Many companies attend trade shows to garner the attention of vendors, consumers, and other players in the industry in which they are trying to make an impact. Every year, these large scale shows many times involve huge expenses of time from those that attend, travel expenses and for years the huge displays and swag that needed to be part of the marketing plan. Now there are other alternatives to the large traditional trade show booths. These old fashioned booths involved huge architectural effects such as building huge structures, and specialized marketing pieces that can be very costly to produce and required months if not years of advance planning to get all the details pulled together. These displays required shipment to the site in advance, onsite specialized labor assembly and other logistics add to the budget. Today, an emerging new trend in pop up trade show displays has come onto the horizon, changing this particular aspect of trade shows for the better.

History And Position Of Displays:
Pop up displays were invented to be user-friendly, mobile, and quicker to produce marketing pieces for trade shows and other events in which a company wishes to market themselves. You may have seen such an example in stores. Pop up displays are featured in many locations we shop even as consumers today. These simple to complete tools are a great alternative to large scale and expensive installations, but there still are some things to consider such as the quality, framework, and durability of these displays when making a possible purchase. With the popularity of these marketing displays, comes the huge deluge of options in the marketplace. One should do their research on the quality side of things before making a purchase as it is still a financial commitment. Obviously, all materials used to create pop up display stands are not created equal. When looking at options, there are two main factors you should check for quality: the frame and the fabric. Displays that use aluminum for the frames and scratch/wrinkle-resistant fabrics like polyester are superior in quality. If you plan on making this investment, it is worth paying for quality so that you can get as much use out of your marketing material as possible.
Know your application and how long you need the display to last before researching options.
Is this one of your biggest events of the year or one where the competition goes all out? Maybe a higher-end option that will last and is high quality in construction makes the most sense. On the other hand, are you doing many smaller events to promote a product line and need the biggest bang for your buck? Well, there are many shapes and sizes to choose from. The costs of pop-ups can vary drastically; even with different options from the same vendor. Marketing is the biggest single opportunity many times in these trade shows and companies must make an impact. Ensure you research the vendor doing your pop up, and materials you wish to use before making your choice. Other reviews, time in business, reliability, and delivery of the specific material-based displays you wish to purchase should be readily available from the vendors' own website or sales team. Also, make sure you arm yourself with information on the frame that your marketing collateral will be displayed on.

What You Will Find In These Displays:
Frames in this space are more often than not made of aluminum, though other materials may be introduced. That does not mean that plastic or other allow frames are not available. Keep in mind that in most instances your frame will be about durability, if in heavy traffic areas the ability to remain upright, and overall how long you need the piece to last may influence this decision. Also, plastic connecting pieces will be used in some cases, but again make sure the quality is present to ensure the best overall impression and coherence of the display is critical. Understand the variety of frame options and that the application you require is critical to clearly communicate with the display vendor. Full booth applications, versus small open areas, require different manufacturing and frame options. The ability to place this advertising in the best location and format to appeal to the consumer is tantamount for it to capture the attention needed to your product.

Durability And Accessibility:
The durability of these displays is also considered both in the short-term and long-term. Trade Shows will have heavy foot traffic if you are lucky. Keep this in mind when figuring out the construction of the frame and materials to use for the banners and collateral pieces. If this is in an area that could be exposed to this traffic, ensuring the durability of it being touched, kicked, or even run into should be considered. The first day of a tradeshow is not the time to find out the sign will not stand straight or recover when touched. The application does not support the frame selected, or it shows rolling edges, fraying of fabric or other flaws. This is a highly visible piece of your business and should be given the proper consideration when constructing this. Additionally, knowing if this investment in the piece will last beyond a single trade show, should be reflected in the durability decisions you make about frame, banner materials and overall composition.

While a more flexible, durable, and mobile solution to traditional trade shows, it should never be assumed these options will be cheap. Cheap translates in many cases to the consumer a story about your business that may not bring the final results you went after. While pop up booth options of the past may not suit current business needs for your trade shows, ensuring you research materials, application, durability and frame structure of these is still tantamount for your business success. These materials may also be more readily available in shorter lead times, but still allow time for you to fully construct the pop up booth for quality, storytelling, durability and overall impact for the consumer. The flexibility and design options of pop up marketing displays in today’s market is ever-changing, so with a bit of research, you can design stunning storytelling elements for your next tradeshow. These mobile, durable, and easy story boards can do so much for your business if you execute the right option in the right space. Let your imagination bring to life a story for the ages on materials that were not options in years past, for your next tradeshow.