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Pop Up A-Frame Banners (Oval)

Eye-catching but sophisticated, double-sided, collapsible for easy carrying and storage. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Key Information

  • Size (Small): 24.4” (62 cm) x 49.6” (126 cm)
  • Size (Medium): 25.6” (65 cm) x 63” (160 cm)
  • Size (Large): 39.3” (100 cm) x 78.7” (200 cm)
  • Material: Premium Outdoor Nylon, Fiberglass and Steel
  • Printing: Full Color Digital Printing
  • Warranty: Limited 12 Months
  • Weight: 3-6 Ibs
  • Packaging Size: 20-40" Diameter, 1-2" Thick
  • Quantity Discounts

    1 - 6
    7 - 20
    21 - 50
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    Oval Outdoor Pop Up Banners

    Outdoor Pop Up Banners Oval

     Package Includes:
    - Fully custom, full-color graphic
    - Frame
    - Free Carrying Bag
    - Free Ground Nails x 4

    Products Features:
    - Beautiful large bright display
    - High-quality lightweight fiberglass frames, pop out by itself.
    - Free padded carrying Bag and ground nails


    1. How To Fold A Oval Pop Out Banner?
    People find it is quite difficult to fold back a pop out banner sometimes. In general, there are 2 ways to fold back. Double-folded and Tri-folded. Please find the detailed instruction by clicking the fold method.
    Step 1: First fold the Pop Up A-frame Banner in half
    Step 2: Use your hands or knee to keep the lower part in place, then Twist the top of the upper part, to form a small circle on the top of the upper half of the banner.
    Step 3: Push the small circle into the center of the upper half, now the pop up banner has been folded into 3-folded.
    Step 4: Even out the 3 circles, hold the folded banner firmly, and place back into the carrying bag.
    Please handle your Outdoor pop out banner with care, as the lightweight fiberglass frame could be damaged by force.

    2. How do I prevent my outdoor Pop Up A-Frame Banners from being blown away?
    Since Pop Up A-frame Banners are so frequently used outdoors, they each come with 4 ground nails that can be used to secure them in place when used on soft surfaces such as grass, snow, or soil.
    When used on hard surfaces, sandbags or other types of weight can be hiddenly placed in between the front and back side to keep them in place.

    3. Can Pop Up A-Frame Banners be used indoors and outdoors?
    Pop Up A-Frame Banners can be used safely both indoors and outdoors.

    4. How long can a frequently used Pop Out Banners last?
    Portable Pop Out Banners can last 2-3 years if they have been properly taken down and stored in the carrying bag.

    Looking for eye-catching but sophisticated banner signs on your ground / floor? These collapsible, A frame Pop-up Banner signs are the perfect match for you. Here are some highlights:

    • High quality, vibrant, full color customized graphics.

    • Variable shapes to choose: Oval, round or egg shape, and more.

    • You can also choose from Double-sided or Single sided.

    • Easy to adjust and add extra weight. Velcro distance strip, galvanized steel stakes are included.

    • Designed to withhold moderate weather conditions. Super lightweight (2-3 Ibs each) but durable, UV and weatherproof.

    • Kit includes: Full-color digital printed banners, galvanized steel stakes and free carrying bag.

    • Ideal for golf courses, sports field, shows, outdoor or beach events, also great for tourists attraction / direction.

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