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Lush Banners has been fortunate enough to work with many large automobile brands on promotional display management for over a decade such as Audi, Jaguar, Volkswagen and Ford. We are dedicated to providing excellent products and services to help you reach your marketing and promotional goals

Did you know that 95% of car sales are made at the dealership? It is clear to most automotive marketers that display marketing is key to bringing in new leads. In the auto industry, signage is imperative in order to attract new potential buyers. Visual advertisements that move, or have bold bright colors, draw eyes toward your business and promote brand awareness. Key products that have been utilized within the industry are the Pole Banners, Canopy Tents, Flag Banners, Tension Fabric Displays, Fabric Stands, and Retractable Banner Stands. These products will lead to more customer traffic, which generates higher sales. Whatever your marketing goal is, we are here to help you achieve maximum visibility.



Client: A Luxury World Renowned Automobile Brand

Challenge: Find the best quality promotional display products to reflect the product quality and sense of leading the trend in the industry.

Solution: Our designers color matched all unique colors of the brand with ultra high definition 720 dpi printing and selected premium product models.

Outdoor Solution: Pole Banners - 20oz UV printed fade proof vinyl with high-resolution double-sided printing. Teardrop Banners - Extra large 14’ double-sided with a deep black background to showcase a luxurious feel and welcome buyers in.

Indoor Solutions: Curved 15Ft Premium Tension Fabric Display - To showcase the elegance, modern and minimalist feel with a product that is a space saver for the showroom floor.

Results: Long lasting high quality graphics that last 2-4 years. 60% increased ROI. Significant increase in walk-in traffic.


Pole Banners aka Light Pole Banners are a dealership staple. They are easy to read day or night, and attract your clients from the freeway. We print our double-sided banners on 20oz extra heavy duty vinyl to make sure your custom pole banners are durable. Unlike the more common 13oz vinyl on the market, our higher quality pole banners are much thicker and wrinkle free. You can update your custom 20oz vinyl pole banner to UV printed vinyl banners, we use UV LED lights to bake all the colors into places to prevent fading. The colors of UV Printed Vinyl Pole Banners are more vivid with a more 3D look and they last from 2-4 years longer than the average vinyl pole banners. An excellent choice for locations that are not able to easily change graphics. For our fabric banners, we print on 2 layers of premium 9oz silverback polyester fabric. Compared to vinyl pole banners, fabric pole banners have a more premium look while having more flexibility to withhold extreme weather conditions. We provide a free grommets option for all of our pole banner orders. You can add the banner to the bracket using zip ties. It is an optional feature to prevent your banners from blowing away. This product can be hung on one side of the light pole, or both sides as a set, all while being space-saving and elegant.


The custom pop up tent has always been a customer favorite to advertise and showcase. This product is perfect for any outdoor event such as a summer race or local community engagement opportunities. Our canopies are UV / water proof and flame retardant with commercial grade aluminum frames. This all comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, a Free Rolling Travel Bag, Stakes, Ropes, Easy Pop Up Design, a Self lock and a Quick Release Mechanism. We believe no more words are needed to describe a perfect outdoor solution for your outdoor events! Sizes range from 5’x5’ all the way up to 20’x20’. Each canopy tent has several customizable options including; custom printed tent walls, side panels, tent doors or windows, awning kits, feather flags and more.


Feather Banners or Feather Flags are the most simple and effective way to attract attention indoor and outdoor for dealerships, businesses and events. These tall signs are made up of a flag stand and custom flag with pole pocket. It is durable, UV safe and easy to install. Feather flags are also known as swooper flags, sail flags or flutter flags. Lush Banners has been the industry leader of feather banners for over a decade. You can expect the highest quality custom feather flags at a very affordable price in many sizes. We also have a wide variety of pre-designed auto flags that highlight key aspects of your business such as “Auto Repair”, “Parking”, “Oil Change” and more.


Elegant Tension Fabric Displays are known for their lightweight frame and vibrant seamless presentation. Also called fabric exhibition stands, fabric tube displays, or wave tube displays, the frames of these tension fabric displays are easy to assemble with snap-click poles as your custom printed graphic slides over the frame. This latest trend in displays allows your company to create many different shapes and sizes, and is perfect for any showroom floor or staging for a new car launch. The popular Tension Fabric Display Circles also double as a privacy barrier for discussing contract details with your clients.


Fabric Stands are a practical and long-lasting solution. With the many different kinds of stand designs on the market, our company's stands are built with high quality materials that will highlight your displaying materials. Some of our options range from the retractable banner stand, the classic banner stand, and our outdoor banner stands. Whether you are highlighting an event, promoting custom auto options, or showcasing additional dealership services, these roll up banner stands make the perfect statement. These high selling products are one of our best sellers among our auto industry clients. In general, these stands are portable, affordable, and are light in weight for easy carrying, all with a complimentary carrying case.

Retractable Banners, also called roll up or pull up banner stands, have a spring roller mechanism that retracts the banner into the base of the stand when it's not in use, to protect the printed banner. These are the most popular type of banner stands for indoor use as they are the easiest to set up and take down. Lush Banners intensively tested out our vinyl and fabric printing media to make sure they look vibrant and stay flat. We also provide a double-sided, tension adjustable and graphic interchangeable version to suit your every need. This product is great for quick promotions, meetings, special events, or any other short-term use.

Lush Banners has been the industry leader of feather banners for over a decade. You can expect the highest quality pre-designed feather flags at very affordable prices in both English and Spanish. Our Auto Feather Flags showcase “Auto Repair”, “Parking”, “Oil Change”, and several other options. These kits are made for quick order, easy to install, and we have many beautiful options to choose from. This product is a great way to capture clients' attention from the roadway and draw them to dealership.

We are proud we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers with over a million high quality products, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, large organizations to many nonprofits and small businesses. Providing you an excellent experience is our top priority! We are committed to constantly improving and growing by offering the most competitive pricing, highest quality products, advance printing and finishing techniques, streamlined websites and much more.

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