There are many ways to reach out to consumers today. One of the best ways to attract attention to any type of retail business is through signage. Feather Banners are one of the easiest and most effective ways for a company or small business owner to draw attention to their brand. There is no doubt that people today are on the go and having time to learn what a business has to offer while traveling en route often depends on how well the business promotes itself through proper signage. Using full-color feather flags and custom feather banners, businesses can readily draw a great deal of attention to what services or products they have to offer for consumers. But how much do these flags really cost? When compared to other branding options, Feather Banners are a low-cost product that provides a great impact!
Custom Feather Banners allow for an array of options. The cost, however, is direct to those options chosen. Feather flags can range from sizes of 6.5ft to 17ft in height. Other options include single- and double-sided printing, base options such as spike bases, indoor/outdoor cross bases with water bags, metal square bases amongst others. Another factor that comes into play is the desired production timeline. Regular production of 4 business days comes complimentary, while an upgrade to 1- or 2-day production comes with additional costs.

For each customer, the variables for pricing will change just based on his or her needs. Let us look at two possible scenarios to better demonstrate this. Customer 1 has a small coffee shop and wants to bring in more foot traffic from his busy neighborhood. To maximize his visibility, he has chosen to go with a 10ft. Double-sided feather flag. With that option, the feather banner has two separate prints which are then stitched together with a block out layer in-between. He can then choose to print “Now Open” along with his branding on one side, and his current special on the other side. Because he is wanting to place this in front of his shop, he has selected a metal square base that he can add sandbags to for extra stability.

Customer 2 has a Pop-up store at a Craft Market and will like extra branding to differentiate her business. She already has a small canopy and will be on a field. As such, she chooses to go with 2 13.5ft single-sided Feather Banners. She has also chosen to keep the complimentary spike bases since she will be located on grass.

Even though Customer 1 has only one flag, he has decided on a few more add-ons which results in his order total being more than Customer 2. When selecting your Flag banner purchases here are a few things to consider which will directly affect your price point:

  1. The size of your flag.

Feather flags come in 6.5, 8, 10, 13.5 and 17ft options. The bigger the size of the flag the higher the cost. Each size works best in specific areas. For example, if you are doing some indoor branding, you may choose a 8’ or 10’flag (depending on the ceiling height).

  1. Do I need single- or double-sided printing for my Feather banner?

Single and double-sided banners both have advantages. Single sided flag banners are cost effective and still have a 70% bleed through on the underside. Double sided flags offer the advantage of two different messages on one flag. In addition, this is a heavier weighted flag and stands up to windy scenarios very well. This option however comes with an additional cost.


  1. What base options work best for me?

There are several bases offered, each with varying price points and functions. The most popular is the Spike base. This can be used in applications where soil or grass is present. The spike bases swivel function allows you the feather banner to gently move in the wind, which brings even greater attention. The next popular is the indoor/outdoor cross base. This base comes with an optional water bag for extra weight if needed. This base is great for areas with minimal wind present.

Whether you choose to go with a premium or a standard base option, each of these will affect your bottom line.


  1. What is my preferred timeline?

Production and shipping timelines can greatly affect the ending cost of your Feather Banners. Increasing the production time from the standard 4 days to 1 or 2 comes with an additional cost per flag. In addition to this, upgrading your shipping from standard ground delivery to 2-day or overnight can have vast increases in cost.

* This cost is also driven by the weight of your options. For example, the shipping cost for a spike base will be considerably less than that of a Premium water base or Heavy-Duty Square base based on the weight and dimensions of the box.

* It is always best to plan your marketing efforts ahead of time to minimize extra costs.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, you can be assured that you are getting the best value for your budget.