Advertising is the most important tool a business can use to gain new customers and increase profits. The right marketing mix is what differentiates a mediocre organization from a successful one. With so many options existing it can be hard for a business owner to know what type of advertising products will work well for them. Custom-designed teardrop flags are a surefire way to grab the attention of passersby and increase your bottom line. Give this innovative and unique product a try and watch your customer traffic explode!

Create brand awareness

By custom-designing a teardrop banner with your company logo on it, your small business will stand out among the competition. A colorful and memorable logo is the easiest way to get customers to keep your business in their minds. People don't always remember a simple name on a sign but a unique and colorful logo is hard to forget; it often lingers in the minds of all who see it.


Teardrop banners can be custom printed to meet different stores' needs!

Every business has different needs and that is exactly what customization caters to. You choose everything from the wording, color scheme, images, graphics and logos that will help showcase what your business has to offer. Various sizes are available in order to meet all of your advertising needs. The banners can be used indoors, outdoors, or both.


Teardrop flags are usually printed in full color with beautiful graphics!

Color graphics attract far more attention in the marketplace than black and white. By designing your teardrop banner with bold, eye-catching colors, you can ensure your business is noticed by all potential clients. With various color options to choose from, you are sure to find the exact combination to fit your needs. All orders are custom made to your exact specifications so that you get exactly what is needed for your particular line of business. Banners can be printed single or double-sided depending on how you need to display it. Single-sided teardrop banners work great if placed against a wall or in a corner where only one side will be viewed. For banners to be placed on a tabletop or cashier counter, double-sided printing is recommended. If a double-sided banner is your choice you will have the option to have different graphics printed on each side.


Giant Teardrop banners, such as the 14ft teardrop banner, are best for outdoor use (storefront display, outdoor event, food stands...)

For those of you who need something more than just a table-top sign, we offer giant teardrop flags. These are perfect for advertising at local festivals, charity events, community shopping fairs, etc. When your business needs dictate that bigger is better, this is a wonderful option for you. We also have 15ft and 18ft sizes available for those in need of an extra-large impact.


Whatever the scope of your business is, you can only benefit from advertising. It is the crucial first step in enticing clients to enter your doors and can be a valuable tool for keeping their attention once inside.