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Written By: Griffin Miller | Graphic Designer + Customer Care Specialist &
                    Henry Webb | Junior Graphic Designer + Customer Care Specialist
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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Canopy Tents

If you are looking for a versatile and effective way to promote your business, a custom canopy tent is a perfect choice. These tents are an excellent way to promote your business and attract attention at trade shows, conventions, and farmer’s markets.

Not only are they a fantastic option for commercial events, but custom canopy tents can also be used at weddings, parties, festivals, and outdoor family dinners.

In this blog post, we will discuss the many benefits of using a custom pop-up tent, both for business and personal use. We will also list the different types of custom canopy tents, how to set one up, and how to design and order one for your business.

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Custom Canopy Tents for your Business

Custom Canopy Tent - Car Dealership

10x15 custom canopy tent

Custom Canopy Tents with flag & table cover

A custom canopy tent is a must-have for any business that wants to stand out from the crowd, attract new customers, and ensure brand presence is felt at any outdoor event - no matter the weather!

Custom-printed pop-up tents offer a number of benefits that other forms of advertising cannot match. First of all, they are a versatile and affordable way to promote your business. These tents are portable and can be set up in an instant so that you can attend trade shows, expos, and markets with ease.

Also, by personalizing the design of your tent, you create an eye-catching, on-brand display that helps you stand out in a sea of competitors.

By following the simple steps in this guide, you can easily make your own high-quality custom canopy tent that will save you money and create a great display. Or, you will learn how Lush Banners can help you design a stunning custom tent for any occasion!

We can print custom pop-up tents in a range of sizes. Some of our most popular sellers are 10x10 custom canopy tents and the 10ft x 20 ft tent. We design these pop-up tents with your company logo or slogan, and they are available in a variety of colors and styles.

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Custom Canopy Tents: A How-To Guide

What exactly is a custom canopy tent, and how can you make one that will grab attention and get results? Keep reading to find out.

Step by step guide to ordering a Custom Canopy Tent Inforgraphic

Step by Step guide to ordering a Custom Canopy Tent:

Step 1

1. Decide on the Tent Size that you will need

One of the most important steps is figuring out how big of a tent you'll need for your event. You don't want to get a custom tent that looks perfect, only to discover on the day of your event that it isn't big enough for your needs! Ask yourself how many people you expect to attend your event booths or gatherings before deciding.

Step 2

2. Choose Your Options

We offer many options and accessories to improve the impact of your custom canopy tent.

Choose from:

Step 3

3. Add Product to Your Cart & Check out

Once you know the custom tent that is best suited to your needs, add it to your cart! Be sure to add any custom back walls, side panels, table covers or other accessories before clicking “Add to Cart.” You will have a range of accessories and design options to choose from.

Step 4

4. Finalize your Custom Design

There are 3 ways to finalize your design:

  1. Download our template & create your design. (Our designers will check that everything is print ready.) If designing yourself, upload your final design after placing your order.
  2. Utilize our Free Simple Design option. Every order include a simple layout or design (less than 1 design hour)
  3. Utilize our Flat Rate Graphic Design Service. Our professional designers are here to help you make your design the way you want it. $199 for Canopy Tents
No matter which way you choose, you will receive a PDF proof via email.

Step 5

5. Approve Your Proof & Receive Your Order!

Once you approve the design, and we receive your payment, we'll begin manufacturing and dispatch your purchase to you as soon as it is complete. The Manufacturing Time is the amount of time we need to personalize and assemble your product before it is shipped to you. It takes between one and seven business days, depending on the size of the canopy tent and the production speed you select.

With regular production speed and shipping, we estimate roughly 2 weeks from the time we confirm the custom design until you receive it. If you need your custom tent urgently, just let us know, and we can put it on the priority orders list to get it out to you as fast as possible!

Where to buy a Custom Canopy Tent

Rather than making one yourself, you may prefer to design and purchase a high-quality custom pop-up tent made by a team of professionals, if so, you are in the right place!
Lush Banners is the leading online retailer for Custom designed pop-up tents - both for businesses and for personal use!
Below, we'll discuss the basics of ordering a custom canopy tent and provide some tips to help ensure you get the perfect one for your business.

Ordering a Custom Canopy Tent Online

When ordering a custom canopy tent online, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First, be sure to select a retailer that sells high-quality tents made from durable materials.
Next, ensure that you specify the dimensions of the tent and the design and style you are looking for.
Finally, be sure to include any special requests or specifications (e.g., pole height, materials, wind loading).

Tips for Ordering a Custom Canopy Tent Online

Here are some tips to help ensure you order the perfect custom canopy tent for your business:

  1. Be realistic about your sizing needs: Don't order a 20x20 ft tent if you only need something small and portable.

  2. Select a reputable retailer: There are many retailers who sell cheap knock-offs that won't stand up to the elements. Lush Banners custom pop-up tents are guaranteed to last and only made from premium materials!

  3. Choose from a variety of colors and designs: Design a canopy that matches your business's branding.

  4. Include any special requests or specifications in your order: This will help us provide you with exactly what you need.

Ordering a custom-printed pop-up tent online is a great way to save money and get exactly what you need. However, it's important to be mindful of the tips above to ensure you have a positive experience and end up with a product you're happy with.

About Lush Banners Custom Canopy Tents

Festivals, fairs, night markets, birthday parties, and weddings are just some of the occasions for which Lush Banners can deliver high-quality pop-up canopies.
Our sizes range from 5’ x 5' to 20' x 20' custom canopy tents. The promotional demands of your brand will determine which size is best for you. We have everything you could possibly want or need, from a small tent for a tight location to a massive pop-up tent for a huge gathering.
A wide range of sizes and optional extras are available for our custom canopy tents, these include:

We provide the best solution for you to make an eye-catching booth at a convention or fair, or host one hell of a party! Pop-up tents, customized feather flags, umbrellas, and outdoor banners are just some of the options available to you for maximizing your brand's visibility.

