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13.5ft Custom Feather Banners

Our most popular size! 13.5ft feather flags are great for promoting businesses on high traffic streets or freeways, outdoor sports, church events etc.

Key Information

  • Banner Size: 133h x 32.5w inches
  • Poles: Heavy Duty Fiberglass
  • Fabric: Premium Outdoor Polyester
  • Printing: Full Color High Resolution
  • Inks: Water & UV proof inks
  • Base: Chrome Steel
  • Warranty-Hardware: Limited Lifetime
  • Warranty-Banner: 12 months
  • Packaging Size: 60 x 8.5 x 5 Inches
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs
  • Quantity Discounts

    1 - 2
    3 - 5
    6 - 10
    11 - 20
    21 - 40
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    Large Custom Feather Banners

    Package Includes:

    - Aviation grade fiberglass poles 
    - Fabric flag
    - Full color, high-resolution digital printing
    - Free spike base
    - Free padded carrying bag 

    Product Features:
    - Aviation grade fiberglass poles with a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects
    - Heavy-duty steel base with premium ball bearing 
    - Full color, high-resolution digital printing, waterproof and UV safe
    - Premium polyester fabric, wrinkle-free

    Think for a moment. What does a flag mean to you? Undoubtedly, you will come up with ideas that include patriotism, warnings, signals, markers, and identities. Then you may think of the different places you would see then such as businesses, schools, and government agencies.  Regardless of what you think of we can all agree that flags capture attention.  
    Because the flag is perhaps one of the best methods for attracting attention, it is, therefore, an outstanding advertising method. Thus, the use of single-sided feather banners, feather flags and the ultimate 13.5ft feather flags, along with the proper banner stands, can become excellent advertising tools for the organization, business or special group. 
    A 13.5ft feather flag is more than four yards long. A 13.5ft feather flag, displayed in the proper manner, is going to attract attention. When you attract attention, you attract customers, and you create a connection between your service or product and the image of the flag. 
    The flag waving in the wind is the most common image we have about flags. However, different flags can project various images depending on the type of banner stands and the particular flag that is being used. The flags can include the single-sided feather banners, feather flags, and of course the 13.5ft feather flags. In some cases, the flag will best be displayed on one of the available banner stands. 
    The banner stands are guaranteed for life and can be used in multiple ways. The 13.5ft feather flags can also be used in many ways. 
    The 13.5ft feather banners are best used for outdoor sporting events, church activities, weekly events, store openings, trade shows, community events, and outlets at different venues where the purpose is to identify the area and to attract attention by creating a relationship between the flag and the event. 
    All the products, the single-sided feather banners, feather flags, and the 13.5ft feather flags can be printed to meet your particular needs. All the flags and banners are reusable. 
    The banners can be custom printed in vivid colors to meet the customer's individual needs. A 13.5ft flag is going to attract attention. That same flag with a company logo, company colors, or slogan, will create a connection between the business or organization and the consumers for many years. 
    A 13.5ft feather banner can be visible up to three city blocks. The flags are designed with premium full-color digital printing and are waterproof and use ultra-violet proof inks. These banners are not going to fade in the summer. 
    As a customer, you are involved in the process of designing the flag you need including the single-sided feather banners, feather flags and the 13.5ft feather flags. You tell the company what you want, and you will receive a free artwork print before the flag or flags are produced. 
    The larger flags are ideal for retail sales, trade shows, and events and other similar activities. These flags attract attention, and when you attract attention, you attract people, who will either become immediate customers or future customers. 
    With the flag drawing their attention to the store, you can provide the literature, flyers, samples, or whatever you wish to use to keep that image in their minds and turn them into repeat customers. 
    The banner stands offer several options for placement of the different types of flags and banners. Other advertising venues are necessary, but those methods can be expensive. They should not be ignored, but if the budget is limited, the 13.5ft flag gives you a visual image and something that people will talk about, thus, enhancing the primary advertising principle of word of mouth. 

    Product Questions & Answers

    Q: Hello, are you able to tell us what the diameter is of the flags please? We already have a base and we want to know if it fits. Thanks!

    Asked by: Sally Lee - 2/20/2020
    A: Hi there, the outside diameter of the pole is .08"-1", while the inside diameter is 0.67". There is also a detail image with the sizing in the product detail images for easier reference.
    Was this answer helpful?  0 of 0 Customer(s) found this Answer helpful.
    Answer provided by: Vanessa (2/20/2020)

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