Custom Backdrops

Accessories for Custom Backdrops

Step and Repeat Backdrop Extension Kit

This kit can extend 2ft to the width of your Step and Repeat Banner Stand. The Step and Repeat Backdrop Extension Kit comes with two horizontal extension poles, one horizontal supporting pole, free connectors, and a carrying bag.


Assembly Instructions

Please refer to the specific assembly instructions of your trade show displays or download them from here:

Download Assembly Instructions

Taking Care of Your Custom Backdrops

Spot clean with a damp cleaning cloth or refer to the specific care instructions of your trade show displays.

  • Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach
    Do Not Bleach
  • Care Instructions - Air Dry
    Air Dry
  • Care Instructions - Wash Cold
    Wash Cold
  • Care Instructions - Hang Dry
    Hang Dry
  • Care Instructions - Do Not Iron
    Do Not Iron

Additional Product Info

Common Sizes
5-20ft wide, 3.5-12ft high
Overall Weight
20 - 35 lbs depending on the size and options
Estimated Lifespan
3+ years with proper care and maintenance
Graphic Installation
Pole pockets: Pillowcase with zippers; or velcro strips
Print Material
9oz premium polyester fabric
Print Method
Full-color Digital Printing
Optional Accessories
LED lights, Step and Repeat Backdrop Extension Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I adjust the width and height of Custom Backdrop stands?

Not all of them can be adjusted. Step and Repeat Backdrop Stands come with telescopic poles that can be adjustable, just turn and lock.

2. Can the custom backdrops be used as a photography backdrop?

Yes! With a beautiful background or logos of the sponsors, custom backdrops often can be used as an affordable photo backdrop. The matte fabric is not reflective in nature, so does matte vinyl backdrop.

3. What are the minimum and maximum dimensions of your Step and Repeat Backdrops?

The frame of the step and repeat backdrop is Adjustable Both Vertically and Horizontally, 5ft - 12ft Wide, 3.5ft - 12ft High Adjustable By Telescopic Poles. Also one Extension Kit adds an additional 2 feet to your display, up to 16ft wide.

4. What material are  the banners made of?

9 oz. polyester fabric material, durable, no glare, wrinkle resistant

5. What are the differences between Premium and Standard Custom Backdrops?

Premium custom Backdrops are the best quality backdrops on the market! Normally comes with a hard roller case, Lifetime warranty on hardware, premium 9oz fabric graphic covers all the poles aroundt, shows no poles to the audience. Standard custom Backdrops, on the other hand, the banner is made of regular material with hand hold canvas bags. 12 months warranty.




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