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Popular 13 oz. matte vinyl banner. No Size Limitation. Affordable, durable, UV and water Proof. Good for both indoor and temporary outdoor use. We proudly provide the widest Free Finishing option selection in this industry.
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Double sided banner printed on 13 oz. matte vinyl material. Single Piece Maximum Size: 9.5ft x 128ft. Affordable, Durable, UV and Water Resistant. Good for both indoor and outdoor use.
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Premium 3-layered woven Polyester fabric, wrinkle resistant with minimal light reflection. Exceptional print quality, great for indoor advertising, photo backdrops, and elegant window displays. No limitation on size, even 100ft x 100ft big!
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Vibrant Double-sided Fabric Banners printed on 9oz high quality wrinkle, scratch resistant fabric. No size limitation. 3-layered woven Polyester fabric, minimal light reflection. Exceptional print quality, great for indoor advertising and elegant backdrop displays.
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Mesh banners or Fence Banners are printed on 10 oz. vinyl or 4.5oz. fabric banner material. No size limitation. Suitable for outdoor advertisements where wind load is an issue. Free finishing options.
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Double-sided Mesh banners are printed on 10 oz. vinyl or 4.5oz. fabric mesh banner material. No Size Limitation. Suitable for outdoor advertisements where wind load is an issue. Free finishing options.
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Any Size 18 oz. Blockout vinyl is more heavy duty and stronger than standard 13 oz. vinyl. Suitable for tough outdoor, more long-term or heavy duty display environment.
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Durable Double-sided Vinyl Banners printed on 18oz high quality matte vinyl material. Free Design. Suitable for tough outdoor and more heavy duty display environment.
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Introducing Custom Breakaway Fabric Banners – expertly crafted for impactful event branding. These high-quality fabric banners boast vivid printing and a unique breakaway design. These banners are ideal for trade shows, sports events, and conferences. With many sizes to choose from, they offer a dynamic way to captivate audiences while prioritizing safety, making them an essential tool for any event.
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2 layers of acrylic coating adhered to the base cloth - 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. Significantly enhanced brilliance and vividness of colors. No flash and glare; best for high end shop display and backdrops.
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Introducing our custom UV printed silicone edge (SEG) graphics, the perfect solution for enhancing your trade show booth or display with high-quality and eye-catching visuals. These graphics are available in any size, so you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your specific needs. With our state-of-the-art UV printing technology, your graphics will come out with vivid colors and crisp images, guaranteed to grab the attention of potential customers and clients.
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Our Snap Poster Hanger System is made of the finest aluminum. With our 3 step easy install, you can install or change graphics within seconds. Simply open, insert, and snap close. Thanks to this unique design, our Snap Poster Hanger will hold your graphic with amazing strength with no scoring, pockets, or any special graphic treatment. Compatible with our Single and Double-sided Vinyl & Single-sided Fabric Banners.
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How to Assemble Custom Banners

How to Assemble Custom Printed Banners


Grommets: you can use string, ropes, cords, or zip ties to loop through the grommets to secure your custom banners in place.

Pole Pockets: Insert the pole/stake into the sleeve of the pole pockets, securing the pole/stake making sure the banner displays lay flat. You can also use the bottom pockets to add some extra weight of your custom banner to hang it perfectly.

D-rings: you can use strings, ropes, cords, or zip ties to loop through the D-rings to secure your personalized banners in place.

Velcro Strips: Attach the loop strip and hook the strip to secure the custom banner in place.

Ropes: Use the sewn ropes to tie your custom banners to the project.


Taking Care of Your Customized Banners

Use a Damp cloth to spot clean and line dry.

  • Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach
    Do Not Bleach
  • Care Instructions - Air Dry
    Air Dry
  • Care Instructions - Wash Cold
    Wash Cold
  • Care Instructions - Hang Dry
    Hang Dry
  • Care Instructions - Do Not Iron
    Do Not Iron

Additional Product Info

Common Sizes
4 - 25ft wide, 3 - 25ft high
Overall Weight
2 - 7lbs depending on the size and options
Estimated Lifespan
1+ year outdoor / 2+ years indoor on printed flag with proper care and maintenance
Graphic Installation
Banner sleeve pockets, hook and loop strips, ropes, or grommets with zip ties
Print Material
Vinyl, fabric or mesh
Print Method
Full color dye sublimation digital printing
Optional Accessories
Flag Poles and Bracket For Small Flags

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Make a Custom Printed Banner?

To make a customized banner you must first start with a design idea. Design can be done professionally or by an amaetuer using free software outlets online like Canva. Once a design has been created then it is time to find a printer that can handle your needs for size and material. Once printed then the final finish touches are added to help aid with installations, like grommets or pole pockets.

