Flag Banner Wind Speed Test Results

Our flag banners have been developed for outdoor use in strong winds. Custom Feather Flags passed all the quality checks performed after the test without showing any damage. This positively certifies that they are among the strongest flag banners available. For more information how to prolong the life of your flag banners, pleae se visit our: Guidelines for Flag Banner

This info applies to the following banners: 
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Aviation Grade Fiberglass Poles
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Aviation Grade Fiberglass Poles
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Single side banner withstands wind speeds of 46 mph (windforce 8), also stable in excess of wind force 10 (62 mph) Double side banner is strong enough to be flown in winds up to force 8

Predesign Basic Fiberglass & Aluminum Poles

Single side banner withstands wind speeds of 32 mph (wind force 6) without showing any damage. Double side banner manages a moderate breeze (wind force 3) which is understood to be a fair standard under test conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I read the wind force ?
A: The Beaufort Wind Force Chart on the right shows you the knots per meter/sec. For more information, check out this Wikipedia page regarding the Beaufort Scale

Q: What's the most wind a feather flag can withstand?
A: Our flags can withstand up to a wind force of 11 - 12 or 72-82  mph. Our poles are made to be flexible in the most severe weather conditions.  

Q: It can be very windy where I'm located, do you have any recommendations for the wind in my area?
A: Our flags are durable enough for most areas. If your area is very windy and prone to hurricanes we reccommend our feather flags. We also offer several options for specialty bases. Such as a heavy duty metal square base, plastic water base, ground drill base and more.

Q: Does the shape and size of the flag matter regarding wind speed?
A:Yes, the bigger your flag, the more wind damage they will experience. Teardrop flags are the most susceptible to wind damage, due it its shape versus the wind. While our feather flags can withstand the most wind force.

Q: Does single or double sided effect the durablity of the poles?
A: While our Double-Sided flags are very durable, due to 3 layer construction, they may cause the poles to bend more due to its weight. Single-sided flag banners are lighter in weight, and can endure more pressure from the wind.