Choosing a high quality heavy duty canopy tent doesn't have to be a hassle. Lush Banners has a wide selection of state of the art models for you to choose from. Each is backed with a full warranty of guaranteed quality. They are priced at a level that you can easily afford. Read on to get details on our latest models.

Choosing a Custom Heavy Duty Canopy Tent

Our custom pop up tents have always been among our best selling models. Each heavy duty outdoor canopy tent is designed to be perfect for outdoor events and trade shows. This is due to its large size and long term durability. All of our heavy duty canopy tents have been tested to provide a lifetime of service.

Each fully customized canopy is made of the highest quality commercial grade aluminum. They come equipped with heavy-duty Oxford cloth. They can be set up in the space of a few minutes. Once you have chosen the right tent for your needs, you can order it directly from us. It's the perfect way to promote your company.


Why Do Some Tents Last Longer Than Others?

One of the most common questions we receive is why our heavy duty canopy tents tend to last longer than other competing models. There are three main reasons why we make the best canopy tent for wind and rain. All of them can be outlined below in the following manner:

Heavier Gauge Aluminum

Our heavy duty canopy tent models are made using the heaviest gauge aluminum. This is material that comes complete with a much larger level of wall thickness. For your reference, the wall thickness of tubing is measured in inches, starting at .0035, or by standard gauge from 7 at the heaviest to 22 at the lightest.

Reinforced Joints and Connectors

The reason we provide the best canopy tent for wind and high weather conditions is because all of our models use specially reinforced joints and connectors. It matters how each of the parts of a canopy tent connect. The best quality models will always use reinforced high density PVC.

Aluminum is More Durable Than Steel

In creating our new line of custom heavy duty canopy tents, we inadvertently disproved a very common and popular myth. We managed to prove that canopies made of steel, even though they are much heavier, are not more durable. The fact is that our aluminum canopy tents are far more likely to stand the test of time.

There is a very good reason why several of our latest models have been rated as being among the very best canopy tents for vendors. This is due to the fact that aluminum does not suffer as much as steel from humidity, rain, and bad weather. Steel will eventually get rusty and begin to fall apart, unlike our aluminum.

Choosing the Right Size Tent

Lush Banners has a wide variety of heavy duty outdoor canopy tent models for you to choose from. Please keep in mind that a medium sized model will tend to be more durable in the long term than a smaller or larger sized canopy tent.

8 x 8 Canopy Tent

Our very popular 8x8 Canopy Tent comes with an aluminum frame and a fully customized top. The back and sides are optional. Free ropes and ground stakes are provided. Each tent comes with Pop Up, Self lock and Quick Release functions for convenience.

10 x 10 Canopy Tent

Our Custom Canopy 10 x 10 model weighs in at a lightweight and portable 50 pounds. It comes with a 1 year warranty for the graphics. Each tent design can be single or double sided. As always, it features Pop Up design to enhance your convenience.

10 x 15 Canopy Tent

Our 10 x 15 Canopy Tent is fully adjustable and comes with many options to customize the top. It's covered by a full warranty of 12 months for all graphics. It features full color printing that is UV and waterproof. Packaging weight is a mere 55 pounds.

10 x 20 Canopy Tent

The Truss Modular model comes with a fully modular design. They feature heavy duty steel columns to give it a unique shape and durable feel. Each item is easy to assemble without needing tools, thanks to a twist and lock design.

Choose From Our Line of Protective Accessories

Your next major concern will choosing the size and style that is right for your needs. Here are some trade show booth examples that will help you to determine what size is best for your next event.

Heavy Duty Canopy Tent Carrying Bag with Wheels

If you need to accessorize your canopy tents, we have a full line of extras to offer you. Check out our new line of heavy duty roller bags. Each comes with wheels to provide an easy and portable experience.

Heavy Duty Sandbags

We also offer sandbag weights to add extra weight to your canopy frame to futher secure it to prevent damage from high wind and rain. They are sold in sets of 4.

Stakes & Ropes

Every full set Custom Canopy tent order comes with a free set of stakes and ropes to keep your tents in place.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where Can I buy Heavy Duty Canopy Tents?
A: Our latest line of heavy duty canopy tents can be ordered directly from the official Lush Banners site. Check there for all of the relevant product description and ordering details.

Q: What is the Ideal Weight for the Frame of a Heavy Duty Canopy Tent?
From our experiece, the weight of your canopy tent makes a has taught us that the average heavy duty frame should weigh at least 50 pounds.

Q: How Can I Get a Custom Designed Canopy Tent?
A: The good news is you have unlimited options to customize your pop up tent canopy anyway you want!. The custom print can go all over the custom canopy, and you can thoughtfully choose walls, side panels, doors, windows, connectors, even sanitizer holders to fulfill any functions. Please feel free to talk to our specialists now to find out more.

Q: Do You Have a Limit on How Many Colors I Can Use in My Custom Design?
A: There are no limits to how colors you can order. You can consult our handy free color chart for more details. All of our canopy tents feature full color digital printing and are UV ray and waterproof.