Fighting Coronavirus Together

Lush Banners is helping to Fight Coronavirus
To our Lush Banners community,

The world is under strain as the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread globally. As we navigate through this crisis, Lush Banners is operating as usual, but closely observing and doing our part to help communities. As always, the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, partners and customers remains our top priority. Some of our helping acts include:
  1. Strictly applying all precautions recommended by CDC throughout our facility
  2. Taking extra precautions regarding the safety of our products from the manufacturing process to shipping and handling
  3. Stopping all local store pickups starting this week
  4. Providing free shipping on all emergency response products
  5. Donating face masks to our surrounding community
Thank you all for supporting Lush Banners in the last decade. We remain strongly committed to the well-being of everyone. Stay Safe, Stay Strong!

Emergency Response Support

In order to support emergency response efforts, we are highlighting a few of our products that can be extremely helpful in these situations. All of these products will be offered with Free Shipping until April 18th, 2020.

Custom Flag Banners

Portable, easy to set up and self-standing; Very convenient for directing people in need of emergency response.
  • Fully Customizable. Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Feather, Bowhead, Teardrop, Rectangular or Custom Shape
  • Industry leading aviation grade fiberglass poles with lifetime warranty

Free Shipping
Coupon Code: FIGHTCORONA; Ends 04/18/2020

Custom Canopy Tents

Our custom canopy tents have a wide range of usages in emergency response situations such as 4-sided mobile privacy shelters or drive up canopy tents at mobile testing sites.
  • Pre-Designed or Fully Customized. Can be used Indoors or Outdoors
  • Feather / Bow / Teardrop / Rectangular / Custom Shape
  • Industry Leading Aviation Grade Fiberglass Poles with Lifetime Warranty

Free Shipping
Coupon Code: FIGHTCORONA; Ends 04/18/2020

Custom Mesh Banners

Weather proof and light-weighted. Best for calling attention to emergency response sites, mobile test sites, shelters and food banks.
  • Full color, high definition digital printing with UV-resistant inks
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use. Single or double-sided options available
  • No size limitations
  • Free 12-month warranty

Free Shipping
Coupon Code: FIGHTCORONA; Ends 04/18/2020


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