If you are looking for a product that provides the function of a feather banner but offers more design space, the Rectangle Banner would be the best possible option.

Rectangle Banners much like Feather or Teardrop banners are a great way to draw attention to your business, church or event. These bright, colorful ads are sure to draw attention to the passing observer and will prompt them to read what is on the banner. Rectangle banners offer a nice vertical space for the display of graphics and text. They can be used to announce church services or events, the opening of a new business, or any other type of special event.

Rectangle flag banners work best in scenarios where they are displayed indoors or in areas where winds are minimal. Usually, these flag banners are coupled with cross bases, metal square bases or plastic water bases. The base choice is dependent on the overall look desired as well as the size of the flag. Rectangle flags range from 8ft to 17ft in height. For the larger sizes, based on the weight of the flags, heavy-duty base options would be best. Some of these include our heavy-duty spike bases, Jumbo metal square bases, and premium water base.

One aspect to consider is whether to choose single-sided or double-sided graphics. That would depend on whether it is presentation or price that is a more important factor to you.

If cost is an issue, the cost of a single side printed banner with mirror images on the back is the less expensive option.

The double-sided printed banner will create better images and cost a bit more. The added advantage of the double-sided graphic is that you can have two different pieces of artwork on each side. This allows you to maximize or diversify your creatives on each side.