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6.5ft feather flags, the smallest feather flags are streamlined and attention drawing, best for indoor promotion and outdoor wall display.
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Our 8ft feather flags are aimed at attracting attention. Best for indoor and outdoor trade shows and storefront advertising.
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Medium size feather flag. A perfect banner for both indoor and outdoor events.
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Popular size 13.5ft feather flags are great for promoting businesses on high traffic streets or freeways, outdoor sports, church events etc.
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Large enough to easily grab attention! 17ft Feather Banners are great for promotion along highways, high-traffic streets & sports fields.
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Accessories For Feather Banners

Replacement Poles Full Set For Feather Flag Banners

Flag Replacement Poles - Full Set

Choose any size of our replacement pole sets for the Feather, Teardrop, and Bowhead Banners, with optional bases available, a free tension cord is included.

Replacement Base Pole For Feather Flag Banners

Flag Replacement Poles - Base Pole Only

Fiberglass replacement base pole (the biggest bottom pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners. Free tension cord and same-day shipping are included.

Sandbags For Feather Flag Banners

Flag Banner Sandbag

Optional sandbags for teardrop, feather, and bowhead banner stands can be used with any cross or flat base. 12-month warranty, and same-day shipping.

Flag Banner Holder for Canopy

Flag Holder for Canopy Tents

Attract many potential customers at your next outdoor event by promoting your products, services, or brand with a feather flag alongside your event canopy tent.

Flag Banner Travel Bags

Flag Banner Travel Bags

High-quality padded canvas travel bag, crafted to accommodate Feather, Teardrop, Bowhead, and Rectangular flag banners. Individual slots are tailored to store bases, poles, and fabric flags

How to Assemble Feather Flag Banners

How to Assemble Feather Flag Banners

Banners are made to be easy to assemble. Start by assembling all your materials and make sure you give yourself enough room. Connect all the poles one by one, from the thickest to the thinnest. Insert the connecting pole into the sleeve of the fabric feather banner until the rod tip reaches the double-stitched sleeve end. After you’ve secured the feather banner to the pole, use the tension rod and tie the loop and hooks tightly. The last step is to insert the feather banner and pole into the base.

Download Feather Banner Assembly Instructions

Taking Care of Your Feather Banners

Though we are confident you’ll be able to use your feather banners for years to come, it’s important to make sure you install and take care of your feather flag banners correctly. They are machine washable but should not be ironed or machine-dried.

How to avoid the common installation and maintenance mistakes

For more info regarding how to avoid common installation and maintenance errors, click here

  • Care Instructions - Do Not Bleach
    Do Not Bleach
  • Care Instructions - Air Dry
    Air Dry
  • Care Instructions - Wash Cold
    Wash Cold
  • Care Instructions - Hang Dry
    Hang Dry
  • Care Instructions - Do Not Iron
    Do Not Iron

Additional Info About Our Feather Fag Banners

Common Sizes
1.7 - 3 ft wide, 6.5 - 17ft high
Overall Weight
10 - 45 lbs depending on the size and options
Estimated Lifespan
5+ years on fiberglass poles, 1+ year outdoor / 3+ years indoor on printed flag with proper care and maintenance
Graphic Installation
Flag sleeve, tension cords or hook
Print Material
4oz premium polyester flag fabric, 6oz silver block out layer in between for double-sided
Print Method
Full-color dye-sublimation digital printing
Optional Accessories
Exchangeable specialty bases

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long will feather banners last?

Our banner poles normally last anywhere between 3-10 years, while flags could last from 1-3 years, depending on how well you take care of them, the UV exposure, and the local climate. We recommend refreshing your design and fabric banners when you need the flags to look fresh again. Please check our warranty and returns section for more information.

2. Will my printed fabric banner fabric fade?

Due to UV exposure, fabric banner colors will eventually fade. It depends majorly on the UV exposure of your area, and the colours on the banner, specifically darker colours like black, deep red, and dark blue backgrounds, will fade faster than designs with lighter colours. White, light blue, and yellow don’t fade in the sun as quickly. For more detailed info, please check here.

