Are you a business owner who is looking for an eye-catching new display? One of our new custom banners will be a great way to draw attention to your business. These banners are large, colorful, weather resistant, and built to give you high level service.

Vinyl Banner Material

One of the most popular types of banner material will be vinyl banner material. If you are planning to display your mesh banner outdoors, your best bet will be to choose our special heavy duty 18 ounce vinyl size. We also have smaller sizes, such as 13 ounce vinyl, available for your needs.

Vinyl is one of the most in-demand types of banner material for a number of reasons. It is a very heavy material that is ideal for printing on as well as withstanding rough weather. When it comes to displaying your banner out of doors, vinyl makes an excellent choice. Its ability to stay taut is one of its finest qualities.

Vinyl material gives your display a somewhat glossy quality. This makes it ideal for catching the eye. You can easily print your company name, logo, and website URL or phone number on the banner. When light catches the banner at the right angle, it will appear to light it up, making it even more noticeable and memorable.

However, you will need to avoid placing your vinyl banner directly in the sunlight or too near an artificial light source. You don't want to turn its inherent brightness into a source of glare. You want to keep your banner lit in the correct manner in order to avoid accidentally turning it into an eyesore.

Keep in mind that vinyl banner material is heavier than mesh or fabric banner material. For this reason, your best bet will be to choose a vinyl banner that includes grommets around the edges as well as the four corners. This ensures that the banner will be pulled taut when you display it.

Including more grommets will also afford you a number of extra anchor points that will provide an additional level of security. You can also make use of pole pockets that will suspend your vinyl banner from a pole or specially installed ropes. Regardless of how you display, this is one banner that will definitely elicit positive attention.

Mesh Banner Material
When it comes to long lasting banners, another perennial favorite will be displays that are made of mesh banner material. If you need a larger banner for use in outdoor conditions where the wind is strong, mesh will be your best choice of material. It lets wind blow through.

Our mesh banners are constructed according to a specially designed plan. The goal here is to reduce weight in order to let light and wind pass quickly and harmlessly through the banner. This reduces the amount of resistance that the banner has to contend with, especially in rain or rough weather.

However, this does not mean that the quality of your printed logo and info will be compromised in any way. Our mesh banner material designs are printed in such a way as to be visible from a distance. In fact, the printing on these banners is best viewed from somewhat of a distance in order to provide a handy landmark for your customers.

Our mesh banners come in a variety of sizes in order to be used in a wide variety of settings. One of our most popular is our 10 ounce PVC mesh design. However, we also have larger sizes available. Mesh banners are primarily designed to be semi-translucent as well as wind resistant in order to maintain their easy visibility.

Mesh banners are very easy to install as well as to maintain. They tend to come with specially hemmed edges. This feature ensures that the material of your mesh banner will not tear or stretch in an awkward fashion when pulled taut for display. Thanks to this special quality, mesh banners have become one of our most popular sale items.

Fabric Banner Material

Another top selling favorite of our customers is banners made of fabric banner material. There are several strong points that make fabric an excellent choice of material for your banner. A fabric banner has the best high resolution printing results.

Fabric banners are designed to be both functional as well as instantly attractive. This is due to the fact that our specially designed fabric has always yielded maximum results for printing. Your company name, logo design, and contact info will look gorgeous and catch a lot of eyes when featured on one of our fabric banner models.

The secret to the success of our top selling fabric banners lies in the material that is used to make them. We use a number of state of the art materials, including a special lightweight polyester blend. This gives your banner a light and very portable design that allows you to easily fold, unfurl, and transport it wherever you wish.

For all of these reasons and more, our fabric banners are a guaranteed hit at every company party, sale, and industry function. Their luminous nature makes them an excellent choice for display in windows or sources of bright light. They are designed for use in and out of doors.

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The time to order your custom lush banners is now. We have every kind of banner material available for your needs. Let us know what type of banner you need and what size you need it in. From there, we can easily do the rest. We guarantee one hundred percent customer satisfaction from start to finish.

We have a special 6 month warranty available for vinyl and mesh banners. We can also give you a 13 month warranty arrangement for fabric banners. These warranties will cover wear and tear on your flag, particularly if it should develop any unforeseen issues. We stand proudly behind all of our products and guarantee their quality.

We understand that you need your banners done professionally in a hurry. We have the skills, qualifications, and experience to give you the absolute best banners in the industry. Get in touch with Lush Banners today to learn more about what we can do to help your business.