Custom Printed Inflatables of All Shapes and Sizes


Our new series of custom inflatables for advertising comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and options. We offer a fast and easy setup with nothing more complex than an air pump. All of our promotional inflatables are made of absolute top quality commercial grade material printed using dye sublimation printing and finished with triple-sealed air valves. You’ll be sure to stand out at your trade show or sport events with our custom advertising inflatables.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent

Custom Printed Inflatable Arch

Custom Printed Inflatable Furniture

Customized Inflatable Tents

Inflatable tents are a bold and innovative alternative to traditional pop up canopy tents. Our line of small, medium, and giant custom inflatables comes with a guaranteed easy setup with no need for tent poles. These are models that can be connected to create a new series of unique displays.

10ft Custom Printed Inflatable Tent
10 foot Inflatable Tent

Our 10ft branded inflatable tents are excellent small custom inflatables for indoor use, particularly at event spaces. Our starter 10 ft package comes with an inflatable canopy, storage bag, and full instructions for assembly, disassembly, maintenance, and storage.

Custom Printed 13 foot Inflatable Tent
13 foot Inflatable Tent

If you have more room at your event, check out our new line of 13 ft inflatble tents. This size is perfect for exhibitions and trade shows. The design is innovative and flexible, making it the right choice for your event.

Custom Printed 16ft Inflatable Tent
16ft Inflatable Tent

If you need a larger size, our 16ft promotional inflatable tents are sure to do the job. There's plenty of space to move around in. You can set up all of your display items and still have room left to meet and greet guests.

Custom Printed 20ft Inflatable Tent
20ft Inflatable Tent

Our jumbo 20ft inflatable trade show tents are top of the line in quality, durability, and cost. As with all of our custom inflatable tents, this model can be customized with a wide range of accessories, including side walls and awnings.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent Add-ons

If you’re looking to upgrade your promotional inflatable tent, Lush Banners is pleased to offer top of the line selections. Impress your customers and event guests with branded inflatable tent walls, doors, connectors and more.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent Side WallInflatable Tent Side Wall

Our new custom printed inflatable tent side walls are perfect for adding additional branding or imagery to your tent display. Our walls can be custom printed and added on 1, 2, 3, or all 4 sides.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent Side Wall DoorInflatable Tent Side Wall Door

Our custom printed inflatable tent side wall doors keep your graphics visible while offering visitors the highest quality entry & exit points. Doors can be used on 1, 2, 3, or all 4 sides.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent Side Wall WindowInflatable Tent Side Wall Window

Lush Banners is pleased to offer the latest custom printed inflatable tent side windows. They are available for our 10ft, 13 ft, 16 ft, or 20 ft inflatable tent or dome sizes.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent ConnectorInflatable Tent Connector

Our latest custom printed inflatable tent connector will help you keep your display tents moored together for safety, security, and style. You can create extended passages and comfortable transitions from one tent to another.

Custom Printed Inflatable Tent AwningInflatable Tent Awning

Our custom printed inflatable tent awning will give your inflatable trade show display tent an extra edge. Our arched design is perfect for adorning your tents with a classic look and feel. The awning is fully customizable with graphics on the top.

Custom Inflatable Domes

The new line of Lush Banners inflatable domes is fully customizable. They offer full coverage with 3 side walls and an awning kit. All models are extremely easy to set up.

13ft Inflatable Dome
13ft Custom Printed Inflatable Dome

Our 13ft custom printed inflatable domes are customizable with full coverage, using custom printed side walls & an awning kit to highlight your brand. Total dimensions are 13ftx10ft.

16ft Custom Printed Inflatable Dome
16ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch

Our new 16ft custom inflatable domes are fully customizable. They give you full coverage via custom printed 3 side walls. Total dimensions are 16.5ftx12ft.

20ft Custom Printed Inflatable Dome
20ft Custom Printed Inflatable Dome

If you need the ultimate level of promotion, try our new custom printed 20ft inflatable domes. They are fully customizable and includes a storage bag and instructions.

Custom Printed Inflatable Arches

 Our custom promotional arches are perfect for use in and out of doors. They can be used to mark your exits and entrances or the start and finish lines of a special event.

10ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch
10ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch

Our 10ft inflatable arches can be customized with your choice of graphics. They are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Dimensions are 10 ft wide by 9 ft high.

16ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch
16ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch

Our 16ft inflatable arches include free design service with every order. They are very easy to transport and set up. Total dimensions are 16.5 ft wide by 11 ft high.

20ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch
20ft Custom Printed Inflatable Arch

Our new 20 ft inflatable arch is our tallest inflatable model. Total dimensions are 23 ft wide by 16 ft high. It's the perfect model to use if you want to stand above the crowd.

Custom Printed Inflatable Furniture

 Looking for inflatable event furniture? We now have a full line of customizable items available for your every need. Add Inflatable Furniture to your exhibit to give customers and visitors a fun way to relax and engage at your exhibit while staying on-brand.

Custom Printed Inflatable Arch
Custom Printed Inflatable Sofa

Our custom printed inflatable sofas are the perfect way to add fun, branded seating to your exhibit. They are fully customizable with free design service for each order.

Custom Printed Inflatable Chair
Custom Printed Inflatable Chair

Our custom printed inflatable chairs create relaxing engagement with visitors and clients while staying on-brand. Setup is easy with our fully customizable designs.

Custom Printed Inflatable Ottoman
Custom Printed Inflatable Ottoman

Our custom printed inflatable ottomans are built for comfort. The material is top quality PU coating 400D oxford. They can be customized with any design feature you desire.

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