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Feather Banners

Custom Feather Flags

The Best custom Feather Flags | Custom Feather Banners on the market! Also be called Swooper Flags or Fluter Flags. We offer both single and double sided Feather Flags, printed with UV and waterproof inks on premium outdoor polyester. The Feather Flag set comes with heavy duty fiberglass poles with Lifetime Warranty, Free premium spike base and carrying bag. Click a size below for specifications and pricing.

Extra-Small Custom Feather Flags
6.5ft Feather Banners

 6.5ft feather flags, the smallest feather flags are streamlined and attention drawing, best for indoor promotion and outdoor wall display.

As low as $46.00
Small Custom Feather Flags
8ft Feather Banners

Our 8ft feather flags are aimed at attracting attention. Best for indoor and outdoor trade shows and storefront advertising.

As low as $49.00
Medium Custom Feather Flags
10ft Feather Banners

Medium size feather flag. A perfect banner for both indoor and outdoor events.

As low as $50.00
Large Custom Feather Flags
13.5ft Feather Banners

Our most popular size! 13.5ft feather flags are great for promoting businesses on high traffic streets or freeways, outdoor sports, church events etc.

As low as $79.00
Extra Large Custom Feather Flags
17ft Feather Banners

17ft feather flags are large enough to grab a lot of attention!  Great for promotion along highways, high traffic streets and sports fields.

As low as $94.00
Plastic Water Base, Economy
Plastic Water Base - Economy

A quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Plastic Water Base, Premium
Plastic Water Base - Premium

A premium quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Heavy Duty All Metal Square Base

One piece, heavy duty all metal base, 44 Ibs total. Two sizes available.

$99.00 - $188.00
Outdoor Spike Base
Outdoor Spike Base

Outdoor spike bases are a simple and heavy duty. Perfect for grass, soil or sand surfaces.

Spike Base - Non Rotating
Spike Base - Basic

Basic style with less rotating design, good for small size feather, bowhead and teardrop banners.

Spike Base-Heavy Duty Large
Spike Base - Heavy Duty Large

Extra Large and  heavy duty. strong construction, designed for large flag banners and tough outdoor environments

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base - Basic

Cross-base, Basic style with less rotating design, good for small sized teardrop, feather, bowhead and rectangle banners.

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base
Indoor/Outdoor Premium Cross Base w/ Ground Nails

Heavy duty cross-base with ground nails. Can use for  both indoor and outdoor.

Premium Cross Base with water bag
Premium Cross Base w/ Water Bag

High-quality cross base with a mirror chrome finish. Comes with complimentary water bags.

Wall Mount Base for Flags
Wall Mount Base for Flags

Wall mount base for outdoor flags, comes with universal screws that work on various wall surfaces. 

Sand bag
Banner Stand Sand Bag

Optional sand bag for teardrop, feather and bowhead banner stands to be used with cross bases.

feather banner poles
Flag Replacement Poles - Full Set

Choose all sizes of replacement pole set for Feather, Teardrop and Bowhead Banners, options available for bases. Please note the sizes are overall height of the banner stands after assembly.

As low as $27.00
Flag Banner Replacement Base Pole
Flag Replacement Pole - Base Pole Only

Fiberglass replacement base pole (the biggest bottom pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners. Free tension cord.

$18.75 - $30.75
Logo Rescue Service

Rescue your logo from a low-quality file, get a crystal clear high definition logo for large format printing.


Graphic Design
Graphic Design Service

Create an eye-catching design based on your existing ideas with unlimited revisions.


