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Thank you for requesting a sample from Lush Banners. We understand that you would like to make your product selection and print as accurate as possible, we are looking forward to providing you with a sample that meets your expectations.

In general, we provide three types of samples:

Option #1: FREE Print Material Samples

We will send print material (fabric or vinyl) samples for free; these are pre-printed color samples that are not customizable.

Option #2: Custom Print Material Samples For Color Matching

We will print the custom design as requested on the print material of your product. Please provide us layered vector format printing files and PMS color codes of your 1-2 most critical colors. To read more about color matching go to General Guidelines Critical Color Match.

Note #1: There is a fee for the printing material and shipping fees. The turnaround time will be 5-10 business days depending on the selection of the product and shipping speed.

Note #2: We may be able to provide a photo of a custom printed sample in 2 business days for free. Please reach out to your designer to discuss if this option is available for your order.

Option #3: Order a Full Sample Kit

If you would like to have a full sample set including all hardware and custom prints, please place an order for one set first. After approval, we will credit back the difference of the quantity discount when you place a large quantity order later.

Example: If you have been quoted an order for 50 quantity of product #1 $100/set, and one set of product #1 sells for $200. To order a full sample kit you will place an order for one set priced at $200 first, after you approve the sample kit and place the remaining order for an additional quantity of 49, we will credit the large order for the $100 quantity price difference.

Submit Sample Request Form

Please fill in the form below and we will respond regarding fees (if any) and turnaround time within 1 business day. Thank you.


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