Retractable Backdrops

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Popular 8ft Retractable Backdrop for trade show and easy set up environment. High resolution Vinyl or Fabric Graphic. Magnetic frame connecter design to expand the 10ft backdrop by connecting multiple 2ft, 4ft or 8ft magnetic retractable backdrop side by side. Lifetime Warranty. Free carrying case.
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48 Inches wide Banner Stands. Standard simple banner base profile. Good for either trade show or long-term displays.
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The Silverstep Retractable Wide Banner (Premium 48 Inches) gain the edges by a wide diaplay banner with a sleek silverstep base. 48" wide with 3 popular height 60", 80" and 92". Free silver grey carrying case
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The widest Silverstep Retractable Wide Banner (Premium 60 Inches) highlight itself by the extra 60' wide graphic. 3 popular height 69", 80" and 92". Double supporting pole. Free silver grey carrying case.
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