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Written By: Ashish Goyal | Digital Marketing Associate
Fact Checked By: Andrea Gibbs | Marketing & Automation Lead + Graphic Designer


What to look for when buying Outdoor & Event Displays?

Outdoor advertising displays are a powerful marketing tool, offering visibility and exposure to a wide audience. Whether you're promoting a product, service, event, or brand, selecting the right outdoor advertising display is crucial for maximizing impact and engagement. Choosing the right outdoor advertising display can be tricky at times. Luckily, our handy guide will help you find the best display for your needs.

What is Outdoor & Event Display?

Outdoor displays are weatherproof branded signs and displays that allow businesses, event organizers and charities to draw attention to themselves in any outdoor space. They can include anything from custom canopy tents, custom market umbrellas, custom flags, custom inflatables, pop-up A frame banners, outdoor banner stands, custom fabric break away banners, pole banners, and custom large container booths.

When buying outdoor displays, there are considerations that need to be made to make sure your displays will be up to the challenge of coping with the weather.

How To Choose?

Planning and setting up for outdoor events presents a unique set of circumstances to consider, like visibility or withstanding the elements.

1. Custom Canopy Tents: Ideal for providing shade in any outdoor events or trade show.

2. Custom Market Umbrellas: Best for providing shade and rain protection. Ideal for commercial use in cafes, restaurants, and outdoor events.

3. Custom Flag Banners: Popular amongst retail stores, busy streets, and sports fields.

4. Pop A-Frame Banners: Excellent for sporting events, promotions, trade shows, and directional signage.

5. Outdoor Banner Stands: Designed for outdoor/indoor events & promotional displays. Also functions great as a crowd control barrier.

6. Pole Banners: The product is especially suited for museums, parks, avenues, retail shops, and streets.

7. Custom Inflatables: Portable shelter solution. Ideal for outdoor and indoor events. Popular in music festivals, trade shows, or sporting events.

Comparison Chart

Custom Canopy Tents Custom Market Umbrellas Custom Flag Banners Pop-Up A-Frame Banners Outdoor Banner Stands Pole Banners Custom Inflatables

Key Features

Portable & simple to assemble

Customizable, full-color printed top

Streamlined & Balanaced

Popup instantly, easily stored

Portable & simple to assemble

Fully customizable print and size

Innovative & flexible. No tent poles

Starting Price








Overall Size

5ft to 40ft

8 or 9ft Hex, 9ft Square

6ft to 17ft

Small, Medium or Large

2ft - 8ft wide, 4ft -8ft high. Extensions available

18’, 24’, 30’, 36 width. Height customizable

5ft -20ft wide, 3.5ft -12ft high

Hardware Warranty

Limited Lifetime

2 year

Limited Lifetime

1 year

1+ years

1 year

1-2 years

Graphic Warranty

1 year

1 year

6-12 months

1 year

1+ years

1 year

3-5 years


45 - 130lbs

20 - 40lbs

10 - 15lbs

3 - 15lbs

15 - 55lbs

10 - 45lbs

10 - 25lbs

Graphic Material

600 Heavy Duty Oxford Cloth

Heavy Duty Oxford Cloth, Flame Retardant

Premium Outdoor Polyester

Premium Outdoor Nylon

13oz Vinyl (Most Popular) or Fabric

6oz Silverback Polyester, 18oz Heavy Duty Blockout Vinyl, or 23oz UV Printed Heavy Duty Vinyl

400 deniers coated polyester

Hardware Construction

Commercial Grade Aluminum w/ Hex. Profile

Stainless Steel Center Pole and Commercial Grade Alloy Aluminum Ribs

Aviation Grade Fiberglass, Heavy Duty Aluminum

Fiberglass & Steel

High-Quality Aluminum or Fiberglass

Solid Aluminum Brackets, Stainless Steel Bands

PU Coated 400D Oxford

Types of Outdoor Advertising Displays:

Custom Canopy Tent

1. Custom Canopy Tents

Canopy tents are portable & are constructed with high-quality materials. The tent frame is made from commercial-grade aluminum with a Limited lifetime warranty & tent banners are made from heavy-duty outdoor Oxford fabric.