2. Where to Buy Custom Designed Banners?

Custom banners can be purchased one of 2 ways, locally and online. Local printers will generally have more limitations and will be more expensive. Online outlets will have more capabilities and a lower price tag, more often than not. The one disadvantage is being about to select materials and turn around time due to shipping.

3. How to Store Vinyl Banners?

The best way to store a vinyl banner is to roll it up and store in a dry area. By rolling the banner you do not have to deal with creases or folds cause when storing. This also is a space saving method of storage. The tighter the roll the better and preferably wrapped around a center roll of some sort.

4. Can Vinyl Banners be Recycled?

In short, most, vinyl banners cannot be recycled. Many vinyl banners contain PVC and this material is not recyclable or biodegradable. Finding more ways to use vinyl banners rather than trashing them will help keep them out of landfills.

5. Who Makes Vinyl Banners Near Me?

Local sign companies in your area will be a good outlet for banner printing. Some big box stores even offer banner printing service. These options will come at a higher cost than their online counterparts simply due to manufacturing cost and capabilities.

6. How to print vinyl banners?

Large format CMYK printing will be the most common way that vinyl banners are made today. Printing can be done at various DPI to control image quality for the best suitable outcomes.

7. How long do vinyl banners last?

The average vinyl banner can last anywhere from 2-12 years depending on how it is maintained and where it is displayed. Outdoor banners in extreme conditions of heat or cold will have a much lower shelf life. Weather and region conditions will play a major role in the life span of a vinyl banner. Direct sunlight for 12 hours a day will drastically bring down the life expectancy of the banner.

8. How do vinyl banners differ from your fabric banners?

Both of them can be used indoors or outdoors. Both of them are durable. Vinyl banners are the most affordable and carefree. Fabric banners looks more vibrant and high end. Fabric banners is much lighter and foldable than vinyl banners make it a better choice if you need to carry around. Vinyl banners are more subject to tear damage comparing to fabric banners.

9. Which one should I choose? 13oz matte vinyl banner vs 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner?

a) 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner looks and feels thicker than 13oz matte vinyl banner.
b) 13oz matte regular vinyl banner is relatively more affordable, suitable for indoor use or short term outdoor use. For more heavy duty or long-term outdoor usage, 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner is more suitable.
c) 13oz matte vinyl banner carries 3-month warranty vs 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner carries 6 months.

10. Which one should I choose? 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner vs Mesh banner?

a) 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner is solid, opaque with vinyl texture, while mesh banner is perforated and the colors on the front will 30-50% bleed through to the back.
b) Both type can be used indoors or outdoors. For windy or cold-temperature climates, mesh banner is more suitable.
c) 18oz vinyl banner carries a 6-month warranty vs 18oz heavy duty vinyl banner carries 12 months.

11. What are your finishing options for customized banners? Do you have more options?

Lush Banners offers many Finishing Options, Including FREE Grommets, Reinforced Strips, Sleeve Pockets, Ropes, and D-Rings. Please cross refer to the options section if you have a special request. Contact our trained customer service representatives and we can most likely make it happen!

12. What are the common sizes for personalized banners? Do you have more options?

Although the most common sizes are 2ft x 3ft, 3ft x 5ft, 5ft x 8ft, 8ft x 8ft, 8ft x 10ft, and 10ft x 15ft, Lush Banners can make your banner any size according to your needs. . Even 100ft x 300ft! No matter your needs, whether it is for a trade show, marketing, outdoor flag advertising, or even for a birthday party we have everything you need to get started!

13. Do you print double sided Custom banners?

Yes! We specialize in double sided banners for vinyl banners, fabric banners, and mesh banners. The graphics can be on the same side or with different graphics on the two sides.

14. Are the stitches always white? Do you have any other colors?

No, our production team will do the best to match the background color with the stitches. A neutral color stitch will be chosen if your background has mixed colors.

15. Will the background images be printed all the way to the edges?

Yes! We will always print all the way to the edges. However, please beware of the safe lines on the banner design template, as any images placed outside the safe line might be subject to stitches or trimming. Be sure to place your logo and all important contents inside the safe lines.

16. What is the benefit of buying Custom Fabric Banners?

Customized Banners are one of our best sellers. With no size limitations and exceptional print quality these banners provide a high end look that is great for indoor advertising and elegant backdrop displays.

17. What materials are Customizable Banners printed on?

We have several material options to choose from: vinyl, fabric, mesh, heavy duty vinyl, and premium fabric. All options are available single or double-sided.

18. How much do Custom Printed Banners cost?

Single-Sided Banners start at $49.00 for a 4ft x 4ft Vinyl banner and $69 for a 4ft x 4ft Fabric Banner.

19. What are the benefits of custom mesh banners?

Mesh banners offer optimal airflow and partial privacy due to their perforated design, making them ideal for windy locations and construction site fencing. They are durable, cost-effective, and versatile for large-scale advertising on buildings, with easy installation features like grommets and pole pockets.