3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Custom Canopy Tent in the Right Size

Written By Viona Zhong | Founder + Managaing Director
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3 Insider Tips for Choosing a Custom Canopy Tent in the Right Size

Market analysts who follow the trade show and convention industry are expecting a very busy year in 2023. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wind down, the manufacturing and maritime shipping sectors in China are returning to normal activity levels, and this means that trade show organizers will have a lot on their plate next year. This is a great opportunity for prospective exhibitors to expand the reach of their brand while at the same time marketing their products and services.

At Lush Banners, we are seeing greater demand for outdoor canopy tents and other trade show display solutions. Likewise, convention and expo organizers are reporting greater attendance by people who are happy to establish connections with brands on a personal level. If you plan to return to the trade show and festival circuit, Lush Banners is ready to meet your space and display needs with custom event tents and custom pop up canopy solutions to highlight your brand and welcome your target audiences.

Aside from eight canopy and tent sizes, we offer various customization options that include accessories, high-resolution printing, durable materials, and smart advice to make your experience as a trade show exhibitor successful. With this in mind, we would like to share the following three tips when choosing the size of your tent:

Pick From the Three Most Popular Sizes

The canopy and tent sizes we offer are based on trade show industry standards. When you sign up for an expo, festival, or business conference where tents are authorized, chances are that you will be told that the following sizes are allowed:

We also carry tents in the following sizes, which are not as common:

The foremost reason you are better off with the 10x sizes is that they can be prepared and fully customized in the least amount of time. As for the costs, they are proportionate, but the other canopy solutions that feature one side measuring 10 feet require less production time. The layout of many trade shows and festivals is designed based on rectangular shapes that measure at least 10 feet on the side that faces visitors.


10x10 Custom Canopy Tents

This is a best-seller item for Lush Banners, and you have probably seen it at indoor or outdoor events. This is not an overly large canopy tent, but it can easily accommodate a table along with a few chairs for visitors.

10x15 Tent

Even though the 10x10 tent is adequate for most trade show situations, the 10x15 option gives you more frontal space that can be adorned with colorful graphics for a greater branding impact. In addition to a table, you can also fit a couple of vertical freestanding banners on each side. 


10x20 Canopy Tent With Sidewalls

This is the most spacious of the three most popular tent sizes, and it is often ordered by exhibitors at outdoor events such as festivals. By virtue of being a perfect rectangle with the 20-ft side facing visitors, your branding can truly stand out, and you can also fit two tables plus additional chairs for workshops. 

Other Trade Show Canopy Sizes

Depending on the organization of trade show events, you may be able to be given a space where you can fit a 5x5 or a 6x6 tent; in fact, some indoor conventions let exhibitors choose between booths and canopies. In general, a trade show canopy of any size will provide a better opportunity to showcase full-color branding when compared to a standard booth; plus, these smaller solutions are easier to store, carry, and set up.

If you are assigned a trade show space for a 10-ft tent, you can check with organizers whether you will be allowed to set up an 8x8 canopy. If you go this route, you will have additional space for vertical banners, stands, or feather flags.

The largest heavy duty outdoor canopy tent we offer is the 20x20, which is perfect for festivals and other events where heavy foot traffic is expected. This is the kind of canopy you see at county fairs or car expos; you can fit vehicles, machinery, counters, and even a full living room set if necessary. Although our basic 20x20 tent packages include everything you need in terms of branding and installation, you can also add accessories such as LED lighting, side panels, banners, and more. 


Working With Larger or Multiple Tents Make Sense

Quite a few of our clients who started with smaller tents came back later to purchase bigger canopies or add-ons; this is often the case when they participated in a trade show or convention that proved to be very successful. For this season, it makes perfect sense to get the largest size canopy to fill the assigned space. Alternatively, you can also get more than one canopy; the idea is to connect the tents with accessories when the need arises. As long as your budget allows it, you will want to be prepared for a larger trade show space as your business grows and expands.


Canopy Frame Connectors

As previously mentioned, the time will come when your business may need to occupy a greater trade show space; this usually happens once you have exhibited a couple of times, and it makes more sense to expand your existing canopy capacity than to replace your original tent, especially if it is already branded. Hexagonal canopy frame connectors are part of a small investment that can open up trade show possibilities. These connectors easily attach to the legs of the tent frame, thus letting you expand or reconfigure the canopy footprint. Let's say you have a 10x10 tent, but your new expo space lets you fit a 20-ft canopy; in this case, a set of frame connectors will allow you to attach another 10x10 tent. 

Trade Show Canopy Accessories

The Lush Banners catalog offers various accessories that can make your trade show experience more efficient. From carrying cases with wheels to sandbags for extra support and from branded side panels to rails, our canopy accessories are designed to make your life easier by letting you focus on interacting with visitors.

Learn More About Trade Show Canopies From Lush Banners

Everything your business needs to participate in trade shows can be found at Lush Banners. Our products are ideal for just about any event. Whether you need to set up a small booth for a job fair or a large canopy for a music festival, we have numerous display solutions that can be fully customized for your brand. 

Please contact our office today if you have any questions about our products, materials, design process, costs, delivery, or accessories.