How to Remove Wrinkles


Vinyl banners, fabric banners, custom flags, feather flags and custom backdrops are very popular display solutions as they are affordable and easy to use. One of the most frequently asked questions is how to keep them wrinkle free.

Prevention Is Key: How To Not Get Wrinkles Or Creases.

To prevent wrinkles, please roll the graphics instead of folding, preferably with a paper core and a hard box.  Keep them in a cool dry place when they are not in use. 

Methods To Remove Wrinkles Out Of Fabric Banners, Flags, and Backdrops

Natural Heat & Tension:
The best way to remove wrinkles is to set the flag or banner up, and let natural heat and tension do the job.  This is the safest and least damaging way.  Depending on the environment, temperature and moisture, this method could take 2 days to 1 weeks on average.

Steam or Iron: 
First, be sure to remove any pole that is attached to the fabric flag or backdrop for purposes of display. This is to make it easier to prepare the flag for steaming or ironing.  Next, turn your steamer or iron on and set it to the lowest possible heat or very gentle setting. Now stretch one of the ends of the nylon flag over your hanger or ironing board. Let the rest of the flag continue to hang down over the back of the ironing board.  Your next step should be to smooth out the flag. Use the palm of your hand to smooth down any wrinkles. Once you have finished, you will be ready to use the steamer or iron.  When steaming or ironing your fabric flag or backdrop, be sure to use a slow, gentle back and forth motion. Keep the iron at medium pressure. After you have finished the first section, pick the flag up from the back of the board. Slowly pull it forward toward you. Now position the next section and use your hand to smooth it out. Repeat this operation, step by step, until you have finished ironing each section of the fabric flag or backdrop. 

Methods To Remove Wrinkles Out Of Vinyl Banners, Flag, and Backdrops
Natural Heat & Tension:
The first thing you should do is lay your banner out flat in the sun. Natural heat from this source is the most effective means of smoothing out the creases and wrinkles. Your banner will smooth out in a natural manner in a very short amount of time. 
Another method is to hang your banner out in the sun. Attach a bit of weight to the end near the grommets. This will greatly aid the process of letting the sun smooth out the wrinkles. 

Hair Dryer: 
Another way is to use a hair dryer indoors. Keeping the setting as low as you possibly can will greatly help you to reduce any possible damage from too much heat or pressure. This is important because vinyl is very susceptible to damage from burns. Focus on the side that does not feature any printing. Use back and forth motions to gently flatten the wrinkles; please make sure you hang or place the banner on a smooth flat surface. This will help you avoid doing any damage to your custom design or making more wrinkles.

Handheld Fabric Steamer: 
If you are going to use a fabric steamer to aid in removing wrinkles, it is recommended to use one with a soft cushion for delicate fabrics.  Turn the banner, flag, or backdrop over to where there is no printing, or place a towel on top if there is double sided printing.  Turn the steamer on the lowest setting.  Gently run the steamer over the graphic in a slow sweeping motion to remove wrinkles.  Avoid using too much pressure or heat.