The COVID-19 pandemic has come and gone. Now what? It's time to reopen! But how do you tell your customers that you are finally ready to start servicing their every need once again? The best way to do so is by bringing their attention to the fact that you are back in business. And there's no better way to do that than by using high-quality custom signage to get the job done.

Grab Customer’s Attention of Using High-quality Signage for Reopening
When a company is closed for business, it oftentimes looks as if nothing is going on at their physical location. The last thing you want to do is make your business look as if its doors are still closed to the public. Thus, your primary goal as a business owner looking to restart your operations is to make your customers aware of the fact that your business is now completely operational. Any step you can take to make your business look as if it's operating at full steam should be implemented immediately to fully convince your customers that your business is itching to go and ready to service their needs.

We have found that one of the best ways to grab the attention of customers is through the use of high-quality signage with brightly colored graphics. Custom printed graphics on signage that's designed to grab the attention of everyone who passes by will allow for your customers to instantly recognize the fact that you are finally back in business.

New Signage for Reopening

Not every business is the same though, and your specific marketing budget will quite likely be the determining factor depicting which types of signage are best for your company. For this reason, the first step you will want to take is that of completing a thorough assessment of your current marketing needs. Budgeting for marketing is always fairly challenging due to the large number of unknown factors that are usually involved, but we have intimate knowledge of the returns businesses typically generate from their custom signage. In fact, we have seen businesses generate anywhere from three to ten times the amount of money they spend on their custom signage depending on the specific solutions that are chosen. Thus, the more money you are able to allocate to this particular marketing medium, the larger will be the gains you should ultimately see in the long run.

Of course, if you already have usable signage on hand, there is certainly no reason to purchase even more. You can easily offset your marketing budget through the use of preexisting signage to significantly reduce your marketing costs in these trying times. Thus, the more signage you are able to scrap together from your storage bins, the better off will be your overall marketing efforts. We highly recommend that customers form a complete inventory of their existing advertising signage so they know exactly what they need to further advertise the reopening of their businesses.

Due to the unique nature of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 lockdowns in particular, it would be a mistake to believe that your pre-existing signage will be enough to cover all of your marketing efforts. Old and outdated signs might not even be appropriate anymore given the current economic conditions. Therefore, you should thoroughly review not only the present condition of preexisting signage, but you should also review the content and the messaging your signage portrays. While your business may indeed be suffering at present due to the carnage wreaked by the coronavirus shutdowns, other people too are also facing challenging times. By taking this into consideration while creating your marketing strategy, you will ultimately be able to purchase signage which will better resonate with your customer base.

One of the key factors you will want to take into consideration when reviewing the quality of your existing signage is whether or not it accurately reflects the state of your business. Many businesses have recently made significant changes to the way they are handling the demands of their customers, and it is important that you keep your customers properly informed of any changes that have been made to your own business in order to better service their needs.

Benefits of Custom Signage for Reopening

We create custom signage to suit any occasion. Thus, if your business has recently undergone significant changes to its operations, we can create signage that will fully reflect these changes to instantly educate your customer base about how your company is presently doing business. If your business used to regularly service the needs of customers in a storefront, but you are now having to service their needs while using a drive-thru only setup, then we can create signage that will allow for them to instantly recognize this fact. Any old signage that indicates customers should enter a store to be serviced should be temporarily sidelined and replaced with new signs that clearly indicate exactly how your business has changed in recent weeks. While these simple changes may be obvious to you, your customers might not be entirely aware of any changes that have recently affected your business in particular. The sooner are you able to inform them about these changes using clearly marked signs that have been customized specifically for your business, the more successful will be your marketing efforts during the economic recovery.

While obvious changes like making the switch to a drive-thru only operation might make new signage absolutely necessary, it's important to remember that every change that has been made to your business operations should be made known to your customer base. If your business is now only servicing the needs of customers for a limited number of hours each day for instance, it's essential that you inform them of these changes. Therefore, new signage that clearly marks your company's hours of operation will certainly make for an excellent investment as you attempt to cope with the rapidly changing environment that has been created by this recent pandemic. Other changes you will definitely also want to make known to your customers are any changes to the products and services you are offering to further make it easier for them to better understand how your business can presently service their needs.

