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Lush Banners has been fortunate enough to work with many military and government organizations such as US Air Force, US Army, US Navy, National Parks & Recreation, FBI, Fire Departments, Police Departments, and NASA Space Center on promotional display management for over a decade. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to help you reach your marketing and promotional goals.

Military and Government marketing display products are perfect for community centers, city halls, police departments, military bases, public events and more. Display products are vital to improving city life when it comes to providing information on public transportation, services for citizens or tourists, highlighting upcoming events, and showcase city pride. Military branches utilize these products very similarly when it comes to directional signage, showcasing military pride, and branding for recruiting events. Key products that have been utilized within the industry are Retractable Banners, Pole Banners, Custom Canopies, Feather Banners, and Custom Large Flags. Whatever your marketing and promotional goal is, we are here to help you achieve maximum visibility.


Client:Major city within the United States of America


Find a vendor that provides high quality products within a reasonable budget for both indoor and outdoor marketing goals. Would need to work on a PO payment system where payment is issued after going through an approval process.


Lush Banners motto is “High Quality, On Time, On Budget”. We make that promise to each and every customer, and take pride in finding a solution to each indoor and outdoor challenge.

Outdoor Solution:Pole Banners were used throughout the city to capture the attention of drivers and bring unity to shopping areas and neighborhoods. This also served as the perfect solution to promote upcoming events, parades, and community events. The pole banners were designed to be changed seasonally and ordered in bulk quantities to take advantage of large quantity discounts.

Indoor Solutions:Retractable Banners were ordered as both informational and promotional tools. The City utilized this product at the entrance of every public building to inform the public of the services available. Additionally, several banners were made to promote public events throughout the year including movie nights at town center, 4th of July parade and firework information, and several other events.


The city was able to get the best deal on the market combining professional design and high quality products. Our design team was able to beautifully design all product solutions including color matching and adding the city logo for free. Once key products were selected and approved, our production team started right away, and we were able to deliver outstanding products on time.


Retractable Banners, also called roll up or pull up banner stands, have a spring roller mechanism that retracts the banner into the base of the stand when it's not in use, to protect the printed banner. These are the most popular type of banner stands for indoor use as they are the easiest to set up and take down. Lush Banners intensively tested out our vinyl and fabric printing media to make sure they look vibrant and stay flat. We also provide a double-sided, tension adjustable and graphic interchangeable version to suit your every need. This product is great for special events and other short-term use such as welcome centers, promoting community events, displaying information regarding services provided, marketing enrollment information, and much more.


Poles banners are heavy duty vinyl or fabric banners for outdoor displays that are custom made for street poles or light poles. Also known as Avenue Banners or Boulevard Banners in the United States, pole banner flags can be hung one side of the pole or on both sides as set, all while being space-saving and elegant. This product is especially suited for parking lots, streets, or throughout the community on light poles. Pole Banners are a great way to brand your city, promote events, and showcase military pride. Next time you’re driving around the streets in town, take a look at the street lights. It isn’t uncommon for a city or community to decorate the poles with banners indicating the town name with seasonal artwork. Military bases often use this product to highlight academies, branch logos and the American flag.


Custom canopy tents are an overall best seller to advertise and showcase. These are a staple item for all outdoor events thanks to their large size and durability. Our customizable canopy is made of commercial-grade aluminum and heavy-duty outdoor oxford cloth. You can easily set it up within minutes to create a space to promote your government or military organization effortlessly. We often see these designed to be used at public events, recruiting events, used as medical tents, and more . Canopy tents are full color, custom printed, UV resistant and have options that include single or double sided graphics, side panels, back walls, adding on a feather flag or sanitizing station, and more. Due to covid, we saw an increase in custom canopy tents used for medical purposes throughout the nation by both government organizations and military branches. Another popular use is marketing at public events such as air shows, community outreach events, county fairs, and elections. A custom canopy is a great way to provide extra shade, an organized worksite and organization visibility.


Lush Banners has been the industry leader of feather banners for over a decade. You can expect the highest quality feather flags at very affordable prices. We offer pre-designed themes such as “American” and “Political” flags, or you can work with one of our designers to create a completely customized product. These full color, high definition, UV resistant flags are available with single or double-sided printing, and are great marketing tools that truly capture your market's attention with their bright colors and vivid designs. This product is a staple in indoor and outdoor branding with different shape options that include feather, bow, teardrop, or rectangular, and sizes that range 6FT to 17FT. All feather flags come with a free rotating spike base and nylon carry bag. Industry leaders have used this product to display their military branch logo and name, welcome the community to events, and showcase community slogans. We are ready to help bring your vision to life!


Custom flags from Lush Banners are a simple yet effective way to advertise for any industry. All of our custom flags are made from the highest quality 4 oz. polyester material. Each flag is versatile and can be displayed however you want such as flying them on flagpoles, hanging them by wires, or even displaying them on walls or fences. There is no flag too big or too small, we can even create 100FT x 100FT, massive flags for the exterior wall of your building, and helicopter flags. We pride ourselves on providing great quality solutions to your large format marketing needs. All custom flags have multiple finishing options such as free grommets, reinforced strip, sleeve pockets, ropes & d-rings. Former projects for custom flags include military branch logo and name with color matching design, custom city fire department and police department flagpole flags, town anniversary celebration flags and much more. Showcase your great design and let our custom printed outdoor flags do the advertising work for you!


We are proud we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers with over a million high quality products, ranging from Fortune 500 companies and large organizations to many nonprofits and small businesses. Providing you an excellent experience is our top priority! We are committed to constantly improving and growing by offering the most competitive pricing, highest quality products, advance printing and finishing techniques, streamlined websites and much more.

Through our quick online ordering system, you can easily find an instant quote online, place an order in minutes and keep up to date on the status of your order. Our experienced designers and representatives are always available through our online chat service, email or phone: 800-818-3050 to assist you in every step of the ordering process from artwork setup, to order activation and shipping. Also, with high volume international shipping discounts, we are able to ship your trade show displays internationally to any destination directly at a very low cost.

It is our commitment to making your life easier, so take a look around our website and we are sure you will like what you find!