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Single Sided Kit 03 features two slatwall panels (right/left) and one center graphic panel. Customize your kit with fixtures such as shelves, waterfalls and hooks, or furniture like tables and risers. The center SEG push-fit graphic panel can be effortlessly replaced at any time, allowing you to keep your display up-to-date and on-trend.
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Fully Custom Double-Sided Kit 03 is so flexible! One side includes an SEG graphic panel that allows for color, promotion and messaging; six shelves are included. The other side is open and intended for hanging apparel. This display is an ideal choice for retailers looking to create a visually stunning and efficient display. Six shelves included in this kit!
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Fully Custom Gondola Kit 01 is a merchandising mecca that is versatile and durable. The easy-to-assemble base kit features eight push-fit graphic panels and a double-sided slatwall panel. This kit provides the flexibility to customize with optional shelving, hooks, and other fixtures to create an attractive and functional retail display.
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Fully Custom 4-Sided Tower Kit 02 is a cutting-edge retail merchandising display tower that uses silicone-edge graphics on all four sides and can be adorned with fixtures such as shelves or hang bars. The top header allows branding to be prominently displayed for maximum visibility.
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Fully Custom Nesting Table 01 is a perfect addition to any space. The sturdy metal frame provides excellent support and stability, while the elegant wooden tabletops add a touch of warmth and sophistication to any room. SEG push-fit fabric graphics are fantastic options for each side and provide a creative way to show branding, messaging, and color. Retail Nesting Table 01 slides over Nesting Table 02; the nesting feature makes the tables versatile and the sleek design makes them ideal for any space.
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