Custom Feather Flags
Reopen Banner

The most important announcement of all though is that of letting your customers know you are open for business. There's no better way to achieve this end than by placing a large sign declaring you are now open for business. Now open feather flags provide for one of the easiest ways to make this particular announcement known to all of your customers. Feather flags are a highly visible form of signage due to their tall stature, but they also wave nicely in the wind to attract further attention from people passing by. There are a variety of styles these custom printed flags come in today too. Whether you are looking to purchase a sign that will make it as obvious as can be that you are now open, or you are just looking for something a bit more subtle, there are certainly plenty of options for you to choose from.

Brightly colored signs with the words "Now Open" displayed on them would definitely make the message very clear that your business is finally open and ready to take on new clients. Even so, you are not limited to only getting feather flags with this one simple message to announce your reopening. There are also feather flags available that are designed to announce the nature of your business as well. For instance, if you are reopening a salon, you can purchase feather flags with the word "Salon" clearly printed across their front to tell potential customers exactly what kind of services your newly reopened business has to offer. Other clients may be interested in buying signs that announce they are hiring new employees even. These types of messages help to simultaneously announce your reopening while also attracting desperately needed talent to fill the gaps in your payroll. There are even American feather flags available so that you can announce to the world your commitment to supporting everyone in your community in these challenging times.

Custom Banners

Along with custom now open feather flags, there are also eye-catching now open custom banners available as well. Custom banners of this type represent a great option for businesses looking to convey additional information about their operations. For instance, if you are having a specific sale you would like to highlight to bring in new customers once this pandemic is over, you can use custom banners to get the job done.

While now open custom banners will certainly provide for an attractive option to bring in new customers, you aren't limited to only using banners for the sole purpose of announcing your reopening. Sure, the careful placement of a huge now open sign across the top of your business would definitely be a good idea to let everyone in your community know that you are now fully operational, but you should also take steps to entice them into visiting your physical location. Custom banners provide for the perfect solution to attain this end since virtually any type of high-quality graphic you want may be printed on their surface.

Custom banners come in a variety of fabric types to provide you with plenty of flexibility when it comes to choosing the specific graphics that will be applied to their surface. Thus, whether you are interested in strapping a sign across the front of your store to announce a special sale, or you are just looking for a way to present detailed information about products and services being offered within your store, there are more than enough options to choose from. Just be sure to take the durability of your sign into account. The most durable 18 ounce vinyl banners provide for the perfect solution for businesses looking to create high-quality now open custom banners. These thick signs are made from a waterproof material that is also UV ray resistant to ensure your signage will remain intact for quite some time before needing replacement. There are also numerous customizable options made available to customers purchasing a custom banner. Along with choosing the specific graphics that are placed on your signage, you can even elect to have special features like wind slits included in your banner to further add to its utility. Plus, they can be double-sided, and there are numerous grommet options so that you can hang your signage in just about any way you please.

Custom Canopy Tents

For businesses that are looking to go a step further, there are also now custom canopy tents available today. These tents are made in a similar fashion to custom banners, and they allow for the addition of custom graphics to suit your every need. Not only that, but they even come in a vast range of sizes to suit all types of purposes. For instance, the most popular 10x10 canopy tents are absolutely perfect for announcing the grand reopening of a business since they come with very flashy custom printed graphics. These structures can serve as the perfect place to put an informational booth or they can serve as a gathering spot for potential customers who are interested in joining you in the celebratory reopening of your business.

Some businesses might find that a simple 10x10 tent isn't enough to cover all of their requirements though. That's why we offer bulk discounts on multiple tents, but we also have highly customizable 20x20 custom canopy tents that are the perfect solution for businesses looking to really make their reopening a grand one. For example, if you are reopening the doors of a restaurant, you could use a huge 20x20 canopy tent to serve as an outdoor kitchen and dining area that will perfectly suit the needs of a large number of patrons. That way you can make it perfectly clear that your business is not only operational, but it is actually thriving as well.

Trade Show Displays

For those businesses that are really looking to up their game when restarting their operations, there's simply no better way to announce your return to business as usual than professional quality trade show displays. Trade shows represent the pinnacle of the business world, and they provide companies like yours with endless opportunities to form new leads and make profitable deals. Trade shows are perfect for businesses of all sizes working with any marketing budget since there are a variety of customizable features now being included in modern trade show displays.

Smaller businesses will certainly love to use simple and easy to set up tension fabric displays that have custom graphics with their logos printed on them. These displays can be set up practically anywhere in just a matter of minutes. They may also be accompanied by custom countertops and informational displays to provide potential customers with even more information about the way in which your company is getting back to work. If you really want to grab the attention of your customers though, remember to get brightly lit LED displays that will surely help your brand shine brightly in the emerging new economy.

