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Written By: Andrea Gibbs | Marketing & Automations Lead + Graphic Designer
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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Custom Umbrellas from Lush Banners

In the early 20th century, Italian liquor brands such as Campari and Cinzano launched special promotional campaigns that later became part of a prominent trend in the restaurant industry. Both Campari and Cinzano are aperitif spirits that were often served outdoors at seaside cafes and restaurants. The umbrellas with the logos of these brands became a popular way to advertise the drinks and to create a festive atmosphere. In the postwar period of European reconstruction, cafe umbrellas became ubiquitous in the Mediterranean, and they later made their way to touristy capitals such as Paris, Rome, and Madrid.

During the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, outdoor dining was a necessary public health measure that many restaurant owners chose to make permanent. Custom logo patio umbrellas are now seen as a way to add a touch of style and sophistication to any outdoor dining space, and they are not limited to dining establishments. Outdoor umbrellas can now be seen outside of retail establishments that set them up for signage or an amenity that customers and patrons can enjoy.

According to statistics cited by the National Restaurant Association, the percentage of restaurants offering outdoor dining climbed from 12% before the coronavirus pandemic to more than 20% by the end of 2021. More than 60% of American restaurant operators believe that al fresco dining helps to attract new customers, retain existing ones, and boost sales by 30%.

When setting up outdoor spaces for dining or retail interaction, you need to consider the factors of sun protection and providing shade. At Lush Banners, our custom patio umbrellas no minimum policy has allowed many restaurant owners to test the waters of outdoor dining before they order more. Here's what you should know about our line of custom-printed patio umbrellas:

Custom Patio Umbrellas

Benefits of Custom Market Umbrellas for Your Outdoor Spaces

As previously mentioned, al fresco or outdoor dining can be a profitable option for restaurants in the United States, but these are not the only retail businesses that can reap the benefits of custom patio umbrellas with logo graphics. These items provide shade, Sun protection, and comfort, which combine to provide a welcoming atmosphere that many customers are attracted to. There is also the image that high-end patio umbrellas help to promote, which is of sophistication and thoughtfulness.

The range of commercial-grade patio umbrellas offered by Lush Banners allows you to increase sales and revenue. The styles and sizes available range from 8-ft hexagonal designs to 9-ft umbrellas with eight panels. The stainless steel hardware and synthetic Oxford cloth of our umbrellas make them highly durable, and you do not have to worry about having to make a large order; you can always start with a single order because we do not impose minimums.

Custom Printed Patio Umbrellas for Branding

Branding and Business Promotion with Custom Market Umbrellas

Patio umbrellas can help to increase brand awareness by displaying your logo and branding information; in turn, this can help to make your business more visible and memorable. As for brand awareness, we already mentioned the Campari and Cinzano effect, but the promotional advantage goes even further.

American beer brands such as Budweiser and Corona are known to make extensive use of umbrella branding at outdoor events. At town fairs across the U.S., patio umbrellas are almost ubiquitous because exhibitors and vendors know about their positive branding effect. With the right logo and graphics package, your umbrellas can go a long way in terms of adding a touch of style and personality to your business.

Event Shade with Custom Market Umbrellas

Not all of our umbrella clients are restaurant operators. Quite a few trade show exhibitors and festival vendors understand the benefits of providing shade and rain protection, which explains why they often order umbrellas with custom canopy tents and exhibitor booths.

At outdoor events where sunshine and rain are on the forecast, custom umbrellas with logo graphics are easily spotted by attendees who wish to stay dry or take a break from being out in the Sun. Some of our clients take outdoor business promotion very seriously; they are known to set up custom logo market umbrellas in addition to upgrading their custom canopy tents with side panels, awnings, and rain gutters. This is all about creating an inviting atmosphere, and it can help to forge a lasting impression about what a brand stands for.

You do not have to sell drinks or snacks at events to benefit from umbrellas. Let's say you decide to rent a vendor space at a county fair to sell wireless data plans for smartphones. In a region such as South Florida, a county far during the summer would be guaranteed to feature sunny days and rainy afternoons, so you should consider setting up a sitting space furnished with umbrellas next to your canopy. You could also set up a cooler with drinking water if the fair organizer allows it; the idea is to create a refreshing spot when the Sun is beaming, and a sheltering spot when it is raining.

Not all the event guests that rush to your umbrella lounge will be interested in your wireless data plans, but they will naturally associate your brand with courtesy and preparedness. This is when it is crucial to select the right visual and interactive branding cues for your event space. Since this is a memorable moment, you will want to have brochures or business cards handy; you can also facilitate a modern interaction by printing a large QR code on the side panels of your canopy tent.

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Custom Printed Umbrellas with Logos

Learn More About Umbrellas from Lush Banners

Our product catalog of signage and trade show gear includes various accessories that can augment your brand promotion efforts. You can add valances to your umbrellas, choose models that allow tilting, set up heavy-duty bases, and complement them with a custom cafe barrier display. Members of our design team can help you create the layout and graphics package that is right for your business. With the right items, accessories, and design work, your event space can become as inviting as a Parisian cafe. Contact us today to get more information about our custom patio umbrellas and other smart signage solutions.