Advertising can be a confusing and expensive process, not knowing what avenue needed to yield the best results, meaning more customers equaling more money for owners and their business. No matter how small or large, a little help in getting the word out can be the key to supplying the world with the product or event. Television and radio might be some of the best ways to reach a large audience but it is not the only way. Often forgotten is everyday traffic, and it is exactly what it sounds like, the everyday traffic that passes by certain places in your area. Freeway entrances/exits, shopping centers, and entertainment districts are just a few examples of heavy, constant traffic whether they be in a car or not.


Logo Teardrop Banners

Custom Logo Banner

Custom Logo Banner


Signs, billboards, and even real people waving signs taller than them, sometimes in the bitter cold. Billboards can be expensive, and hard to get due to the low number of billboards available. Not to mention if the selected location turns out to not be as prosperous, business owners run the risk of wasting much needed funds sustaining the business. Fortunately, signs are able to be placed virtually anywhere providing a constant viewing by the day-to-day traffic, turning out to be quite effective. Costing less than the previously mentioned advertising methods, signs can also enable a greater number of signs in your arsenal to blanket a more complete area. Paying an employee to grab attention by “dancing” the sign can sometimes be an option but has the opportunity to not become economically viable after a while, so again, another risk that might want to be avoided. Going through the trials and tribulations of business ownership can have hindering consequences with one seemingly good choice. At times, there is no room for mistakes and these decisions can be absolutely devastating to the company, sometimes leading to a complete collapse. A simple addition can almost always be a good way to go, and you will find this simple addition of an affordable sign, or banner, in this case, will not hurt your pocketbook to invest in.


When looking at the facts, signs, banners, and flags seem to be the best choice when saving money and needing a boost in the popularity of the business quickly. A specific type has shown to be effective, affordable, durable and guaranteed to catch people's attention as they pass, the logo teardrop banners of today are colorful, clear, and helping business owners nationwide with their advertising, in turn helping with their overall business. Events will also prosper from this type of signage giving the sign readers directions, information, or just a general welcoming message bringing in those much need patrons. These logo teardrop banners are also known as flying banners, flew banners, blade banners, feather banners and full-color teardrop flags. These flags, or banners, are visible from all directions, innovating the way banners have been utilized and creating envy among the competitors. Kits from companies can include not only the full-color teardrop flag, but also the poles needed to mount them and a padded carrying case to extend the life of your signs. Research on pricing showed a very reasonable price range that was comparable to other companies on the web, as well as the afore-mentioned television and billboard examples.


So when deciding what to do when needing a boost, add a quick feature that can be reasonable on the funds, the logo teardrop banners or full-color teardrop flags might be a great start for the business deserving of a helping hand.