Sidewalk Banners

Not every business is the same though, and you will certainly want to custom-tailor all of your marketing efforts to suit the unique requirements of your company's present situation. Sometimes the simplest of solutions are really the best solutions. This is particularly true of basic advertising mediums like sidewalk A-frame banner advertisements. While your business has likely not been seeing very much foot traffic in recent weeks, this is undoubtedly about to soon change as people start to get outside to enjoy the fresh air. To take advantage of this opportunity, businesses of all sizes should place their advertisements in a location that will make everyone walking by really think about their latest products and services. A-frame advertisements represent the perfect solution to bring in foot traffic since they may be placed directly on footpaths to instantly grab the attention of consumers.

If you are expecting large increases in foot traffic in the coming months, you will certainly want to have one of these simple signs created to match the branding of your company. By doing so, you will be able to easily generate a considerable return on your investment since these signs are highly affordable, but you can use them in a diverse number of ways to suit your every need too.

For instance, if you are planning on having a big sale to attract more customers to your business upon reopening, specific information about this sale can be placed on your signage to draw in foot traffic that is quite likely to make a spur-of-the-moment purchase. In this way, you can not only announce the reopening of your business, but you can even offer your customers deep discounts to help them get back to a normal way of life. The best part is that you can create professional quality A-frame advertisements in no time at all using our professional design services so that you will really be able to convince that newly developing foot traffic that your business is indeed the place to go.

Retractable Banners

Not all modern signage is being used for the sole purpose of drawing in more sales though. In fact, now more than ever businesses need to use signage for all types of purposes ranging from better educating their customers to even educating their employees. It's a brave new world in which your business is now operating, and there will likely be some significant changes being made to the way you handle your day to day operations. Thus, informational advertisements will be essential in helping your customers and employees adapt to a new way of life that has newly established requirements in order for you to continue doing business as usual.

Nothing serves this particular purpose better than retractable banners due to their versatile nature. Retractable banners are easily carried for use in demonstrations so that you can set them up practically anywhere with very little effort. Retractable banners are also well suited for dynamic placements that may require adjustments over time. If you aren't sure exactly where guidance concerning new procedures should be placed on your property to inform customers and employees about changes to your operations, a retractable banner just might be the perfect solution. In this way, you can set up your banner in a variety of locations to see which ones prove to be the most effective over time.

Backdrop Banner

It's important to remember that these are not only trying times for your business alone, but they are trying times for your employees as well. This is why many businesses will need to use custom signage to help uplift the spirits of their patrons and employees. One of the best solutions available to achieve this goal is a backdrop banner. A backdrop banner is the perfect medium for placing bright and colorful images and uplifting messages that will help to boost employee morale as they adapt to their new way of life. Not only can you provide additional training on these backdrops to help remind employees of the changes that have been made to your operations in recent weeks, but you can also encourage them to continue adopting these significant changes to help promote the health and well-being of everyone around them.

One of the best uses of backdrop banners though is to help boost team morale in particular. A simple backdrop banner with a message that binds your employees together around a common goal or ideal will help them better cope with this unique situation. By understanding that they are all facing these daunting challenges together, your employees will be able to tackle even the toughest of jobs as they try to get back to their normal way of life.


Sometimes all employees need is a simple reminder of policy changes in order to follow them properly. Make it easy for your employees to adapt to their new way of life by placing helpful reminders throughout your business location that can show them the way. The addition of custom banners with simple instructions on them can provide for a constant reminder to your employees that new regulations and procedures are of paramount importance. Once these banners are put in place, it will ultimately become much easier for your employees to make the necessary changes to their daily routine to meet the demanding standards to which your business is now being held.

It's important to remember that this is a celebratory time for everyone involved though. Your customers and employees will undoubtedly be happier than ever to finally be getting back to their normal way of life after an extended quarantine. This is precisely why it is also important that you promote a joyful attitude for your customers and employees to benefit from when getting back to business as usual. We should all stay safe to stay strong, and you too can play your part by creating custom signage that will remind everyone of how lucky they are to finally be able to enjoy their normal way of life once again. Custom signage displaying welcoming and uplifting messages for all of your employees and customers to enjoy will certainly serve as the perfect way to motivate them to shop more and work harder so that we may all get back to enjoying a higher standard of living.