Are you looking for a great new way to stay cool and comfy? The trick is to do so while also maintaining a safe social distance. Our new line of custom market umbrellas are here to help you do just that. They're cool, convenient, and custom branded with your business logo. And they're here for you to order today.

Custom Patio Umbrellas Are the Perfect Social Distancing Solution
In the current era of Covid-19, you will need to rethink the way that you serve your customers. This is particularly true if you have a brick and mortar business. You may be dealing with the public as the owner of a convention center. You may be dealing with them as the owner of a restaurant or bar and grill.

Regardless of how you serve them, your priority will be to keep them safe. Our new line of custom patio umbrellas with logo are an excellent way to serve several purposes at once. You can keep your customers properly socially distanced while at the same time giving a mighty promotional push to your business.

These handy new custom patio umbrellas with logo branding are a great way to maintain a safe social distance while also relaxing and looking great. We highly recommend our new line of custom market umbrellas to owners of bars, restaurants, cafes, and other socially oriented locations.

Custom Patio Umbrellas in Several Shapes and Sizes

Our unique new line of custom patio umbrellas comes in two different shapes as well as several different sizes. You can also order either of them with or without custom valances. This variety is designed to give you the maximum range of options when choosing the perfect patio umbrella for your outdoor location.

Our line of standard custom umbrellas is now available. This is a very compact modern design with a simple but highly effective shape. This special model is excellent for any type of outdoor event. It can also work perfectly as part of the outdoor setup for your patio or cafe.

We also have a brand new line of custom umbrellas with valances. These are designed to give your customers even more protection from sun, rain, and harmful UV rays. They can do this by means of the valances that shield them from dangerous elements. These valances can also be customized with your company logo or any message that you choose.

Finally, we should also mention our special new line of market umbrellas that have been specially crafted for outdoor events. These custom patio umbrellas with logo will prove to be an essential part of your next outdoor promotional campaign. They give your business valuable exposure while also keeping your audience cozy and safe.

These handy custom logo market umbrellas will give your attendants valuable rain and sun protection. At the same time, your audience will also get a constant eyeful of your logo, contact info, or the slogan of your choice. These umbrellas are usually ordered in tandem with custom canopy tents that will serve as the promotional booth.

Our Umbrellas Are Made of the Very Highest Quality Materials

We guarantee that all of our custom umbrellas are made of the very best quality materials from start to finish. This includes a durable stainless steel center pole as well as a commercial grade aluminum frame. We should also add that there is absolutely no minimum quantity requirement. You may order as few or as many as you need.

All of our special logo umbrellas are made with the utmost attention to minute detail. Our goal is to provide you with a product of the absolute highest value. We make sure that the logo or other details that you specify will be reproduced in exactly the way you wish. Every one of our products comes with a full guarantee of quality.

Our Custom Umbrellas Guarantee You a High Return

One of the best reasons to order from our new line of custom logo umbrellas is the high return you will receive on your initial investment. This is due to the fact that they serve multiple purposes. They not only look sharp but also provide a high level of reliable comfort and shade to your customers.

There is also the fact that they clearly advertise your company's name and info. And you should also never overlook the added bonus. This is the high number of walk-ins that these umbrellas will attract over a prolonged amount of time. All of these benefits will add up to a very handy return on your investment.

Our Custom Umbrellas Will Require Very Little Maintenance

Our special line of custom umbrellas do not require a great deal of maintenance. We make sure of this by printing on the highest quality outdoor polyester fabric and UV proof inks. These high grade industrial materials ensure that all you will need to do is set up the umbrella in the location of your choice and let it do its job.

With that being said, you will need to remember to retract and store away them during extreme weather conditions such as heavy thunderstorms, snow, or hurricanes. This is easy enough to do. All of our custom umbrellas are fully retractable and can be both set up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

Our Custom Umbrellas Will Last for Several Years to Come

All of our special custom umbrellas are guaranteed to last for longer than any of the products offered by our rivals. The only thing you need to be concerned about is the damage that will inevitably come via prolonged UV exposure.

This is nothing to worry about since all of our custom market umbrellas can quickly be ordered from our official website. When your umbrella wears out in several years, contact us to get a new one.

The Time to Order Your Custom Logo Market Umbrellas

If you're ready for a whole new way to stay safe while looking cool, we've got it for you here. Our new line of custom logo market umbrellas is here for you to order. These snazzy new umbrellas will help your customers look and feel their best. And they'll also give your business a whole new round of instant exposure.