Make Your Opening Grand, Unforgettable, and Fun

Lush Banners is your go-to solution when you need to add flash, fanfare, and pizzazz to a business opening (or reopening after the lockdown is over!) or promotion of any kind. Whether you're looking for open house flags, now open flags, or open flags to highlight a special public event, we have the answer. Don't wait until it's too late, all of our flags will add a unique design element to your store's big day. Plus, we have an entirely new series of pre-designed feather flags for you to choose from.

When you open your doors to the public, it's essential to do so with as much fanfare and pomp as you can muster. Handy pre-designed open flags can do the trick. The best part is that they're easy to order and priced for any budget. Let your future customers know that your doors are wide open and you're ready to welcome them inside.

What Are Your Choices?

When you choose Lush Banners flags, your options are endless. All designs are created with attentive care and with the industry's highest-quality materials. And, every one of our flags is built to last for years. That's why we're proud to offer a full guarantee with every one you purchase. But you get plenty more than an iron-clad warranty because our feather flags are all high definition and full color. That means marketing impact and attention for your company. Bright, bold, long-lasting flags can be used over and over again for all sorts of special events, holiday sales, and discount days.

What do you get when you partner with us? Here are just a few benefits all of customers enjoy:

  • Full color banners and flags
  • High definition designs
  • Choice of 15-foot or 10-foot versions
  • The best guarantee in the industry
  • Flags made of the very best materials
  • Indoor and outdoor use banners and flags
  • Rotating spikes and nylon bags free with every order
  • Super-fast shipping on all open house flags and now open flags
  • Friendly customer service
  • Single or double-sided options
  • Your choice of design, including your company logo, name, etc.
  • Completely customizable banner displays to suit your specific needs
  • Free graphic design service to help you create exactly what you want

Design Options

We know you you're busy running your company and probably don't have a lot of experience with graphic design. Our team is here to help. In fact, a quick visit to our website is all it takes. Once there, you'll see dozens of suggestions to make your promotional campaign pop with eye-catching allure.

Our "logo design rescue" service helps make your logo conspicuous, easy to read, and eye-catching. Plus, our design hours are reasonably priced and geared for any budget. There's never a worry about over-shooting your estimated price or taking too long.

When Is the Time To Order?

Now is the time to get started so you can be ready for your event. Feather flags can make an opening day memorable for your customers and alert the public that you are ready to serve them. So, get started today and do your company proud.

Design Samples

Here are 8 Open House and 11 Now Open design samples to give you an idea of what your choices are:

Open House

An open house flag is a welcoming reminder to all who see it.

Bold, solid, all-capital letters are positioned vertically for maximum visual effect. White lettering on a deep red background helps the open house message make a huge impact on everyone who glances at it.This white-lettered sign adds a special touch of elegance because the letters themselves are outlined in thin black lining to highlight the message. But the blue background starts our bold up top and becomes lighter toward the bottom. The overall effect is memorable and pleasant.Bold blue, vertical, all capital lettering that stands out on a which center background and side background of light blue.A clever, attractive mixture of blue and white. The word "open" is blue, horizontal across the top. The word "house" is white, vertically written underneath. And the background colors alternate so that each part of the message stands out.
The word "open" is in red, horizontally printed across the top fourth of the banner against a yellow background. "House" is in white, against a red background, vertically printed on the bottom portion of the banner.This flag also features vertically-positioned, black-outlined white letters on a colored background. But here, the backing hue is orange and includes a stylized sun-ray image near the bottom.Here is a deep red background with classic white lettering outlined in black for optimal definition. The letters are positioned horizontally, one on top of another, with your company logo stretched across the bottom, from left to right.This unique design features a white on black arrangement, with "open house" positioned vertically on the bottom segment of the banner against a red background. The upper segment is reserved for your logo, also positioned vertically.

Now Open

Now open flags deliver a bold, loud message.

"Now" in red on a yellow background in upper segment, horizontally printed. "Open" is white lettering on red background, printed vertically.The words are printed vertically, blue on a white background in the center of the banner. The outer segments, on left and right, are deep blue for a classy, professional look.A clean, simple, vertical, white-on-red message in huge capitals."Now" positioned horizontally in blue on white in the upper segment of the banner. "Below" is vertically printed in giant white on black background letters.
Bold orange background with stylized sun rays in bottom. Lettering is vertical, all in white capitals for maximum impact."Now" in purple-on-white, horizontal across top fourth. Below, "Open" is white-on-purple, vertically printed.A classic, red-on-white vertical print design.A clever design on a multi-colored background. "Now" is in yellow, horizontally across the top, with "Open" in red, vertical on the lower section.
Unique red and white mixed background with all red letters vertically positioned.All white letters, vertically printed, on red and white background. Message says, "Now Open" on left with "Hablamos Espanol" on the right.A yellow background with white and red lettering. "Now Open" in white, vertically printed, with "Hablamos Espanol" in red.

Buying Open Flag Kits

Our budget-friendly ready-to-use kits come in two convenient sizes, 10-foot and 15-foot versions. These open house feather flag kit designs are made of top-quality materials. Each flag kit includes the banner, poles, a nylon storage bag, and a rotating spike base. Let an open house feather flag kit bring customers to your door.

The base is made of durable chrome and the flags are composed of tough, premium outdoor polyester. Plus, we only use top-grade UV-proof, water-proof inks. Poles are a hybrid aluminum fiberglass variety for long-lasting use and solidity. All printing is full-color, high-resolution, so you know you're getting the very best. Every banner and accompanying hardware comes with a full six-month warranty for your peace of mind. We love our customers, so we're happy to knock five percent off the price whenever you order more than ten ready-to-use flag kits.