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Written By: Henry Webb | Graphic Designer + Coordinator
Fact Checked By: Andrea Gibbs | Digital Marketing Coordinator + Graphic Designer

How Custom Pop Up Displays Help Your Business Stand Out

It has been a little over a year since trade show activity in North America started to go back to normal after the COVID-19 pandemic. Major expos such as the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show reported attendance numbers that were considerably higher than expected, and this was despite the looming specter of inflation coupled with some economic uncertainty. This solid return to business activity is good news for business owners whose products and services can be better promoted on the trade show circuit.

When you secure a trade show space as an exhibitor, you want to stand out among competitors. To this effect, you will need to bring a branded backdrop that lets attendees know who you are and why they should pay attention to your brand. Let's review why pop up display solutions are your best bet in this regard.

Pop Up Trade Show Displays

Pop-up display stands are the best solution available for the branded backdrops you need at trade shows, conventions, and expos. Pop up displays are easy to set up, store, transport, and maintain. Whether you prefer single or double-sided, straight or curved backdrops, a pop up banner display can go a long way in terms of establishing and ascertaining your presence at the trade show.

As we all know, people can spend a considerable amount of time at trade shows. Pop up displays are good for creating an immediate and strong impression on the people who are attending; this is the same for individuals who are specifically looking for your brand or who are just checking out your space because it looks interesting.

Most Popular Pop-Up Trade Show Display Options

The portable pop-up trade show solutions offered by Lush Banners start with the petite 5-foot tabletop display, which is a small stand equipped with endcaps for easy assembly; this display is often selected by exhibitors at job fairs and other business-focused events. The next sizes on our chart of trade show display solutions are 8, 10, 15, and 20-foot.

Starting with our 8-foot pop-up displays, the style options include straight, curved, and standard or magnetic connectors. Let's go through the differences between these styles:

Standard Pop Up Display Connector Detail

Standard Connectors

Our original pop-up displays are equipped with snap-fit connectors that bring frame elements together. These standard connectors are easy to assemble by hand, and they are covered by a 12-month warranty; Lush Banners also includes a free canvas bag to carry pop-up displays with standard connectors.

Magnetic Connectors

Our premium pop-up display solutions start with 8-ft frames equipped with magnetic connectors. In addition to four or six standard connectors, premium displays have a set of magnetic connectors that cut down on the assembly and tear-down process, thus making them ideal for exhibitors with busy schedules. Magnetic connectors are more durable than their standard snap-fit counterparts, which is why they are covered by a lifetime warranty. Lush Banners also makes it a point to include a free hard roller case with the purchase of pop-up displays with magnetic connectors, thus making these solutions more adequate for exhibitors who are constantly out on the trade show circuit.

Magnetic Pop Up Display Connector Detail
Straight Pop Up Displays

Straight Backdrop Displays

Presenting a banner that is straight and rectangular is a traditional display solution that works for most trade show situations. The visual effect is similar to that of looking at a movie theater screen, and it is often recommended when you wish to take advantage of every square inch of the graphic.

Curved Backdrop Displays

When the backdrop and frame structure of pop-up displays are curved, you take away a few inches of width in exchange for more depth. All in all, curved displays help to create an atmosphere that feels more comfortable and welcoming; they tend to be more effective when your target audience is primarily female. Curved backdrops also look great when the banner graphics are round.

Curved Pop Up Displays

Making a Greater Impression With Large Backdrop Displays

Custom Pop Up Display Size Chart

When you are assigned a large trade show space, you want to make the most out of this opportunity with a 15-foot or 20-foot display. You can opt for the curved or straight banner display; either option will deliver a bigger impact to your target audience. Curved displays are particularly striking when they are larger.

When selecting the banner configuration for your display, you might want to consider how you intend to decorate and arrange it; if you are using two sets of graphics, the first banner design might be best for single-sided backdrops, and the second banner configuration might be better for double-sided backdrops.

The basic rule of thumb for trade shows is that exhibitors should consider larger displays when the events and venues are larger, but you also need to consider the placement of your display. In front of the expo venue, the display will be less effective if it is smaller.

Pop-Up Displays Are Easy to Set Up and Maintain

Pop Up Display Assembly Instructions

Setting up a pop-up display can be accomplished in just a few steps:

  1.  The frame and graphic are taken out of the carrying bag or roller case.
  2.  The frame is fully extended.
  3.  Locking arms are aligned and the connectors are activated.
  4.  The graphic is attached in one corner and stretched across the frame.
  5.  Velcro fasteners and end caps are used as needed.

