Are you getting ready for a great way to advertise your business? The time is now for you to take full advantage of our series of heavy duty vinyl banners. These custom made vinyl banners are perfect for any number of uses. They are made of the highest quality materials and built to last for a long time to come.

Why are Vinyl Banners Great for Advertising?

Our line of custom vinyl banners are tailor made to advertise your store. They can function as entrance and exit signs or to mark off areas for sales and closeouts. Are you hosting a special event or conference? Our outdoor vinyl banners are sure to catch the eye of passersby and bring them to check you out.

Here are some key points to consider when opting for vinyl banners:


Our large vinyl banners are built to withstand strong weather conditions. You can leave them outdoors to advertise your store with no worries. They are waterproof, wind resistant, and made to resist extreme heat and cold. They come with a full warranty of guaranteed long service life.


Time and money are the two commodities that you will always find to be in short supply. The last thing that any business owner wants to do is blow their entire budget on advertising. This is why the very next detail you should notice is that our heavy duty custom banners are extremely cost effective.

Print Quality

How often have you been assured that a display item would last for a long time? How often has that claim been disproved by experience? This is why our new line of vinyl banners comes with a full guarantee. Our custom vinyl banners are made of the highest quality materials. Chief among them is UV ray resistant ink.

Easy Storage & Maintenance

The next detail you should note is that these custom heavy duty vinyl banners are very easy to store. This holds true for all of our vinyl banners, large or small. They come to you custom fitted so that you can roll them up and store them in a safe and dry place. Storage instructions are included with each model.

Plenty of Finishing Options

No matter what type of model you order, from vinyl photo banners to outdoor vinyl banners, they can all be very quickly mounted. You can order a banner with or without grommets for easy mounting. The grommets come free on all corners or every 2 feet. You can choose the mounting option that will best fit your needs such as velcro strips or pole pockets. And lastly you can select from a laser-cut edge or increased durability with a hemmed trim edge.

What Makes the Heavy Duty Vinyl Better Than 13oz Standard Vinyl?

Do you need a banner that lasts longer in even the harshest weather conditions? You may wish to order our new 18oz vinyl banner. You can do so in any size that meets the needs of the occasion. These new banners are built to stand up to harsh UV rays as well as rain, snow, wind, and sleet.

You should note that our 18oz vinyl banner is the sturdiest item in our banner inventory. This is a model that is much more heavy duty than our standard 13oz custom vinyl banners. They are built to last longer and provide a far more durable display.

Vinyl Banner Printing Design Tips

Here are a few key printing and design tips to keep in mind when ordering your banners:

Size Always Matters

The first thing you should know about printing vinyl banners is the size definitely will matter. It's a good idea to be sure of the size you want to have printed up. This way, the design that you want to be featured will be sized in order to fit the banner just right. This will help it to last a lot longer.

Choose an Optimal Color Scheme

The banner that you select should have a very strong color scheme. They should be as bright and vibrant as possible. Our line of custom vinyl banners are printed with the highest quality UV-resistant inks for this very reason. Make sure the colors you choose complement, rather than clash, with each other.

Choose the Highest Quality Materials

Our heavy duty vinyl banners are made with the highest quality materials. This ensures that we can duplicate them via high resolution digital printing. Doing so allows us to produce them to a much higher standard. This includes giving our clients a far wider range of graphic options than any of our industry rivals.

Make the Best Use of Text and Space

When printing up a series of vinyl banners, you should take care to make the best possible use of both text and space. You want the text on your banner to stand out in a way that is both legible and engaging. To do this, you need to make sure the size of the text is proportionate to the space that is available.

Location is Key

The last thing to take note of is that the location of your banner is key. This is all the more true when it comes to our custom outdoor vinyl banners. You want to be sure to place the banner in a very visible location. If it's meant to be out of doors, place it where traffic is heavy and it can easily be noticed.

Maintaining Vinyl Banners

There are a number of steps that you will need to take in order to safely store and maintain our heavy duty vinyl banners. The first thing you will need to do is to store them in a cool dry place. This will help them maintain their freshness and flexibility. Avoid folding the banners and instead make sure it is rolled up when not in use.

Keep in mind that even the most reliable vinyl banners are prone to the occasional wrinkle. However, they will smooth themselves out over time. An easy solution is laying the banner flat and using a heavy flat object to flatten the vinyl banner in order to remove wrinkles. For harsher cases, one can use a fabric steamer on the back side to smooth out creases and iron-out wrinkles. Use caution as not to use too much heat to warp the vinyl.