much to do when a trade show is coming up. Whenever you need special skills or services to take the load off your in-house team. we have expert teams that can plan, design, and arrange all the logistics including installation and deconstruction for you. All with the affordable competitive pricing. Please reach out to our trade show specialists today. For more trade show display product info, click here.

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Case Study

Client: Public Listed Real Estate Development and Management Enterprise in Houston, Texas


The client manages over 300 locations with various promotional display needs and struggled to keep up with several trade shows and events annually.


The first step we did was taking over all the design and artwork file management. We made sure every design is consistent to the branding codes like PMS color codes and adjusted them to fit in different printing profiles. Then we printed all the flags and display in one big batch at the end of every year for the new year, so the client can have the best quantity discount. We store all the inventories in our warehouse and send the seasoned packages to over 300 locations twice a year. Also we plan ahead all the trade shows for our client, send trade show displays and arrange assembly services before hand.

Products: Feather Banners; Trade Show Displays


First, the client was able to reduce the promotion spending by more than 35% percent, due to free design and free storage we provide, also saved big on deeper quality discount. Second, now all the custom promotional displays are accurate and consistent, despite marketing personnel changes. Third. The client is able to focus on the trade shows, and not the manufacturing and logistical part.

Overall, our client is very satisfied with the products and services we provided, having peace of mind on promotional displays and trade shows matters. And saved more than 35% percent on annual promotion budget.

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