Be sure to look at your display from different angles. If it is not well-positioned, the branding message will be lost among the sea of other exhibitors. As far as maintenance, our displays are built to last; they come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame, and you can get more mileage out of magnetic connectors.

Easily Update Your Backdrop Graphics

Lush Banners offers more than just display frames and graphics; we have a full art department that provides free graphic design services with every purchase. When you work with our design team, you can be assured that your branding ideas will be properly communicated on the display backdrop; moreover, your ideas can be easily updated or changed whenever the need arises.

Many of our clients have multiple graphics they use for different trade show events or when they wish to promote more than one brand. This makes perfect sense when you only need a single frame but more than one graphic; in fact, some clients change their backdrops a couple of times during an expo according to branding plans.

Pop-Up Displays Are Easy to Carry

Our pop-up display solutions are specifically designed to be highly portable, particularly when they are carried in our hard-padded cases equipped with rollers. These cases are not only comfortable to roll around but also easy to fly with as checked luggage. We highly recommend these cases for 10-foot or smaller displays.

Learn More About Pop-Up Trade Show Solutions

If you wish to learn more about our pop-up display banners and other trade show solutions, please contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you make double-sided pop up displays?

Yes! We do offer double-sided printing options for all of our pop up displays including our curved option.

2. Can I know more details about the printing fabric?

We use high quality 9oz polyester fabric, which is durable and wrinkle resistant, with minimum see-through.

3. What are the differences between the pop up displays and tension fabric displays?

They all are made by aluminum frames and tension fabrics. The major differences are:
- The look:
Pop up displays look more blocky with the cross bar frame design. Frame are visible for sides or back. Tension Fabric Display on the other hand, all frames other than the weighted feet are covered seamlessly by the graphics, very sleek and modern looking.
- The Frame
Pop up displays have cross bar frames. Frames are visible from the sides or the back. Tension Fabric Displays are made by hollow aluminum tubes which are not visible after assembly.
- The Assembly
Pop Up Displays are designed to be quickly setup and takedown, the graphics are quickly attached to the frame by Velcro strips or silicone edge graphic channels. Tension Fabric Displays have pillowcase graphics that will be wrapped around and held in place by the tension of the graphic and enclosed zipper.

4. What are the differences between the Standard Pop Up Displays and Premium Magnetic Pop Up Displays?

Our Standard pop up displays refer to the standard connectors of the frame, standard connectors can be connected or disconnected by the snap fit design. Standard pop up displays come with a standard 12 months warranty and a free canvas carrying bag. Premium Magnetic Pop Up Displays refer to the magnetic connectors of the premium pop up display frame. Premium Magnetic Pop Up Displays have 4-6 reinforced snap fit connectors, the other connectors have magnetic tips which connect and disconnect automatically. Making pop up display assembly even quicker and easier. Premium Magnetic Pop Up Displays come with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and a free hard-padded roller case.

5. What is SEG Module Pop Up Displays? How can I install them?

"SEG" means "Silicone Edge Graphics", Silicone Edge Graphics are ultra high definition dye-sublimated graphics with silicone edges which can be pushed in to edge the channeling of the aluminum frame to create the seamless, super flat display effect. Silicone Edge Graphics are Easy to change and look really amazingly sharp! The SEG Module Pop Up Displays also could be combined or added accessories like a TV rack and display shelves, you can even add LED curtains to light up. No doubt why the SEG Module Pop Up Displays are the rising star of pop up display families.
SEG Graphics are easy to put in, and we suggest starting at the corners and using your fingers to gently press the silicone beads into the channeling of the aluminum frame. By inserting the corners first, it helps ensure that there will be no excess fabric when you insert the last portion.

6. What are the differences between the SEG Module Pop Up Displays and Backlit Module Pop Up Displays?

By simply adding SEG Module Pop Up LED lights Kit, your SEG Module Pop Up Displays will transform to a Backlit Module Pop Up Displays! Depending on the display need, you can use your SEG Module Pop Up Displays with or without lights. Adding lights however does increase the total weight of your display quite significantly when you travel.

7. Where to get pop up banner display for trade show?

There are many ways you can get pop up banner display for trade show. The first step is to choose the size, shape and printing options. The second step to find a vendor can produce the pop up trade show displays for you. You can ask a local trade show exhibits vendor, but the price will be on the higher end. Online specialty merchandisers like Lush Banners normally will provide a better range of product options and much better pricing in general.