Lush Banners has been fortunate enough to work with many churches, cathedrals, ministries and religious organizations on promotional display management for over a decade. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to help you reach your display goals.

Churches big and small have all trusted Lush Banners with their display products. Key products that have been utilized within the industry are the Pole Banners, Feather Banners, Retractable Banners, and Table Covers. Whatever your branding goal is, we are here to help you achieve maximum visibility.


Client: Major church organization with several locations including international branches.

Challenge: Looking for a quality vendor who can ship to multiple locations including international shipments. 

Solution: Lush Banners is able to provide a large variety of product solutions and ship a single order to multiple addresses, including international. 

Outdoor Solution: Our most popular outdoor solution for religious organizations are the Pole Banners. We provide high-resolution double-sided printing available on multiple material options. Premium 23oz UV printed heavy duty fade resistant vinyl, combined with full color UV-proof digital printing, produces an outstanding vivid graphic that will welcome your congregation or highlight a special event. These can also be used to highlight guest parking or special events. Our client ordered the double-sided dual set of Pole Banners with their church colors and logo on one side, and used the other side to highlight service times or a welcome message.

Indoor Solutions: Retractable banners are a top choice for churches. This product is an affordable option that offers a high quality aluminum frame and full color graphics. It is both easy to set up and take down, and all retractable banners come with a free carrying bag or case to protect your product. The Premium 60 Inch Silverstep Retractable Backdrop was purchased by this specific client to announce holiday service times. The high resolution digital printing showcased the theme of the holiday service, special guests, and upcoming dates and times. Design details included a fun holiday background with the church logo featured at the top, finished with a font that stood out to ensure all guests knew all the details.

Results: The client was able to purchase all the display products and signs they were seeking in one spot, and have it shipped to multiple locations by working with a single vendor. The church saw an increase in new guests among all branches which generated additional donations to fund upcoming events.  

Pre-Design Feather Flags

Lush Banners has been the industry leader of feather banners for over a decade. You can expect the highest quality pre-designed feather flags at very affordable prices in both English and Spanish. Our Religious Feather Flags showcase “Bible Study”, “Sunday Service”, “Welcome”, “Worship with us”, and several other options. These kits are made for quick order, easy to install, and we have many beautiful options to choose from. This product is a great way to capture guests' attention from the roadway and draw them to your church or temple.


Poles banners are heavy duty vinyl or fabric banners for outdoor displays that are custom made for street poles or light poles. Also known as Avenue Banners or Boulevard Banners in the United States, pole banner flags can be hung one side of the pole or on both sides as set, all while being space-saving and elegant. This product is especially suited for parking lots, streets, or throughout a church campus on light poles.  Pole Banners are a great way to brand your religious organization, promote events, and even mark different areas if you have a visitor parking area or school onsite.  It isn’t rare to see a large organization color code different areas of the campus; for example banners that have a red background are for visitor parking, banners with a yellow background represent Sunday School classes, and banners with blue backgrounds represent a Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall.

Feather Banners

Feather Banners, or Feather Flags, are the most simple and effective way to attract attention indoors and outdoors for churches, cathedrals, temples, mosques, or other places of worship.  The most common use for this product is to brand their organization, welcome members to their place of worship, or to mark specific events such as Easter, Christmas, Hanukkah, and more.  These tall signs are made up of a flag stand and custom flag with pole pocket.  It is durable, UV safe and easy to install.  Feather flags are also known as swooper flags, sail flags or flutter flags as they move with the wind. Lush Banners has been the industry leader of feather banners for over a decade and you can expect the highest quality custom feather flags at a very affordable price in many sizes.

Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners, also called roll up or pull up banner stands, have a spring roller mechanism that retracts the banner into the base of the stand when it's not in use, to protect the printed banner. These are the most popular type of banner stands for indoor use as they are the easiest to set up and take down. Lush Banners intensively tested out our vinyl and fabric printing media to make sure they look vibrant and stay flat. We also provide a double-sided, tension adjustable and graphic interchangeable version to suit your every need.   This product is great for special events and other short-term use such as summer camps, food and toy drives, Diwali, Obon, Passover, Ramadan, and more..  

Table Covers

Scratch, wrinkle and water resistant, Lush Banners specializes in high quality full color custom printed Table Covers. This is a great way to brand your church or organization at a Welcome table, at an outreach event in the community, or at any promotional area.  Standard, fitted or stretch options available.  Also known as Custom Tablecloths, a great custom table cover with your custom logo can help improve a company’s presentation at not only trade shows, also business conventions, hotel events, job fairs, storefronts, farmers’ markets, and much more. 

We are proud we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers with over a million high quality products, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, large organizations to many nonprofits and small businesses. Providing you an excellent experience is our top priority!  We are committed to constantly improving and growing by offering the most competitive pricing, highest quality products, advance printing and finishing techniques, streamlined websites and much more.

Through our quick online ordering system, you can easily find an instant quote online, place an order in minutes and keep up to date on the status of your order. Our experienced designers and representatives are always available through our online chat service, email or phone: 800-818-3050 to assist you in every step of the ordering process from artwork setup, to order activation and shipping.  Also, with high volume international shipping discounts, we are able to ship your trade show displays internationally to any destination directly at a very low cost. It is our commitment to making your life easier, so take a look around our website and we are sure you will like what you find!