Advertising flags have become more popular in recent times due mainly in part to the internet and the rise of globalization. One popular type of advertising flag is the teardrop flag, aptly named for its teardrop-like shape. Teardrop flags are a great way to get noticed, whether someone's at a job fair, a convention, or really anywhere else where there's a booth that needs to draw in curious members of the crowd. However, designing custom teardrop banners takes a bit of thought, and it's important for a company to set out what it wants in advance.


Step 1: Concept

The very first thing a business or individual needs to do is to come up with a few different designs for their teardrop signs. These designs should incorporate text, as well as the use of eye-catching graphics in full color. Black and white banners, while they can be made, don't tend to draw the eye when people are walking past. The goal for banner signs is to pop out and make people walking by stop, not to fade into the background as just one more business in an endless sea of corporations.

Ideally, the design concept of a banner needs to be colorful. It needs to impact the audience, and it needs to be recognizable from far away. Think of it like a book cover; it needs to be something viewers can recognize instantly from a distance. And just like a book cover, passersby will base their judgment of your brand on your teardrop banner, especially if that is their very first impression of your business. The design shouldn't be overly busy, as the different elements will just blend together into a mess. Use simple designs, and contrasting colors to make sure that people see it coming and can easily remember it. Lastly, plan for a double-sided print so that the teardrop signs can be seen either coming or going.


Step 2: Layout

Teardrop Flag Layout

Once the concept has been designed, the next step is to see what it looks like on a custom banner. In many cases, the original idea may have to be modified to fit, or due to the shape of the banner, it may need to be altered slightly. Only once the design has been put onto a banner and the creator has seen a preview should the next step be taken.


Step 3: Sample Printing

Teardrop feather banners should always get a test print to make sure that the finished product looks just like what the customer was expecting. This "test" print needs to be figured into the design budget and timeline, so as to avoid any surprise costs and time waste. Several, individual prints might need to be made before the client is completely satisfied with the appearance of the banners and a bigger, bulk order can be put in if that's necessary.

Once your custom teardrop flag has been printed and the client is satisfied with the way it looks, the process is done for the time being. However, it's important to remember that marketing is a never-ending process and that sooner rather than later it might be time to change up the design to attract more people. On the other hand, if the initial banner is well-received, then that design might become a trademark for the business. There's no reason to upset the balance by changing a good thing, and if the initial banner is all you hoped, then the design should be kept.