Are you setting up for a business reveal? Perhaps it's time to celebrate your growth through a trade show presence. This is a time for you to think big. You need to wow all comers with the latest and greatest trade show displays. Lush Banner helps you shine by delivering the best display options for modern trade show events.

A. Plan Your Trade Show Booth Objectives and Strategy

Trade shows can be a great way to meet potential customers face-to–face, grow your brand awareness and increase your business's visibility. Exposure at industry events can serve many purposes.

You need to include your entire team and top management to ensure clear and uniform goals and objectives for your marketing campaigns, examples include:

  • Finding the Right business or marketing partners
  • Penetrating New and untapped markets
  • Pro-actively Reaching out to New Leads
  • Develop brand awareness to a targeted audience
  • Continue to provide excellent experiences to returning customers
  • Engage new opportunities and deals on-site

It might be expensive for your company to come up with a comprehensive event strategy. That is why it is important to ensure that all employees are on the same page, you must have clear and organized marketing goals.

B. Plan Your Trade Show Exhibits Budget

Your Trade Show Exhibit shouldn't be more than 20% of your total event budget.

This includes:

  • Booth & Exhibit design work
  • Signage graphics & Display hardware for trade shows
  • Service fees for booth building
  • Event logistics such as delivery and storage of the booth

This does not include:

  • The Exhibition space
  • Additional services offered by event organizers include parking fees and additional communication options.

Prioritize the assets that will Make a Difference and focus on the ROI according to your event marketing goals.

Lush Banners are glad to work with you to plan out your budget for your next round of trade show exhibits. We fully understand that you may well be operating within the limits of a very strict budget. Our prices are geared toward your needs as a client. Lush Banner can provide you with excellent deals that will save time and money. Lush Banners offer a Free 30min Consultation for all your trade show needs.

C. Focus On Your Brand Identity

One of your main goals will be to spread awareness of your brand. The goal should be to catch the eyes of all visitors with your specially branded display items. Lush Banners offers a selection of design services that fulfill your design and branding needs that perfectly synergize with our selection of trade show products.

D. Consider Your Graphic Options

One of the hottest new graphic options for trade shows is our revamped line of LED booths. These amazing new trade show exhibits come with all of the latest LED display tech. Featuring high quality graphics but with the benefit of bright LED backlit booths or LED Video Panels. They are sure to draw the attention of customers straight to your booth. If you want to make the best first impression, this is the way to do it.

You can choose from our new line of bright LED Backlit Displays or our brand new LED Video Wall Displays. Either option will be perfect for your next exhibition or trade show event. They can be used in or out of doors at any time of the day or night. All of our displays come with a full warranty of guaranteed quality.

Our new line of LED booths come fully equipped with the following features:

  • Metallic extrusion styled framing
  • High quality silicone edge graphics
  • Backlit LED style lights that are modular and accessory friendly
  • Huge LED wall inventory
  • AV equipment and accessories available
  • Turnkey packages available
  • Perfect for use in or out of doors

E. Check Out Our wide Selection of Booth Options

You should also be aware that we have an amazing new line of options for trade show booths. These exciting new displays will be perfect for your next event such as a business opening or anniversary celebration. Whatever the reason, these trade show displays will help you to create a unique and profitable event.

10 X 10 Trade Show Booths

When it comes to creating one of a kind trade show events, Lush Banner has you covered. Our new line of 10 x 10 trade show booths comes equipped with all of the features you expect from our top of the line inventory. These include LED exhibits with seamless silicone edge graphics. They are perfect for use in or out of doors.

10 x 20 Trade Show Booths

You may find that your next season of trade shows require a bit larger size for your booth. Our new line of 10 x 20 trade show booths has you covered. Our booths feature high quality graphics. They are made to be lightweight and portable in order to permit easy assembly, breakdown, and storage. All units feature a modular design.

Silicone Edge Graphic Displays

Our new generation of silicone edge graphic displays is the latest innovation in a long line of tech breakthroughs. Each display features state of the art SEG graphics with a thin strip of silicone around the perimeter. They are available in a wide variety of formats and sizes. Each comes backed with a full long term warranty.

LED Displays

If you are looking for top of the line LED displays for your next round of trade shows, search no further. Each of our exciting new LED booths come with metallic extrusion styled framing, AV equipment, and your choice of related accessories. Our displays are lightweight, portable, and perfect for use either in or out of doors.

Trade Show Island Displays

Our latest stock of trade show island displays is truly our best one yet. These new trade show exhibits are designed to be stand-alone models. They can offer a prime amount of coverage from each and every angle. They are fully portable, modular, and easy to set up. They come with high quality dye-sub graphics.