Are you searching for a great new display option for your trade show appearance? What you need is a new kind of backdrop banner known as a retractable backdrop. This exciting new breed of retractable backdrop stands are perfect for this kind of occasion. Read on to learn more about these amazing new items.

1. Why is the Retractable Backdrop Becoming More Popular Every Day?
There is a reason why the new style of backdrops are becoming more and more the accepted industry standard. These custom printed retractable backdrop stands are built extra wide specifically for use in your trade shows and events. They are also quite commonly used for wide displays or photo backdrops.

They are easy to retract and store when not in use. They are also very easy to install. Finally, they are relatively lightweight, compact, and portable. All of these are attractive qualities that make these new backdrops an extremely cost effective proposition to install at your next trade show or special event.

2. There Are Different Options and Sizes Available

You should be aware that all of our backdrop models are fully retractable and made of high quality materials. You should also be aware that each of our dye sublimated fabric banner models are available in a variety of different sizes and options. These can be summarized in the following manner:
  • 4 feet, 6 feet, 8 feet, and larger sized Retractable Back Drops
  • Full Color High Definition 13oz Vinyl
  • 9oz Polyester Fabric Graphic
  • Standard, Silverstep or Premium Magnetic Models
  • Premium Magnetic Model: Tension, Height Adjustable, Connectable Bases.
  • Top Quality Frames with a Ltd. Lifetime Warranty for Premium Models.

3. Each Model Features a Unique and Modern Compact Design

The main thing you should know about the design of these new retractable models is that each of them feature a unique design. This is the most compact design of all backdrop models currently available on the market. They come with a feature that allows them to retract all the way back to the bases for complete compactness.

This means that you will never have any kind of trouble storing these unique new models. All of them are designed to contract all the way down to the stand when not in use. As a result, they can be stored in any area you choose in order to be kept well out of the way. They are also among the most lightweight stands on the market.

4. These Models Are Meant for Extensive Indoor Use

Because of their unique properties, it should be pointed out that each of these models are meant for an extensive range of indoor use. They can be positioned in any area and unveiled to their full extent. Because of their different sizes and ranges, they can be used in a wide variety of different settings.

Since the graphic also retracts down to the base when not in use, the banner will need to be fully unfurled in order to successfully advertise your product. This will once again necessitate a full regimen of indoor use. This is due to the fact that an outdoor setting will not be ideal for a fully extended banner model.

5. You Will Need a Professional Case to Protect Your Investment

Each high quality custom printed retractable backdrop will need to be stored in the proper manner. Our best advice is to buy a professional storage case in order to give your investment the full level of protection that it requires. Each dye sublimated fabric banner will require its own individual protective case.

Storage cases can be purchased from online vendors in order to keep your banners safe. These cases are custom designed to accommodate the specific shape and size of each banner. This is because the mechanism that governs the retraction process is very sensitive and liable to break if stored in an incorrect manner.

6. You Will Require Expert Help to Replace the Graphic

Some retractable banners may allow for the graphic design to be replaced a number of times. However, this is a relatively rare procedure. Because of its rarity, it is not recommended that you run the risk of ruining your investment. This is an operation that will require the assistance of an experienced professional.

The procedure for replacing the graphic on a retractable banner is a fairly complex and time consuming operation. This is in large part due to the fact that the high tension of the retract mechanism could be dangerous if not handled in the correct manner. Such a dangerous operation should only be attempted by an experienced pro.

Each Backdrop Comes With a Warranty of Guaranteed Quality

You may also be interested to know that each of our top quality frames comes fully equipped with a limited lifetime warranty for premium models. This ensures that your investment will be fully protected in case of accidental breakage or any other event. This warranty is our way of assuring you that we stand behind each of our products.

Safety is Always the First Consideration for Our Displays

One of the most important factors in the manufacturing of our displays is safety. Each of our models has been designed with the utmost attention to safe storage and usage. Our backdrops are made of the most durable, reliable, and cost effective materials. They have also been subjected to rigorous testing in order to meet safety standards.

As a result, when compared to other wide displays made by our rivals in the industry, our new generation of backdrops are easy to use, safe to store, and always ready to be put to work. This is our pledge of quality to our valued customers.

The Time to Learn More About Retractable Banner Stands is Now

If you would like to learn all there is to know about our new series of retractable banner stands, get in touch with us today. We are here to give you the lowdown on these amazing new items and how they can liven up your next trade show appearance. Log on to our official site to get all of the latest details.