UV-Proof Printing & Color Fading


What is UV-Proof Printing? Is it permanent?

Premium UV-resistant inks are commonly used for outdoors products like feather banners and custom canopy tents. which prevent printed graphics from fading. As a common industry standard, UV-Proof Printing refers to protect graphics as long as the outdoor UV index is lower than 7, for at least 12 months. Due to the nature of UV exposure, the printed colors will eventually fade over time at different speed & rate.

What is UV Resistant Ink?

A type of ink used with digital systems that are resistant to the harsh effects of prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light. The inks used for ink-jet systems are created with dyes, which tend to fade under repeated exposure to the ultraviolet rays of sunlight. Ink-jet dyes are constantly being improved to increase fade resistance under UV light.

Factors that Affect the Color Fading

Major Factor 01: UV Exposure

The higher the UV Index in your area, the quicker the colors will fade. For high exposure areas, change the graphic every 6-8 months are recommended.

Major Factor 02: Main Color of Your Design

The darker the color goes, the quicker they fade due to greater UV exposure. From our experiences, Black, Dark Red, Deep Blue or Green tend to fade quicker than other colors. If fading is one of your major concerns, please design your displays with lighter colors.

Other Factors:

Other factors include constant raining or acid rains will affect the colors negatively; The hours exposed to direct sunlight daily etc.

Definition of UV Index(From World Health Organization)

The levels of UV radiation and therefore the values of the index vary throughout the day. In reporting the UVI, most emphasis is placed on the maximum UV level on a given day. This occurs during the four-hour period around solar noon. Depending on geographical location and whether daylight saving time is applied, solar noon takes place between noon and 2 p.m. The media usually present a forecast of the maximum UV level for the following day.


Exposure Category UV indexLush Banners UV-Proof Warranty (12 Months)
Very High8-10No

UV Proof Printing

Monthly UV levels in The U.S.(From United States Environmental Protection Agency)

Here is a quick way to check for outdoor UV levels in your location.

UV Level - January

UV Chart for January


UV Level - February

UV Chart for February


UV Level - March

UV Chart for March


UV Level - April

UV Chart for April


UV Level - May

UV Chart for May


UV Level - June

UV Chart for June


UV Level - July

UV Chart for July


UV Level - August

UV Chart for August


UV Level - September


UV Level - October

UV Chart for October


UV Level - November

UV Chart for November


UV Level - December

UV Chart for December