Fabric is UV/waterproof & flame retardant. Custom-printed canopy tents are fully customizable from the top, side panel, back wall, table cover & tent flags.

Why Buy Custom Printed Canopy Tents?

Custom-printed canopy tents are designed to provide shade and shelter from various weather conditions, including sunlight, rain, and light winds. They typically feature a fabric canopy stretched over a frame structure, blocking out direct sunlight and providing a shaded area underneath.

Our Custom Canopy Tents come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty on hardware and a 1-year warranty on Graphics. The material is made up of 600D heavy-duty Oxford Cloth.

Lush Banners specializes in creating high-quality Custom Canopy Tents. We are the industry leader in creating innovative display solutions with an industry-leading selection of options. With 15 years of experience, we offer the best value & pricing and we are proud to have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Size options for Custom Canopy Tents

Roomy canopy tents are available in many size options like 5ftx5ft, 6ftx6ft, 8ftx8ft, 10ftx10ft, 10ftx15ft, 10ftx20ft, and 20ftx20ft. Each tent's height is adjustable and set up within a few minutes, making them a firm favorite for many shop owners.

Assembly instructions

Step 1: Remove hardware from the carrying case.
Step 2: Holding the frame at the center “V” lift up while stepping backward. Stop when the frame is halfway.
Step 3: Place the canopy graphic into the frame. Align the corners and fasten with velcro. Once done, continue to pull the frame to its full span. Lock each auto slider until a “click” is heard.
Step 4: Keeping a firm grip, pull the telescopic leg upwards until they lock into position.

2. Custom Market Umbrellas

Printed patio umbrellas are constructed using high-quality materials like heavy-duty oxford cloth, it is scratch-free & fire retardant built to withstand outdoor conditions. They offer durability, and weather resistance, and provide long-lasting shade and protection for your customers.

They can be designed to reflect your unique aesthetic, including your logo, colors, and other design elements. This makes for a cohesive & visually appealing outdoor patio space that truly encapsulates the essence of your brand.

Custom Market Umbrellas

Why buy Custom Printed Patio Umbrellas?

Aluminum construction and anti-rust powder coating provide the durability needed for outdoor use. Our material is made of 600D Oxford Cloth Top comes with a built-to-last stainless steel center pole. A 2-year warranty on hardware and a 1-year warranty on graphics is included.

Lush Banners specializes in creating high-quality Custom Printed Patio Umbrellas. We are the industry leader in creating innovative display solutions with lots of options. With 15 years of experience, we offer the best value & pricing and we are proud to have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Size options for Custom Patio Umbrellas

Many size options are available: 8ft Hex (6 panels), 9ft Square (4 panels), and 9ft (8 panels with Tiltable aluminum panel). With our Custom Printed Market Umbrellas users get a fully custom-printed top and can select any design & any colors.

Assembly instructions

Step 1: Install the base post into the base.
Step 2: Put an umbrella cover onto the frame. Rotate to fix the ball on the top when all poles are in the pockets.
Step 3: Push the button and insert the upper pole into the bottom pole.
Step 4: Insert the pole into the base & with a tight handle.
Step 5: Push up

Custom Flag Banners

3. Custom Flag Banner

Feather Flags are incredibly versatile & can be utilized in a variety of settings. Comes with vivid designs & vibrant colors, flag banners are an effective marketing tool to attract customers.

  • Both Custom and Pre-Designed Flag available.
  • Diverse Shapes: Feather, Bowhead, Teardrop, and Rectangular flag banners.
  • Fully Customizable Top, Side Panel, Back Wall, Table Cover, and Tent Flags.
  • Aviation-Grade Poles: Long-lasting fiberglass with a lifetime warranty.
  • High-Definition Printing: Full-color, UV-resistant inks for lasting vibrancy.
  • Easy Setup: Comes with a free rotating spike base and carrying bag.
  • Many sizes available both in single and double sided.

  • Why buy Custom Feather Flags and banners?

    Our Feather flag material is made up of premium outdoor polyester. We use industry-leading aviation-grade Grade Fiberglass Poles & high-definition edge-to-edge printing with 100% Customizable Graphics & UV Resistant ink. Poles come with a Limited Lifetime warranty and a 12-month warranty on Graphics.

