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Teardrop Banners

Teardrop Flags

Teardrop banners & Teardrop Flags feature a unique teardrop shape which is sure to grab everyone's attention! Perfect for displaying your logo or images in large visual area. Our Custom Teardrop Flags are great for supplementing additional items such as our canopies, retractable banners or display booths. For indoor and outdoor use.

Five different sizes to choose from. We offer both single and double sided Teardrop Banners, printed with UV and waterproof inks on premium outdoor polyester. The Tear Flag set comes with heavy duty fiberglass poles with Lifetime Warranty, Free premium spike base and carrying bag. Click a size below for specifications and pricing.

Extra Small Teardrop Flags
6ft Teardrop Banners

Smallest teardrop shaped banner stand,  best for indoor display, wall mounted display and outdoors advertising.

As low as $44.00
Small Teardrop Flags
7ft Teardrop Banners

Small teardrop shaped banner stand, best for indoor display or outdoor storefront advertising.

As low as $49.00
Medium Teardrop Flags
8ft Teardrop Banners

Medium size teardrop banner stand for outdoor and high indoor ceiling use.

As low as $54.00
Large Teardrop Flags
11ft Teardrop Banners

A best seller! This 11ft teardrop banner is perfect for outdoor advertising and events, with enough space for your logo and information

As low as $79.00
Extra Large Teardrop Flags
14ft Teardrop Banners

This 14ft banner stand features a large flying teardrop banner which attracts plenty of attention! Best for freeway and high traffic streets

As low as $90.00
Plastic Water Base, Economy
Plastic Water Base - Economy

A quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Plastic Water Base, Premium
Plastic Water Base - Premium

A premium quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Heavy Duty All Metal Square Base

One piece, heavy duty all metal base, 44 Ibs total. Two sizes available.

$99.00 - $188.00
Outdoor Spike Base
Outdoor Spike Base

Outdoor spike bases are a simple and heavy duty. Perfect for grass, soil or sand surfaces.

Spike Base - Non Rotating
Spike Base - Basic

Basic style with less rotating design, good for small size feather, bowhead and teardrop banners.

Spike Base-Heavy Duty Large
Spike Base - Heavy Duty Large

Extra Large and  heavy duty. strong construction, designed for large flag banners and tough outdoor environments

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base - Basic

Cross-base, Basic style with less rotating design, good for small sized teardrop, feather, bowhead and rectangle banners.

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base
Indoor/Outdoor Premium Cross Base w/ Ground Nails

Heavy duty cross-base with ground nails. Can use for  both indoor and outdoor.

Premium Cross Base with water bag
Premium Cross Base w/ Water Bag

High-quality cross base with a mirror chrome finish. Comes with complimentary water bags.

Wall Mount Base for Flags
Wall Mount Base for Flags

Wall mount base for outdoor flags, comes with universal screws that work on various wall surfaces. 

Sand bag
Banner Stand Sand Bag

Optional sand bag for teardrop, feather and bowhead banner stands to be used with cross bases.

feather banner poles
Flag Replacement Poles - Full Set

Choose all sizes of replacement pole set for Feather, Teardrop and Bowhead Banners, options available for bases. Please note the sizes are overall height of the banner stands after assembly.

As low as $27.00
Flag Banner Replacement Base Pole
Flag Replacement Pole - Base Pole Only

Fiberglass replacement base pole (the biggest bottom pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners. Free tension cord.

$18.75 - $30.75
Logo Rescue Service

Rescue your logo from a low-quality file, get a crystal clear high definition logo for large format printing.


Graphic Design
Graphic Design Service

Create an eye-catching design based on your existing ideas with unlimited revisions.

How Teardrop Banners and Stands Work Best for Advertising or Identifying Product Locations
Every type of indoor or outdoor event needs professional, high-definition graphic displays signs and banners to create visual excitement and informational directions for large numbers of attendees. To assist the professional displays it is important to have independently standing banners, flags and signs that reliably stand securely and solidly to promote the professional quality of the event.
Whether your company is planning a trade show, off-site training seminar, county fair or city event, Teardrop Logo Banners are eye-catching, custom designed and are impressively high-end quality color print. You want maximum impact for your money and you will be amazed at the savings you get without any loss of value in the product.
Because it is important for your print banners to perform professionally, we do not treat our banner and flag stands as an afterthought. These selected stands are made to stand up in most any situation.
With your teardrop flags and banners you receive a choice of one of three stands, for indoor or outdoor display.
SPIKE BASE: easily installed in soft ground, turf and hard packed sand areas, (1.5kg), like grassland or yards.
TIRE BASE: is used for anchoring banners or flags with the wheel of a car parked onto the base-plate (2.5 kg), for example in a parking lot, swap meet or open-house driveway.
HEAVY CROSS-BASE: has additional weight from an included water bag, intended for use on hard standing areas, flooring, cement or asphalt, hard ground surfaces. (3.0kg)
We use heavy duty fiberglass banner poles to provide heavy wind load in high wind conditions.
These Teardrop banner stands support all size Teardrop Banners:
6FT , 7FT, 11FT and 14 FT
Our seven foot and 11.5 foot banners are preferred for indoor events like trade shows and business promotions, but work equally as well for outdoor events. The larger size banners, fourteen feet and up work great in large warehouses and outdoors for church events, carnivals and for roadside advertising.
Teardrop Flag and Banner Stands with our various size teardrop style banners.
Lush Banners has regional offices in the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand and China. We service our client's Teardrop flags, banners and custom advertizing print table-covers needs 12 hours per day on six days a week, Monday - Saturday. 
We provide exceptional display and exhibition equipment like roll-up banner stands, curved pop-up displays, trade show custom displays for indoor or outdoor events, including a wide range of silk screen custom print services in RGB and CMYK colors.
Our professional print graphic custom design services are provided free to our clients. 
We use UV - resistant inks
Full-color dye sublimation
knitted fabrics/polyester silk materials
Teardrop Banners in single or double sided options
Free stand bases in three options
Nylon carry bag to provide protection
Custom Teardrop FlagsCustom Teardrop Flags
Custom Teardrop Flags
Where to Use Teardrop Flags, Banners and Stands:
There are unlimited purposes for these exciting, high definition print banners and flag displays: Fourth of July events, sporting events, college career days or orientations, city events, Farmer's markets, county fairs and industry seminars to name a few. 
We deliver cutting edge print quality results for cost savings prices.
When you order direct from Lush Banners you receive cost savings from our offshore and economies scale business model. We offer high quality printing services and trade show display products through our sophisticated pipeline that delivers thousands of orders weekly. This gives us the edge on offshore competitive costs and we can offer cheaper prices without having to make any production quality sacrifice.


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