Steps for Multiple Shipping

Steps for Multiple Shipping

Can I ship items in the same order to multiple addresses?
If you order two or more different items, you can choose separate shipping addresses for each, with additional shipping & handling fees.
To add additional shipping addresses please:
Step (1) Create a new account or login you account, add all shipping addresses into “My Address Book”
Step (2)Add products with right quantity for the first address into shopping cart.
Step (3) Continue shopping, add products with right quantity for the second address into shopping cart.
Step (4) Repeat Steps 2 & 3
Step (5) Checkout

Multiple Locations Shipping

Our Added Value Service includes:

  • Prepare shipping documents
  • Custom shipping labeling
  • Direct ship to your final destination
  • Worldwide shipping service, delivery as quick as 48 hours
  • Prepaid, import customs duty, when shipping overseas
  • And most important, BEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

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