    As the market leader of flag banners, we are proud to offer you high quality made flags and banners that not only hold up in the weather but display their vivid designs and vibrant colors. Please explore our popular 6ft to 17ft Feather, Bowhead, Teardrop, and Rectangular shaped flag banners.

    Size Options for Custom Flag Banner

    We have popular 6ft to 17ft Custom Printed Feather Flags (Feather Flags, Bowhead flags, Teardrop flags, and Rectangular flag banners). All feather flags come with multiple base options for every occasion.

    Assembly instructions

    Step 1: Unpack all the parts.
    Step 2: Connect all the poles.
    Step 3: Insert the connected pole into the sleeve of the fabric banner until the tip of the rod reaches the very end.
    Step 4: Secure the fabric banner to the base pole using a tension cord.

    4. Pop Up A-Frame Banners

    Also known as outdoor Pop Up Banners, these lightweight A-frame banners can be installed quickly. Double-sided Pop Up Banners provide maximum exposure.

    These banners are excellent for sporting events, parking & promotions.


    Why buy Portable outdoor Pop Up A-frame Banners?

    Comes with a high-quality lightweight fiberglass Frame. Pop Up A-Frame comes with a 1-year warranty. Portable Pop Up Banners can last 2-3 years if they are properly taken down and stored in the carrying bag. Get a Free Canvas Carrying Bag & Ground Nails(4) Per Banner.

    Lush Banners specializes in creating high-quality Portable Outdoor Pop Up Frame Banner. We are the industry leader in creating innovative display solutions with lots of options. With 15 years of experience, we offer the best value & pricing and we are proud to have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

    Shapes & size options for Pop Up A-Frame banners

    Basic shapes are Oval, Round, Vertical, Triangle Shapes, 3-sided tower, Pop Up drum banner(horizontal) & Pop Up drum banner(vertical). Each shape comes in several sizes and all of them are double-sided

    Oval: Small: 24.4” x 49.6”, Medium: 25.6” x 63”, Large: 39.3” x 78.7.
    Vertical: Small: 43.3”H x 36.2”W, Large: 80”H x 51.8”W.
    Round: Small: 47.25” x 47.25”, Large: 56.7” x 56.7”.
    Triangle: Small: 38.5" x 40.5", Large: 55” x 59”.
    3 sided tower: Small: 19.6” x 39”, Large: 52” x 83.5”.
    Pop up drum banner(horizontal): 23" W x 24" H x 77" L.
    Pop up drum banner(vertical): 22" D x 44.5" H.

    Assembly instructions:

    When opening the Pop Up, please ensure you have enough setup space surrounding you. The Pop Up will briskly release to its full form. Once unfolded and placed in the designated area please use ground nails as additional security.

    Step 1: Remove ground stakes from being installed. Pop Up & stand upright.
    Step 2: Bring the two panels together folding horizontally.
    Step 3: Keeping a firm grip in the middle of the frame with both hands, pull the two sides together while pressing the top of the Pop Up down.
    Step 4: Keeping a firm grip, twist the top of the upper panel over to the middle and fold the outer section underneath the middle of the upper panel.
    Step 5: Adjust the three panels until they are even and hold tight. Quickly place them in the carrying bag.
    Step 6: Zip and complete.

    Pop Up A-Frame Banners

    5. Pole Banners

    Space saving & elegant pole banners are custom-made for street poles or light poles. Pole banner flags can be hung on one side of the pole or on both sides as set.

    Comes with different printing material options “20oz Heavy Duty Vinyl”, “9oz Premium Outdoor Fabric” or “20oz UV Printed Fade Proof Vinyl”.

    Why buy Light Pole Banners?

    Our Pole banner comes with three different graphic materials 6oz Silverback Polyester, 18oz Heavy Duty Blockout Vinyl, or 23oz UV Printed Heavy Duty Vinyl. The material is waterproof, wrinkle-free, and UV-safe. We provide free grommets & pole pockets for all of our pole banner orders.

