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Bowhead Banners

Bow Flags

Looking for additional shape options? Take a look at our unique Bow Flag | Bowhead Banners! These banners are similar to our feather banners but offer 3 different banner bottom options: concave, angled and straight. These options allow for a greater viewing area suits your unique design for maximum impact.

Five different sizes to choose from. We offer both single and double sided Bowhead Banner System, printed with UV and waterproof inks on premium outdoor polyester. The Bowhead Banner set comes with heavy duty fiberglass poles with Lifetime Warranty, Free premium spike base and carrying bag. Click a size below for specifications and pricing.

Extra Small Bow Flags
6.5ft Bowhead Banners

 6.5ft bowhead flags, the smallest bowhead flags are attention drawing, best for indoor promotion and outdoor wall display. 3 different bottom shape options: concave, angled and straight 

As low as $46.00
Small Bow Flags
8ft Bowhead Banners

Small size banner with a large display area, perfect for displaying your logos, images and information. 3 different bottom shape options: concave, angled and straight

As low as $49.00
Medium Bow Flags
10ft Bowhead Banners

Medium sized bowhead banner, good for high ceilings, indoor or outdoor use. 3 different bottom shape options: concave, angled and straight

As low as $50.00
Large Bow Flags
13.5ft Bowhead Banners

Perfect size for storefront promotions and outdoor event displays. The bowhead shape allows for larger display space. 3 different bottom shape options: concave, angled and straight.

As low as $89.00
Extra Large Bow Flags
17ft Bowhead Banners

Impressive, large bowhead banners. Great for displaying alongside the freeway, high traffic streets and large sports fields. 3 different bottom shape options: concave, angled and straight.

As low as $94.00
Plastic Water Base, Economy
Plastic Water Base - Economy

A quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Plastic Water Base, Premium
Plastic Water Base - Premium

A premium quality, heavier plastic base filled with water for windy areas. Foldable legs. Indoor or outdoor use. 

Heavy Duty All Metal Square Base

One piece, heavy duty all metal base, 44 Ibs total. Two sizes available.

$99.00 - $188.00
Outdoor Spike Base
Outdoor Spike Base

Outdoor spike bases are a simple and heavy duty. Perfect for grass, soil or sand surfaces.

Spike Base - Non Rotating
Spike Base - Basic

Basic style with less rotating design, good for small size feather, bowhead and teardrop banners.

Spike Base-Heavy Duty Large
Spike Base - Heavy Duty Large

Extra Large and  heavy duty. strong construction, designed for large flag banners and tough outdoor environments

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base - Basic

Cross-base, Basic style with less rotating design, good for small sized teardrop, feather, bowhead and rectangle banners.

Indoor/Outdoor Cross Base
Indoor/Outdoor Premium Cross Base w/ Ground Nails

Heavy duty cross-base with ground nails. Can use for  both indoor and outdoor.

Premium Cross Base with water bag
Premium Cross Base w/ Water Bag

High-quality cross base with a mirror chrome finish. Comes with complimentary water bags.

Wall Mount Base for Flags
Wall Mount Base for Flags

Wall mount base for outdoor flags, comes with universal screws that work on various wall surfaces. 

Sand bag
Banner Stand Sand Bag

Optional sand bag for teardrop, feather and bowhead banner stands to be used with cross bases.

feather banner poles
Flag Replacement Poles - Full Set

Choose all sizes of replacement pole set for Feather, Teardrop and Bowhead Banners, options available for bases. Please note the sizes are overall height of the banner stands after assembly.

As low as $27.00
Flag Banner Replacement Base Pole
Flag Replacement Pole - Base Pole Only

Fiberglass replacement base pole (the biggest bottom pole) for Feather, Bowhead, or Teardrop flag banners. Free tension cord.

$18.75 - $30.75
Logo Rescue Service

Rescue your logo from a low-quality file, get a crystal clear high definition logo for large format printing.


Graphic Design
Graphic Design Service

Create an eye-catching design based on your existing ideas with unlimited revisions.


Custom Printed Bowhead Banners


Business advertising can be accomplished in many different ways however one of the best would have to be banner advertising. When it comes banner advertising, the most efficient form is the bowhead banner and more specifically, custom printed bowhead banners. This is because bowhead banners provide full-color graphics in the newest design available today.


There is no better way to promote a business than with bowhead banner advertising. Whether it be to advertise a product or service, or to simply advertise an outdoor event, nothing provides more visibility than banners that are shaped like giant colorful bowhead flags. Bowhead banners come in many different standard forms but can also be custom printed to meet most advertising requirements. 


Examples of creative bowhead banner design and artwork

Bow Flags

Bow Flags

Bow Flags

Bow Flags

Bow Flags

Bow Flags



Custom printed bowhead banners are one of the most cost effective ways to advertise a business. They can be purchased for much less than many full sized banners yet they provide just as much visibility as, if not more than, any other banner would provide. This is because of the unique design used to create these amazing bowhead shaped, flag style advertisement banners.


Bowhead flags haven't been around for very long but have recently begun to grow in popularity. This is mainly due to its unusual, yet eye-catching design. A bowhead banner will stand upright and angled so that it can easily catch the wind. They are typically used in multiples as they become even more visible when used as part of a larger group of banners.


There are many business applications that a bowhead banner can be used for. There really are no limitations to its use. In fact, the versatility of this spectacular form of advertising is probably what has caused its phenomenal increase in sales. Purchasing a bowhead banner is a sure-fire way to turn a business around and this fact alone has started a bowhead flag craze.


But the bowhead banner isn't limited to business uses. These colorful banners will make a statement for personal occasions as well. Since they are easily customized, they work just as well for birthday parties, family reunions, or just about any occasion that needs a voice. They are very affordable which makes then easily justifiable even for one time uses. 


Whether for business or for personal use, custom printed bowhead banners provide the perfect amount of advertising when advertising is needed and just the right tone of voice when something needs to be said. In fact, if it needs to be seen or heard, the bowhead banner should be the only thing that comes to mind. Consider using a bowhead flag banner advertisement and enjoy the benefits that come with using the best form of banner advertising available today.


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