Critical Color Match

General Service Information:

Whenever colors are critical for your design, please provide us with vector format artwork file and call out the PMS Coated number for color matching, ONE MAIN SOLID COLOR FOR EACH DESIGN.

Please make sure your PMS C number is accurate.

General Guidelines


Keep in mind that due to technology limitations of CMYK (CYAN, MAGENTA, YELLOW and BLACK) printers, minor color differences (5%-15% deviation) will exist based on the printing material, coating, and other factors, as generally accepted printing industry standard.


The colors on screen which are based on RGB (Red, Green, Blue) will look differently from printed CMYK colors. Also screens are not calibrated the same way, thus colors look different across screens.

You must use PMS color palettes when designing for printing.
*Please note:* flourescent & neon Pantone colors cannot be color matched. Not sure if you're using these colors? Check our handy guide here.


Standardized color keys such as the Pantone Matching System (PMS) help designers prevent any issues like color mistakes or variations, please see our Popular Pantone Colors for Design page for a list of the most popular colors & their corresponding codes.


Schedule enough time (5-10 Business Days per round) to allow us to provide you with hard (physical) color matched sample if you need the color to be precise. Fees may apply depending on the complexity, order quantity, delivery method and sample sizes. Order your custom color sample here.


For critical color match, we will need your vector format artwork file so we can separate the layer for color matching. (For more information of vector files, please visit our graphic design guide.) Also we recommend to do one main color match for each design, you may add a minor color match in addition to the main color match for each design if necessary, but no more than two colors, as matching multiple colors will end up with color interferences.


Every product on our website has corresponding templates. Using our templates provided ensure that your artwork is created at the right size and specifications. Please visit our Templates and Downloads page for our product templates.

Lush Banners makes every effort to produce a reasonable representation based on the files supplied by customers.
A 5%-15% deviation should be expected, and is held to be within generally accepted printing standards. However, Lush Banners, as all printers, cannot guarantee 100% color matching.
Please be aware that color match is not available for all products. Please contact us with any questions.