6 Great ideas to create feather flags graphics

Feather flags | Feather banners are an excellent form of advertisement. Also be called Swooper Flags or Fluter Flags. They are tall signs that use a pole and fabric design so they are compact and easy to move. They are usually digitally printed in full color. They range from 6.5  feet to 17 feet tall. Multiple feather banners create a beautiful display that can grab the attention of people passing by.
Feather banners, or feather flags, may be great canvases for advertisements. However, that is all they are. They are just the surface that an advertisement goes on. Feather banner graphics are what make or break a good feather banner. If the graphic on the banner is boring, so is the banner.
Following are six ideas for creating awesome feather banner graphics to put on your feather flags. They will help you bring in more customers because the banners you create will be appealing and exciting. 
1. Simple and Clear Text Messages
When driving down the street you see signs. There are stop signs and caution signs. There are signs that say, "Men at Work." These signs get your attention and they normally get you to do something. You stop when the sign says stop. You drive carefully when you see the caution sign. You watch carefully for people on the side of the road when you know they will be working there. Why do you do this? Because of the bold text on the signs.
Simple but clear text messages
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags
A simple idea for feather design graphics is to just have a simple and clear message using text. Is your business a hair salon? Put "HAIR SALON" on the sign in nice bold letters. Are you having a sale? Get "1/2 OFF SALE" printed on the banner. Since the flags are portable, you can store them when the sale is off and put them back when you do another sale.
This seems like a simple idea. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the ones that work. Just tell your customers who you are and what you are doing in the simplest and boldest form possible.
2. Add Just a Little Color
Now you have your design with some bold text on it. Maybe you made the text white and the background black or another dark color. That is a simple design that works. But what if you add a little more color? What if you add a thick diagonal line of your text color right at the end of the flag? You could try adding a swirl of gold or silver. Pick colors and simple shapes or designs that fit the business or the event.
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags
Every meal deserves a little seasoning to make it that much better. The same goes for designs. Adding a little extra color through shapes and designs can spice up the banner and make it more appealing than just the text. There are times when just the text can work wonders. But even a stop sign has a white border around it to make it stand out more. Your design can do the same with just a few simple additions. You can even use designs with a little more complexity like smoke swirls and liquid drops. They are still simple, but they add a little more flare.
3. Let the Message Stand Out
Your feather flags are looking great. You have some nice bold text. You added a simple shape or two. You may have even picked three colors for your design. Now, what if you want your message to stick out even more? What if you want to make it as obvious as possible? What can you do? A great way to make the message more obvious is to design the background and text to fit the business or event even more.
For example, if you have a shop that buys and sells gold, imagine the words textured to look like real gold. The background could be a nice dark metal look like the old safes used to look like. This would make it obvious that you are in the business of gold and that you are a secure shop.
Let the message stand out
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags
Another example could be if you own a nightclub. You might make banner look like a neon sign. Adding texture or making the text and sign look like other real life objects are great ways of getting your message to stand out from the background. They also make it very obvious what your business provides.
4. Make a Logo Stand Out with Some Color
Remember when you added some simple color and designs to your feather banner graphics to make the text stand out more? Well, that works great with a logo also. 
Imagine you are selling cars. You have a few brands you are selling and you want to use those logos on your flags to make sure people know what you are selling. The problem is that some of those logos can be a bit boring by themselves. Now is a great time to add some designs to fill in some of the space around the logos. Again, it does not have to be anything complex. Simple is almost always the better option.
Make a logo stand out with some color
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags
Try placing the logo in different locations on the banner. If you are advertising a fall sale, try putting some colorful leaf shapes in the blank areas. Maybe you're having a holiday sale and want to use shapes that represent that holiday. 
Another example could be a nail salon. You want to advertise that you sell a specific brand of nail polish. Try adding a curved-glossy-gradient shape to represent a nail painted in one of the colors.
5. A Great Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words
Speaking of nail salons, what if you own a hair salon. You have decided that you want that information in nice and bold letters on your feather banners. So you pick a dark background and put "HAIR SALON" in nice bold white letters. You experiment with adding a few simple designs to the banner. You add some white space under the word "HAIR" and make that word black instead of white. It looks great, but there's something missing. You try different textures but nothing is looking quite right.
A picture is worth a thousand words
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags
Then, you look over at a magazine in your shop and you see a photo of hair. It suddenly hits you. Instead of simple shapes and designs, why not make the dark part of the sign a nice photo of some auburn colored hair. This will make it even more obvious that you are running a hair salon and it might even entice a customer to walk in because they want their hair to look as shiny as the hair in the photo.
A picture really is worth a thousand words, and since space is limited on a feather banner, pictures are invaluable design ideas.
6. Your Customers Have Dreams, Give Them to Them
And sometimes, a picture is worth so much more than a thousand words. Sometimes they can sell a dream to your customers.
For instance, imagine you now own a prom dress shop. You want your feather banner graphics to sell a dream to all of the teenage girls who will be walking by your shop when they are looking for prom dresses. You start with the text. You design it with the words "PROM DRESSES" in nice bold letters. You have added some simple graphics and designs. You've picked out your colors. Everything looks quite pretty about the sign. But it's missing that special something.
You look through photos of teenagers dancing the night away in suits and prom dresses. You pick one that would make every teenage girl swoon. You crop out the background and make that photo the bottom of the banner. When a girl walks by, she'll see her dream of a prom and she'll walk in and buy a prom dress from you. You've just sold her dreams to her by picking a photograph that made her want the dress even more.
Feather banner graphic design
Custom Feather Flags
Custom Feather Flags
That is the whole point behind this idea. If you are a travel agent, pick photographs or images that make your customers want to walk in and buy a ticket to go to a beach resort. If you are a dating service, get a photo of a beautiful couple having a loving kiss. If you are selling cars, pick a photo of someone driving off into the sunset with the top down and a smile on their face. Just make sure you are using photos that you have the right to use. Do not break someone's copyright when picking out your photos.
This is not the end of the ideas. You have probably gotten quite a few ideas of your own while you were reading these. Feel free to play around with the ideas and make them your own. The important thing to remember is that the feather flags get people in your business, but only if they look great.


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