Best Easy Set Up Displays for Museums

Imagine being able to take an empty space and instantly turning it into an an empty exhibit space into a beautiful Museum Display Space in less than half hours time? The use of our Museum Display Stands can makes this happen!

Imagine being able to take an empty space and instantly turn it into a beautiful Museum Display Space in less than half an hour. That's right, our Museum Display Stands can makes this happen!


Lush BannersHigh Quality Retractable Banners

Retractable Banners, aka Roller Banners, combine ultra high definition printing and ease of use to allow you to display your creative ideas in an easy and professional way. Retractable banners are most commonly used for the promotion of companies and their general branding. They have dominated trade show and corporate spaces, but who says they can’t be used as exhibit backdrops as well?

One of the key selling points of retractables are that they come in a variety of sizes are well as print material options. These can include budget-friendly options such as the Standard or Economy Models to Premium Interchangeables to name a few. Retractable banner stands generally start at 33.5” wide. With the addition of more modern products, you have the opportunity to select even 8’ wide options. These are perfect for Backdrop or Large Exhibit Graphics.

Another benefit of the retractable banner is the easy set up process. In a matter of minutes you can pull your banner from the main cartridge, stabilize with its accompanying pole and set-up is complete! Their compact design also makes it very easy to commute and take from one space to another. Retractable banners also showcase sturdy and aesthetically pleasing bases, which help to complete the overall look of Museum Display Signage.

Best Easy Set Up Display for Museums

Lush BannersExhibit Backdrops

If you are looking for a Exhibit Stand that offers a sleek finish then Tension Fabric displays are a sure pick. These stands are capable of smoothly showcasing exhibit graphic and beautiful designs. A key feature of the Fabric exhibition stand is that they are smooth and portable. In addition to this assembly is a very easy process. The tubes slide together to create the frame and secure with a push snap. the pillowcase-like high-definition graphic over the casing and zip it closed. The zipper, stretches the fabric wonderfully showing the imagery.. Afterwards, this lightweight frame and graphic fits inside its carrying bag.

These prove very effective for impromptu Museum displays. They afford the user the ease of a very easy setup with a clean and minimalist look. Patrons will be able to focus primarily on the artwork being showcased, without being distracted by any bulky hardware.


Best Easy Set Up Display for Museums


Lush BannersMesh Banners

Mesh Banners are a perfect solution for a lightweight Museum Display. Very elegant semi-transparent graphic. Also with the Mesh Banners, wind is able to pass through allowing for applications both indoor and outdoor. No limitation on sizes either, we can print from 1ft to 100ft for you easily! This form of exhibit graphic can be used as advertising for an upcoming Art event or even serve as the exhibit graphic. Examples include but are not limited to multi-story building wraps to interior floor to ceiling displays of artwork. These sturdy banners are not only rain and wind safe, but they offer a cost effective display option for the novice and professional artist alike.

Best Easy Set Up Display for Museums

With the use of any of the 3 Museum Display options, an art space has become an easy to set up, and even portable event.

Best Easy Set Up Display for Museums