Custom printed feather banners are some of the most effective and affordable types of eye-catching displays that are used to draw attention to a product or service. The feather banners usually are about 8 feet to 17 feet in height and a yard or so wide with a generally simple marketing message, graphic or combination of both to draw the eye of potential customers. The banners are either feather-like or rectangular in structure and usually held in place by either one or two flexible rods placed on one or two sides of the banner and typically last for about two years of continuous use.


The feather flags have a support rod on one side and a slightly bowed, feather-like look to them. When placed outdoors with a slight wind, they act similarly to a weather vane and bow down and rise back up when hit with strong wind gusts. The wave-like action of the feather flags makes them very eye-catching with their motion, colors, and graphics or text. The rectangular banners supported on either side with rods work similarly to their feather-like counterparts but will not change direction in the wind, although they will bow down and rise back up in strong gusts. Both types are ideal for placing various graphic ideas to convey effective marketing messages.


How to Design Perfect Feather Banner Graphics


There are many potential graphic ideas for the banners, which can have an eye-catching graphic, large text or both on one or two sides. Graphic designs might mirror one another when on both sides. A thick fabric that blocks light also might be sewn inside the banner so that people cannot see through them and see a shadow of a graphic on the other side. When considering ideas for graphics for feather banners and flags, it’s generally best to keep them relatively simple due to their relative lack of advertising space. Their best assets are affordability, portability, eye-catching colors and motion, and having the right kind of graphics can make them extremely effective.


Working with a professional graphic designer can help produce the best available graphic designs to communicate effective marketing messages. Keeping the product or service in mind is important so that a design is used that makes sense and complements the goods or services being marketed. Considering how much time people will have to view the design also helps a great deal. If the banner is intended to be outside a business and attract attention from people driving by, the simpler the design and message should be. If it will be placed indoors or along a sidewalk and is intended to draw the attention of people walking by, more information can be conveyed since the passersby will have more time to view and possibly stop to examine the graphic or message.


Choosing Graphics or Text


A good graphic is one with a simple and easily recognizable design that might or might not be mirrored on both sides. When the graphic or text cannot be mirrored, a middle panel that blocks the two sides will prevent shadowing and bleed-through from sunlight. Graphic designs work best when the intent is to simply draw attention and for branding purposes. If a logo is emblematic of a particular brand, placing it on a feather banner is a good idea. A depiction of a product being advertised also can be a good choice for a simple graphic, particularly if it plants an idea in the minds of many who see it, such as a delicious cheeseburger viewed during lunchtime to remind people they are hungry and can get a satisfying, quick meal.


Example of Feather Banner Graphics


A simple text message of one or two words also can be very effective as well as eye-catching. Using a verb-heavy text message conveys the intent of the banner while being simple and effective. If the banner reads “VOTE HERE” on election day, it will get across a very simple and effective message that viewers will find very informative. “SALE” or “HALF OFF” are equally effective messages, especially when paired with a depiction of a product being pedaled. There are many ways to couple short, simple, effective textual appeals with graphics of products or services to generate highly effective banner advertising.


How to Determine the Amount of Information Needed


Feather flags have a narrow space upon which messages can be placed. But when done properly, those messages are highly effective marketing tools. When considering graphic ideas, a simple text message of one to three words that can be read easily from dozens of feet away is very effective when the intended audience will be at a distance and have only a very short time to view the banner. People driving by in vehicles might only have a second or two to view feather flags, so having a simple message of one or two words is ideal.


Example of Feather Banner Graphics


Likewise, a banner with a graphic that is too busy could be overwhelming when there is not enough time to take it in and fully decipher the marketing intent. Assessing the amount of information to include requires also assessing the distance and time viewers will have when they see it. People on foot who are only a couple feet away can take in more information, so more text and graphical elements might be desirable in such situations. But those further away and traveling at relatively high speeds might only have a couple seconds and must be targeted with simple and understandable messages for them to be truly effective.


Choosing the Right Number of Colors


While colors are very good tools for capturing the attention of others, having too many colors can overwhelm people and muddle the messaging intent. Generally, a single background color that contrasts well with the messaging content is the most effective way to proceed with creative feather banner graphic ideas. The background color should be sufficient to capture attention from several feet away to several yards away and complement the natural motion of feather banners when placed outdoors or near indoor ventilation systems where the air is moved. Any text or other graphic elements should stand out against the background color or colors and focus the attention of those viewing it.


When a specific message or product is to be conveyed, then no more than one or two colors and three at most are preferred for the background. But when the intent is to simply grab the attention of passersby, then a multicolored banner with several colors in motion can be a very effective marketing tactic. In general, the more the banner is used to convey a message, the fewer colors should be used. But if the purpose of the banner is to draw attention to a building or other nearby object, then more colors can be more effective.


Selecting the Proper Height


Flag banners are made in three standard heights, although more are available. The basic heights are 8 feet, 13 feet and 17 feet in height. The 8-foot feather banners work best for indoor applications when the idea is to draw attention to a display, product or other object. Trade shows, shopping malls, auto display rooms and similar indoor marketing venues are ideal uses for the shorter banners.


A 13-foot feather banner can be used indoors but more often are used outdoors, unless there is an unusually high ceiling allowing for the marginally tall banner. Shopping malls and other large commercial buildings can work well with 13-foot banners indoors. The 13-foot feather banners are good for attracting the attention of consumers who are on foot or driving in parking lots but are not at a very far distance. And 17-foot feather banners almost always are outdoor marketing tools that work exceptionally well when used to draw the attention of people who are a good distance away.