3. What are the differences between the Flag, Teardrop, and Bowhead Banners?

Great question! Flag banners are a more generalized term. No matter the shapes, Feather banners, teardrop banners, bowhead banners, and rectangular flag banners all fall into this big category.

While feather banners have a beautiful streamlined bottom shape like feathers, the bowhead has angled, straight, and concave bottom options.

A Teardrop banner is a unique flag banner with a distinctive teardrop shape. Bowhead banners are similar to feather banners but have 3 different bottom shapes.

4. Will my design cover the entire flag or just a portion of it?

We’ll print to the very edge to achieve a “wide-screen” effect, except for one-day printing, where the pole pockets portion will be covered by black or white canvas for speed production. Please check our printing techniques for more about how the feather banner design process works.

5. Are your banners fireproof?

Though our banners are highly resistant to heat, most of our polyester products will melt and burn if they come in contact with flames. We recommend keeping all of your feather banners away from sparks or flames. Click here, for more information about our fabric certifications.

6. Are the flag poles interchangeable between different banner sizes?

Each feather banner pole is designed to support one single-sized feather banner. A large banner pole is thicker and will not accommodate a small or medium banner, and vice versa. Make sure you match the size of your feather banner with the correct pole size. Let us know if you have questions or need to order extra banners or replacement poles.

7. Can I have different images of double-sided feather banners on the front and back?

Yes! You can choose to design one side or both so that the sides are the same or both sides are different. Be sure to select the Double-Sided Printing (3 Layers) options when you select product options.

8. What can we see on the back of a single-sided banner?

If you choose to print a single-sided feather banner, please know that to save you time and money, the design is bled through rather than printed on the backside. This means that though you can see the design on the other side, it will be mirrored, and the text is not readable. If you want the same message to appear perfectly on both sides, you must select the double-sided option.

9. What are “Best Feather Banners”? How do they compare to “Cheap / Low Quality” ones?

Poles and Accessories: The best feather banners start with commercial full fiberglass poles, which are the most durable and flexible on the market for a perfect feather shape presentation.

Printing material: Our feather flag banners are made of outdoor treated polyester fabric that is at least 4oz thick, so they can vividly last 12 months or longer outdoors. Cheap feather banners are made of nylon or thinner fabric and will be worn after a fairly short amount of time, lasting only several months.

Reinforced finishings: The best banners that we make come with pole pockets & tips that are reinforced with oxford cloth or leather strips to improve longevity.

Printing Resolution and Quality: The best ones are digitally printed edge to edge at 720 dpi, bringing out a wide-screen effect. Cheaper banners are made using silk screening and come with a pre-made black or white sleeve. The feather flag banner graphic area will be narrower compared to the best ones

10. What base options do we provide for our Feather Banners?

We provide a range of base options for feather banners so that your advertisement can be displayed anywhere your customers will see it! Some of the popular base options that we provide include:

A. Ground Spike
A ground spike can be used to plant the feather banner in grass, dirt, or soft ground. It is perfect for any outdoor location. Best of all, we provide you with a 30” ground spike, absolutely FREE, with every feather banner purchase.
The ground spike is easy to install; all you need to do is hammer the spike into the ground until it is secure. H hammer the spike past the loose soil layer to keep the feather banner from tipping over.

B. Cross bases with Water Bag
These bases work best on flat and hard surfaces, and they are ideal for indoor use. The Water bags used to hold these down can be inflated when in use. When it is filled, it provides support for about 15 pounds.

C. Heavy Duty Flat-base
Our heavy-duty flat base weighs around 16lbs, so it will keep your feather banner in place, even in strong winds. These bases sit flat on the floor for minimal visibility and do not ruin the look of your advertisement like some bulkier bases do.

D. Cross-Base with ground nails
The Heavy-duty cross-base with ground nails is perfect for use outdoors. It is made from galvanized steel to ensure strong support in all weather conditions.