Are you looking for a great new way to stand out with promotional signage? As it turns out, there are many more ways than you think. You can use all kinds of signage, from banners to flags, at your next event. It's a proven strategy for modern marketing. Here are the best 10 ways to help you stand out from the pack.

1. Add Some Color to Your Promotional Signage

Are you planning to switch out your outdoor display signage? A new series of outdoor banners may just do the trick. You may also consider using a new batch of custom feather banners. The key here is to hit on a new promo display that catches and holds people's attention. You will need to be quite creative.

The best way to do it is to add some color to your display. You may have gone on for way too long with the wrong combo of colors. They may simply not be pleasing to the eye. Now is the time to rectify this error. You can do so by doing a bit of research. It's easy to find out what combo of colors works for your signage.

A new series of bright and bold colors may be the trick to get people to pay heed. The key is to find a combo that adds warmth and vitality. At the same time, you need to be sure that they won't clash. You can browse our selection of color choices at our site. This will help you find one that is right for you,

2. Change the Shape of Your Custom Banners

Custom banners are a fantastic addition to your indoor or outdoor display. But do they always have to be the same old boring shape? If your patrons are getting tired of the routine, why not shake things up? You can have new trade show displays and displays for your store. Round and square are not the only ones.

For example, you can order new custom banners from our store in a wide variety of shapes. These include oval, rectangular, and triangle. If you don't see the exact kind of shape you like, you can contact us for a custom order. Chances are good that we can very soon get you exactly the right shape to meet your needs.

3. Add a New Series of Coatings and Finishes

Not all of your promo banners are meant to be kept outside. They don't all have to be so huge that they need to be flown rather than displayed. Many of them can and should be in close contact with your public. This is why more than a few of them will benefit from being remade with new exciting materials.

Your next series of trade show displays can benefit from being finished in a new manner. For example, they can be made in a very shiny, lustrous, and appealing way. You can upgrade to nicer materials such as wrinkle-free blockout Fabrics. This will add to the total appeal that a banner has for your customers.

4. Add a New Series of Floor Designs

Many business owners have become aware of the value of floor designs. These have been a handy way to give customers extra messages concerning safety protocol. You can also use them to catch the eye as they come into your business. Print them right on the floor so they will notice them as they cross the threshold.

Our new series of floor designs can advertise safety steps. But they can do much more than that. They can immediately let people know where the safety exits, restrooms, fitting rooms, and other areas are. This is a great way to put people at ease concerning your conveniences. It's functional and very cost effective.

5. Sometimes Black and White is the Best

There are times when colorful custom flags are all the rage at trade show events. But sometimes less is more. If you feel that certain bits of signage will come across better in black and white, go with your gut. Some types of promo flags really do project more effectively when presented in a simple style.

Lush Banner can offer you custom canopy tents, outdoor banners, flags, and signage in all manner of styles. We can also help you to keep it as simple and direct as you like. If you think a black and white presentation works best in some areas, let us know. We can quickly create signage to fit your exact needs.

6. Add Some Unique Images to Your Display

Does your promotional signage tend to emphasize the same set of images? This can be a turnoff. You may be better served by switching things up from time to time. This is the perfect chance for you to wow your audience by changing up your set of featured displays. A new image can give you a whole new look and appeal.

For example, if you have always included very plain and direct images, why not add an aura of mystique? We can help you cue up a whole new set of exotic shapes and images. This will catch the eye of a customer and cause them to wonder. If your image is stale, a new set of images is the cure to refresh your appeal.

7. Use Fabrics to Give Your Designs Some Subtlety

A new series of fabric designs can help give your signage a bit of much needed class and subtlety. You can't use them for every kind of display. But you can definitely use fabrics for tabletop covers, flags, banners, and trade show displays. A bit of fabric in the right place can be a very welcome eye catcher.

8. Need to Catch the Eye? Go Bigger

Bigger isn't always the answer. But if you have exhausted every other means of getting some attention, why not try it? This will be all the more true when it comes to your outdoor banners, custom canopy tents, and other trade show displays. But it can also hold true for the banners you have in your store.

We all respond to drama. In some cases, you can make your point in grand fashion by upping the size of the gesture. For a start, if your outdoor signage is too small, get rid of it. Put up some big and bold new banners and other forms of promotional signage. This will catch the eye and let them know who you are.

9. Turn Your Vehicle into a Mobile Banner

If you really want to turn some heads, why not transform your company vehicle into a mobile banner? This is the best way to get some much needed publicity for your business. Best of all, you can get it while on the move. We can show you how to add custom promotional signage to your vehicle in order to enhance it.

Your vehicle will very likely pass in front of millions of other cars this year. Why not use this as a golden opportunity to promote your business? You never know when you may pass in front of someone who can use your services. They can quickly jot down your number or site URL. From there, you can get new business.

10. Change Up the Print on Your Banner

Are you tired of always using the same kind of print on your banner? Why not go for a new type of print altogether? For example, if you have always used the old standard banners, why not switch it up? You can get updated designs with the latest trends in typography and graphic design.

It's all about catching the eye of a customer. You can use a whole new type of print to do so. This is true whether you are printing on custom feather banners or custom canopy tents. The more you do to switch things up, the more solidly you can stand out. This will be all the more true at your next trade show event.

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Are you interested in switching up your sales promotional strategy? One of the best ways to do so may be to vary your promotional signage. There are so many exciting new examples for you to choose from. From custom flags to outdoor banners, it's all here for you. This is the best way to catch a customer's eye.

Lush Banner is here to be your one stop shop for all of your needs. Keep us in mind when you are planning a new series of trade show events. We have the materials in stock to cover all areas of indoor and outdoor promotion. Get in touch with us today to learn about what we can do on behalf of your business.