Our Custom Pop-up Tents can be used for any Outdoor Event

Custom 6.5ft Feather Flag Banners

Custom 8ft Feather Banners

Custom Canopy Tents

The tents that we create are portable and lightweight, so you can easily set them up wherever your brand needs their presence felt! A wide range of businesses use our pop-up tents, these include:

  • Sports Clubs
  • Car Dealerships
  • Private medical teams at sporting events
  • Caterers
  • Travel Agents
  • News teams and reporters
  • Job recruiters
  • Wedding planners
  • Pop up clothing stores
  • Food stall owners

We also offer custom canopy tents for your next outdoor get-together. They make beautiful places to relax with friends and family over a meal.

Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Pop-Up tents

1. Are Custom Canopy Tents difficult to set up?

Not at all! The tents we design are extremely user-friendly and easy to set up. Our portable Pop Up Tents can be set up in minutes without any special equipment, and you only need one person to get it standing! Custom Canopy Tents are designed to be simple and easy to set up, but their sturdy construction should not be underestimated.

2. How Durable are these Pop-up Tents?

We only provide waterproof, flame-retardant, and UV-resistant tents. The pop-up tent will protect your visitors and the promotional items from the rain. Plus, the fabrics used in our canopy tents are specially designed to endure high temperatures both inside and out, as many of our tents are rented out for food-related events. Check out our guide for more advice on protecting your tent from severe weather!

3. Can I use these Custom Canopy Tents for Weddings or Parties?

Of course! If your big day is approaching fast or you have a family reunion or birthday party to plan, a canopy tent is a fantastic solution. A custom canopy tent is a great way to extend your indoor space and make room for more guests. You can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air, keep tables of food protected from the weather, or even set up a DJ booth and speakers for a dance party!

4. How do I look after my Custom Printed Pop-Up Tent?

Our canopy tents are extremely simple to maintain. It is best to remove the cloth from the frame and then put it in the heavy-duty carry bag that it came in. This will keep the dust off of it and protect it until your next promotion comes around. We utilize wrinkle-free fabric, so when you unfold it, it will be ready to use. Simply use a moist towel to wipe away dust from the canopy. With proper care and maintenance, these tents will remain in great condition for 3-5 years.

5. Why do I Need a Custom Pop-Up Tent at an Outdoor Event?

If you want to create an impression on trade show or event guests, you should have a pop-up tent with a personalized brand design. Many tent displays look similar at trade fairs, expos, and festivals, and your potential customers find it hard to locate you. Therefore, you must distinguish yourself to stand out! We have talented designers on staff who are capable of creating original artwork that is representative of your brand, company, or product.

6. How long does it take to receive my Custom Tent after ordering?

Once you approve the design, and we receive your payment, we'll begin manufacturing and dispatch your purchase to you as soon as it is complete. The Manufacturing Time is the amount of time we need to personalize and assemble your product before it is shipped to you. It takes between one and seven business days, depending on the size of the canopy tent and the production speed you select.

With regular production speed and shipping, we estimate roughly 2 weeks from the time we confirm the custom design until you receive it. If you need your custom tent urgently, just let us know, and we can put it on the priority orders list to get it out to you as fast as possible!

7. I already have the Frame, Can I just order the Custom Canopy?

If you previously ordered your frame from Lush Banners, yes you can. Our canopy graphics are made to fit our frames. Due to this, a replacement canopy graphic may not fit a frame that came from another manufacturer.
Are you looking to update the artwork on your current custom-printed pop-up tents? As a replacement for worn-out tent graphics, we provide replacement services. Refresh and rejuvenate your displays with a brand-new tent canvas. This is perfect for businesses that still have a heavy-duty frame in good condition, but whose display looks faded or old. It is also a great option if you want multiple displays for separate marketing campaigns

8. How Can I Prevent Stains on My Custom Canopy Tent?

The materials that we use to produce your custom canopy tents are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant and built to withstand even the most severe levels of wear and tear. But, these tents can still get dirty, especially at outdoor events! To keep it clean and prevent stains, the first thing you must do is apply stain repellant.

The material on the top of the tent can be treated with a stain and repellent solution that has been designed specifically for that purpose. You can use Scotchguard or a similar product for this. You should then use a cloth, soap, and warm water to begin scrubbing any stains that your tent may have accumulated.

Custom tent walls are prone to dirt, stains, and damage during use. To prevent or remove these stains, be sure to dust them off completely after each use. Before putting them into storage, ensure that you allow them to dry completely.

For more advice on caring for your Custom Canopy tent, check out our tent maintenance guides!

Order your Custom Canopy Tent today!

With Lush Banners, you can expect the best custom-designed custom pop up tent at extremely affordable prices.

With Lush Banner's custom canopy tents, your design options are limitless. All designs are made with high-quality materials and care. And, every one of our canopy tents is built to last for years.

What you can expect when you order Custom PopUp Canopy Tents from Lush Banners:

  • Quick production and delivery for every design

  • Completely customizable canopy graphics to suit your businesses needs

  • A choice between 5x5ft, 6x6ft, 8x8ft, 10x10ft, 10x15ft, 10x20ft or 20x20ft custom canopies

  • Vibrant, high definition flags printed with UV Resistant Inks

  • The best product guarantee on the market

  • Fast shipping throughout the USA

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