    Lush Banners specializes in creating high-quality Pole banners. We are the industry leader in creating innovative display solutions with lots of options. With 15 years of experience, we offer the best value & pricing and we are proud to have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide.

    Size options for Pole banners:

    4 Widths are available with unlimited custom lengths. Any shape up to 16 inches in diameter.

  • 18” (Single/Dual Set)
  • 24” (Single /Dual Set)
  • 30” (Single/Dual Set)
  • 36” (Single/Dual Set)

  • Assembly instructions:

    Step 1: Layout all hardware pieces.
    Step 2: Attach the top bracket to the pole. Secure brackets with metal bands. Tighten the bands until they hold the bracket securely. Lock in place with a screwdriver.
    Step 3: Insert the fiberglass pole and secure it with a pin. Repeat the process for both brackets.
    Step 4: Slide your bracket onto fiberglass poles. Secure the banner with tie straps through grommets.

    6. Outdoor Banner Stands

    Stable and Durable outdoor banner displays are an excellent method to promote the outdoors and are ideal for Spring and Summer events such as roadshows and outdoor exhibitions.


    Why buy outdoor banner stands?

    All of our stands have weather-resistant PVC or fabric graphics, making them suitable for long-term use, even in harsher outside conditions such as wind and rain.

    Because displaying outside might be challenging, our easy-to-assemble outdoor banner stands are simple to set up fast, even in unfavorable weather conditions. Our Banner frames and stands are made of high-quality alloy aluminum or fiberglass. Comes with a 12-month hardware warranty.

    Lush Banners specializes in creating high-quality Outdoor banner stands. We are the industry leader in creating innovative display solutions with lots of options. With 15 years of experience, we offer the best value & pricing and we are proud to have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide

    Size options for outdoor banner stands:

    Wide range from 2ft to 10ft wide, 4 ft-8 ft height. Extensions are available. Overall weight 15 - 55 lbs depending on the size and options.

    We have few display options.
    - Indoor/outdoor banner sling system - standard.
    - Indoor/outdoor banner sling system - tall.
    - Sideline a-frame banner stands 4ft.
    - Large sideline a-frame banner stands.
    - Custom cafe barrier displays.
    - Sidewalk a-frame banner stands.

    Assembly Instructions

    Please refer to the specific assembly instructions for your banner stands or download them here.

    Custom Fabric Break Away Banners

    7. Custom Inflatables:

    Our custom inflatable comes with a large variety of shapes, sizes, and options to choose from. They can be used for both outdoor and indoor events.

    Custom promotional inflatables for advertising are normally huge, as they are built to accommodate a large group of people for events.

    Why buy Printed Custom Inflatable from Lush Banners?

    Get free professional design to bring your ideas to life. Lush Banners has no limitation on custom designs or the number of colors used. Our product comes with Commercial-grade materials with triple-sealed air valves, all pre-tested before shipping.

    Lush Banners specializes in creating high-quality Custom Inflatables. We are the industry leader in creating innovative display solutions with lots of options. With 15 years of experience, we offer the best value & pricing and we are proud to have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers worldwide

    Size options for Custom Inflatable:

    We have many options for custom inflatables that come in different sizes & shapes.

    Inflatable Tent: 10ft, 13ft, 16ft, 20ft, Tent side-wall, Tent-awning.
    Inflatable Dome: 13ft. 16ft, 20ft.
    Inflatable Arch: 10ft, 16ft, 20ft.
    Inflatable Furniture: Sofa, Chair, Ottoman.

    We can design and manufacture an inflatable to any specification, size, and shape to meet your needs. Inflatables are a great way to increase your brand presence and attract more attention. They're also perfect for sports events, product launches, trade shows, and more.

    Assembly Instructions:

    Step 1: Unfold.
    Step 2: Inflate.
    Step 3: Zip up.


    Choosing the right outdoor advertising display requires careful consideration of factors such as audience demographics, location, durability, cost, and creative impact. By understanding your marketing goals and target audience preferences, you can select the most appropriate advertising medium to maximize visibility, engagement, and ROI.

    Investing in outdoor advertising displays can help elevate your brand presence and drive business growth in today's competitive marketplace.

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